Dear all who have signed up for the Arcturian messages. This message was meant to be the new "Marilyn’s Page" however the kept popping in with many ideas as I was working, so I am sending this out to all on my list although it is not the usual "Arcturian Message".If you are reading this, then you are one who has spent  many years and
many lifetimes evolving  to this point in your spiritual journey, and 
much of that journey was  spent in spiritual  doing.  There were the
mystery schools of medieval times (and even now), healing temples,
secret societies,  churches, and more;  all teaching   through ceremony,
words, and  actions;  using those tools  believed  necessary. In order
to lift oneself into  higher frequencies, the spiritual aspirant was 
taught  to use .

The student then and now sat correctly,  chanted, and listened to  the
right vibrational sounds.  The journey utilized  crystals, pipes,
pendulums, fire, incense, drugs, oils, body positions, words,
metaphysical books, rites, rituals, fasting, and hundreds of other
tools; all expressions of  an infinite number of   
developed in order to help the initiate arrive at a higher state of
consciousness.  Spiritual  tools  were  needed  in order to move  one
into  higher frequencies from the somewhat heavy third dimensional
and also helped one to  center within for  meditation,  or for
guidance, and for the  learning and deeper  understanding of  truth.


Dependence upon these tools has now  become a block for many.  Steeped
in their favorite modalities, many  have come to  believe  that  the
rites and rituals  are absolutely  necessary and they refuse to let them
go.  This  constitutes almost all organized religions.  The tools have
become the belief system and this is idolatry.

We are not saying that you must throw away or stop loving your crystals,
crystals carry their own energy and can be co-workers and companions. .
We do not say to  stop burning your favorite incense or listening to
music that lifts your soul.  We are saying that a  dependence upon these
things in the belief that  they are necessary to your spiritual
evolution is a  barrier to it.

There was a time for  spiritual doing, (many of you  studied in  mystery
schools in past lives and many have had lives of rite and ritual in
convents and monasteries)  but you have evolved.    It is time to start
"being" instead of "doing"- that is  understanding and resting  in the 
realization  that you  already  are that which you have been seeking.
There is no need to struggle  to get something you  already have.   Let
go of  doing- doing- doing- and simply start  "being".  "Being"  is an 
action,  the action of  resting in that which already is and does not
need any outer action in order  to bring it about or to make it so.

Tools are but symbols ,  only symbols, and  it is  time to understand
what these symbols represent.  It is time to realize that you are no
longer functioning in the third of duality and
separation.  Mankind is evolving  quickly and  many  are already living
in the new fifth dimensional energy.

It doesn’t matter what you do each day, what matters is the state of
consciousness with which you do it.  All your spiritual  "doing" was
simply to get you to a place of just "being" and you can "be" while
doing  anything you wish, no action is holier than another, all life is
the One life.

Mankind has bound himself to the struggle; to  the belief that one must
suffer and work hard in order to become spiritual.  This is a lie 
perpetuated by the churches of old and now,  who want to keep you coming
so you can be "saved", (and  hopefully  with a large donation of
appreciation).  The only  original sin there ever has been is the belief
that you are separate from your Source.  You were created perfect and
still are, for there is no substance other than the One Omnipresent
Substance of Source with which you could of been created.  (We speak of
your true essence, and not the physical concept of it).

With the exception of some mystical writers, most  information in
spiritual books at this time is metaphysical.  Metaphysics  functions 
to change a bad picture into a good picture through the use of
spiritual  tools.   Mysticism   (new energy)  functions in the 
realization   that nothing needs changing but the false concepts you
have  entertained about God’s  perfect spiritual creation. 

Many ask; How can God/Source allow this bad thing or that to happen? 
Well dear ones, God/Source  knows nothing about what third dimensional
man is dreaming and creating with his unenlightened concepts and
beliefs  (duality and separation). Rest assured that if there was the
idea of  disease in  Divine Mind, no one would ever be able to cure it,
for the Ideas of Source are infinite and law.   Source is forever
perfect,  knowing  only Itself and  manifest AS…  The journey of
evolution is the  awakening to that.  Time to rest in  your
completeness, and time to let go of a dependence on those  tools that
once were needed- when you were beginners. 

Marilyn and Arcturian
Group                                                   6/24/10