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I have been aligned into the center of a diamond and I am being guided in creating a stargate from the center of this diamond triad.  When I looked at the map of , and connected the dots of where I had been directed to create Q zones, portals and vortals over my lifetime I see a perfect diamond triad with Chico at the center. I was directed to move to Chico and begin communication with Aqua in . My arrival was May 7, and the magic really began June 25 when I was given the frequencies to activate this stargate.I have been directed daily for twenty years to be able to understand
what this means and how it
will happen. I was also directed to use
this formula to create a stargate. I was directed to create an Ascension
in Mt. Shasta four years ago. I was directed to create a Portal and
Vortal in Monterey. I am now being directed to create a Stargate in
Chico. My Starry Brother, Zaurack, from Sirius B has guided me in
sacred geometry between seven points in Northern
California that place Chico in the center of a Diamond Vortex.
key points are woven into five other points that weave the entire
Northern Part of California together.
The complete story of my seven
initiations leading to this final preparation for 11/11 will appear on
cosmic dolphin as the stargate is completed. This is the
vision that my fifth initiation team gave me in 2007. They told me that
my 11/11 ascension will look like this. I have been directed daily for
twenty years to be able to understand what this means and how it will
happen. I was also directed to use this formula to create a stargate.

join in this creation of the Diamond Triad Stargate with my starry
family of the Starry Councils and Sirius B.

You are wrapped
inside of a Lotus Blossom made of Blue Crystal with streams of rainbow
swirls rising up from each petal into fountains of golden, pastel
rainbow light streams. The light of each petal is holding hands with all
of the 144 petals of the lotus blossom.

You are high above a
mountain. You are inside of a that holds you within it.
The portal connects up into the Aquarius galaxy where streams of star
dust silver pastel frequencies in liquid light form are pouring into the
crystal portal. The portal reaches out into the furthest reaches of the
Universe beyond this Matrix.

Now, the streams of star dust
liquid light are pouring down like a huge waterfall of rainbows and the
angels are telling you to dive into the water fall.

The lotus
blossom melts into oneness with your light body and you swirl into the
liquid light rainbow waterfall.

You’ve absorbed all of the
frequencies of the Aquarius stardust, Sun Alcyone’s gamma waves, the
frequencies of the Cosmic of the Milky Way, all of the suns and
stars of the Milky Way and you have woven these frequencies into one
glorious wave of liquid light and it is pouring down into the crystal
pillar. The massive wave is pushing you down into the mountain top and
down the crystal portal deep into Inner Earth. You are riding down the
crystal portal into the central sun of ’s inner core. You
are feeling the oneness of Sun Alcyone and the Sun of Inner Earth. You
are feeling the frequencies of Oneness returning from the Original Birth
of Mother Earth when she was a star in Aquarius. You feel all of the
Suns becoming one grand frequency and becoming one with your own crystal
heart through the spark of Source.

You feel all of the golden
sparks of Source twirling through every cell in your body. You are
becoming One with the Light Frequency of all suns of co-creation with
Source. The Cosmic Egg of the Milky Way is wrapping all of this light
energy into a new Cosmic Egg to prepare for the re-birth of a new golden

You are still wrapped inside the Crystal Lotus Blossom,
the Suns frequencies and you are inside of the Cosmic Egg.

you are continuing down the crystal pillar blasting out of the Central
Sun into the Aqua Etheric liquid light inner domains of Cosmic Hollow
Earth. You are inside the womb of Mother Earth. This is a vast Aqua Blue
Crystal Chamber with large oceans of liquid light, crystal caves of all
frequencies and pillars of crystals containing the complete rainbow
spectrum of light. All 12 angelic groups are singing from these pillars
to create a Cathedral of frequencies.

You are now
floating inside of your lotus blossom that is the shape of a boat. You
are absorbing through the lotus blossom all of the tones of home of this
birthing chamber. These are the original frequencies of your creation.

are harmonizing and blending back into Oneness with the frequency of
Consciousness that was created through the breath of Source creating the
original angelic idea of eternal man in the kingdom of heaven.

crystal lotus boat is floating in a huge pool that is like a bath tub.
It has a plug on the bottom of the tub. The plug is pulled out and you
are forced down the drain pipe. You are sucked down into the Infinite
Void of Source Consciousness.

Here you re-unite with your future
self of the ten thousand year future that will allow you to portal jump
beyond this matrix of time and space into a Cosmic Mind and a sixth
dimensional template that allows you to walk on Earth while experiencing
the true creation of your Eternal Selfhood. You are re-uniting to your
spiritual self and becoming One with all you really are. You are
remembering all that you have forgotten. You are re-cognizing
old mind into your new multi-dimensional Consciousness. You are
Realigning outside of the old Matrix into a new Golden Matrix.

you have created a stargate that attaches you into Oneness with your
future self as you inhale the frequencies of the re-birth chamber all
the way up the crystal pillar and exhale these frequencies into the
atmosphere where you are now standing.

This stargate containing
the tone of home, the key to the stars, the harmony of oneness. The
stargate contains the full spectrum rainbow frequency of all dimensions
in one. This means you have become multi-dimensional which allows you to
experience visible light and invisible light.

It allows you to
become an orb and travel at the speed of light. It allows you to
bi-locate or tri-locate or just disappear.

You are one with your
spiritual self- your future self that is free from this matrix of
illusions forever.

My angelic teams have been guiding me with
frequencies since the first harmonic convergence when I was given the
voice of the angels. They told me that when my regular voice transforms
into that voice that was recorded at that time, I would ascend. It is
our frequencies of consciousness that must completely transform into the
frequencies of the Cosmos. Our frequencies must change inside and out.

have been recording Cosmic Frequencies and then writing the
understanding that is given me for several years. My initiation team
told me that I would record music, write books about it, record more
music, write more books. And this would continue until I had a complete
St. Germain told me that my wisdom is greatly needed
on Earth right now because people must learn to discern. There will be
many false portals, many false star ships, many false prophets. The only
way to discern is through Frequencies. Each entity and each dimension
has a frequency. We must all become more familiar with frequencies than
we are with the colors of the rainbow. We must weave and braid our
consciousness into the stars and the suns and into the Cosmic Egg. We
must connect into the Infinite Unknown to create our new Golden Galaxy
and transform beyond this matrix.

The frequencies of all of the
stars, suns, entities of light, lotus blossom entities and every angelic
consciousness involved in the stargate has been recorded onto the
stargate meditation and Cinderella’s Stargate. These may be heard at