Apart from a great song by Zeppelin, it can safely be described as &;the State I’m Now in&; . Nothing and nobody is as they seem, With sss hinting at being Seda, Annette impersonating SharJoy, and me alternating between Andre’ , Dre’, Dr.A. or just Nosty for insiders. Everything is first Right from the start, and if it’s like the first , then it is like it has never been before…..

Absolute certainty …. in the very place where Absolute uncertainty rules! This is looking more like a Dali painting to some, but that’s just because it’s new and fresh. It’ll wear off, like anything does, and pretty soon it’ll be as usual, but on a (w)hole new level void of realism with a non-capital ‘r’.

it big-time…. the of limitation, separation, and competition. Wishing In Neutrality, Never Expecting Results So Splendid also is fading out: If anything is expected right now, it is that endless stream of synchronicities!

your Certainty!