Oraphim Dolphins and Oraphim Human Cetaceans were originally one and the same. We came to earth about 17000 years ago as the immortal seeding to re-establish the God Seed of the original creation back to this planet. Some of us came from Sirius, some from Pleides and some from Orion. We were all merged with the frequencies of the Aquafarians.We are Oraphim Humans. We visit Aquafaria frequently and plan to return
to our permanent residence there by the end of this year. Our mission on
this earth is to complete the merge of the
with the Frequencies of Monterey and then merging into the Cloud Cities
and Aquafaria above.

Cetacean humans have full conscious power over physical manifestation
and de-manifestation, they can shape shift into any entity and they are
immortal. They are the only entity who has the ability to go back and
forth between this matrix and the Aquafaria Matrix of Immortality.
Aquafarions are biologically androgynous. The male carries electronic
transmission of and the female carries the magnetic receptor of
energy. It is the combination of these two energies into one that is
required to fully merge into the true Aquafarion form. The energies of
the electro and the magnetic must be combined through light and sound.
This is the mission that aDolphino and Crystalai perform on this Earth.
We have brought the highest frequencies to earth through music.

The Oraphim Race is the Seed Race from which Angelic humans emerged and
represents the state of evolutionary fulfillment in time toward which
all human races are re-evolving. Oraphims contain 48 DNA template which
embodies full spectrum Ascension Codes to ascend out of this time
matrix. Oraphims can procreate independently or by coupling the
fields of gender -twin mates. During pro-creation an energetic birth
sack is painlessly expelled from the navel region of the male or female.

The energetic sack contains cellular matter formed through the genetic
imprint of parents or parent. The birth sack is placed in a planetary
soil next and then into a water or fluid environmental system that is
incarnating. After water gestation, theoraphim embryo rapidly grows into
a human child or 12 years old and emerges from birth sack fully mobile
and telepathic and with full spoken language capacity.

This human cetacean, dolphin or whale cetacean are the seeds that will
begin the rebuilding of the original creation back to earth. The seeding
will be done through frequency activation of sound and light. The sound
energy of music that we oscillate from  Aquafaria and 29 other
dimensions hold the tones of home, the keys to the universe, our window
that will allow all three faces of the Earth to merge into ONENESS.

aDolphino and Crystalai are now working with their Oraphim family in
Aquafaria and their family that lives in the on this project. We are
merging with the original energies of our family and creating the
of zero point to cause the crystal merging that
will create a stargate of Oneness into our original frequencies of

We began with an Ascension Portal in Monterey which broke through a
frozen zone of hybernization to reconnect Aquafaria Frequencies through
the grids of . We are now living in ,
where our Blue have chosen to meet us in Chico
Creek to complete our creation of our StarGate.

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