Apart from being a by Led Zeppelin, it can safely be described as "the State I’m Now in" . Nothing and nobody is as they seem, With sss hinting at being Seda, Annette impersonating SharJoy, and me alternating between Andre’ , Dre’, Dr.A. or just Nosty for insiders. is first time Right from the start, and if it’s like the first time, then it is like it has never been before…..

Absolute …. in the very place where Absolute uncertainty ! This is looking more like a Dali painting to some, but that’s just because it’s new and fresh. It’ll wear off, like anything does, and pretty soon it’ll be business as usual, but on a (w)hole new level void of realism with a non-capital ‘r’.

I Am losing it -time…. the concept of limitation, separation, and competition. Wishing In Neutrality, Never Expecting Results So Splendid also is fading out: If anything is right now, it is that endless stream of hot !

your Certainty!