Channeler: Veronica

and The Council 3.24.10

Guardians: Bring your attention into the center, to the center of
you, to the center of the circle, bring yourself in to this moment, this
next 90 minutes we’re going to share together, which means you have the
opportunity to practice being in the moment in support of the
energetic. It’s a big night, folks, so bring it together. Let’s not
waste any time trying to wonder what we’re doing. Just bring it
together. Bring your attention in. You showed up for a reason and that
reason is that you’re ready to experience your energetic on a new level
and we’re here to facilitate that opportunity. Very nicely done.

Again, you’re all getting so good at this that we are able to take it
to completely new levels because you start the meeting ready to go.
We’re not having to ramp up. We start going. All right. So now that
we’re here together, keep it here, don’t go back into your mind now.
That’s the only place we see you energetically sort of slipping is we’ll
compliment you on doing a good job and then you go in your head and
think about it. So, let’s not do that. Let’s try again. To the center of
you. Excellent. That feels nice.

Now, we’re going to start right off tonight with the idea that you
are ready to bubble out—remember how we’ve been talking about when you
don’t need that’s in your body anymore we can see it kind of as
these brown bubbles that bubble off your skin and then we’re able to
clear that energy away? Last week you had a very intense time
experiencing the Warrior energy and we know you had different
experiences with that and you’ll get to talk about that later, we’re

But right now what we want to do is any of that that bubbled up in
you during the time that you’ve been away from the circle, we want to
let you give that up now and let us come through and clear it off. And
if you weren’t here, that’s OK. Anything that you’re ready to let go of,
habits, patterns and things that you just don’t find serve you, let
that bubble up in you. So it’s a simple case of acknowledging even if
you don’t understand or can’t describe, but acknowledging that there are
things about you that you’re ready to let go of, let those things
emanate out of you, bubble up, come off, however you like to see it. But
we just keep seeing these brown foamy bubbles, brown foamy bubbles that
come off of you all. So again, allow that to come up and we’re just
going to move through and clear that. And you , this
counts for you too. Don’t think just because you’re not here we can’t
get to where you are. Don’t be confused. There you go. Nice.

So there’s a throat chakra thing going on tonight. What’s going on
with the throat chakra? Let’s all collectively say within yourself, “I
am willing.” And whatever it is that we’re feeling that we don’t have to
put labels on: “I am willing for that to be released,” So we’re just
going to go through and shake out the throat chakra a little bit. Oh, we
see what it is. All of your lifetimes about getting hung and getting
your heads chopped and all that, that’s all real alive tonight. We don’t
know what exactly caused that to come up. Remember, you’re in this
moment now, so let’s be in this moment together and in this moment
you’re not having that threat. Nicely done. We’ll do a little crown
chakra. OK, we’ll be back for sure because this is going to be one of
those kind of deals.

Eloheim: We’re just going to pop in because we like to make eye
contact with you guys and just kind of say hello to you. Hi, all you
Internet people. We’re saying hello to you, too. We want to just have a
check-in about the Warrior thing. Now, we got some feedback. Some people
couldn’t sleep. Some people slept a lot. Some people got kind of
freaked out. Some people didn’t get freaked out. Some people didn’t feel
anything. Some people felt a lot and there’s no right way to have
experienced their energy. What we want to do is remind you of a couple
of things.

Remember when the Visionaries first came in and they just knocked
everybody out of their and people were like, “Yikes! I hate the
Visionaries. I want Eloheim back. Make them go away.” And we appreciated
that you guys like us so much and all that but, you know, they mellowed
out once they had a better experience of the body. You have to
understand these energies are not familiar with being in the physical
form and because they’re not familiar with being in the physical form,
they’re doing the best they can. So we want to just let you know that
although the Warrior energy is way over the top, it is not necessarily
always going to be that over the top, although it will always be that
intense. And those two words mean different things to us and we hope
they mean different things to you. It kicked Veronica’s ass big time and
so we are going to have to be a little bit more careful about that, but
the first time it typically does. But this was a doozy. The
Matriarch/Warrior combo—she just didn’t have that much battery power
left for five or six days. So we’re going to stay on that and monitor
that. Just a moment.

What’s really interesting about the Warrior energy is the idea that
the shadow comes in so many different formats. It’s not just war and
mayhem and killing and murder and all that stuff. It is whatever aspect
of you that you are hiding from. And we started this with, “Where are
you lying to yourself?” but now it really is at a deeper level. And it
is a deeper level of: “Where are you not giving yourself permission to
know all of you?” Where are you not giving yourself permission to know
all of you? And that’s not so much, “I’m lying to myself,” but it is a
falsehood that you’re living in, a delusional state. And that delusional
state—you could probably be quite happy existing in that delusional
state, but you can’t be in bliss and you can’t be in Homo spiritus with
delusion existing in your field. It doesn’t even mean you have to do
anything about it, but you do have to know what the delusion is you’re
operating under. So we, of course, are going to start addressing this
more and more deeply. But that’s kind of the framework that the Warrior
energy is dropping in on. Does anyone want to talk about their
experience with the Warrior? And keep it short.

Comment: Had a positive experience that night. The next morning it
was the first time I’ve woken up totally pain-free and able to move and
breathe. It just hit me today that I’ve been defensive my whole life
with who I am. I’ve been hiding behind this defensive mode and it’s huge
and I didn’t even realize it was such a solid structure that I had to
get out from under.

Eloheim: Structure. Great word. Yes. There is sort of a structural
element to it. Structure is a really good word for it because there is
this sense of a wall. And it’s a wall between you as your true
soul-infused self and you as the Homo sapiens, “Oh my God, I’m on my
50th lifetime and I’m just trying to somehow come out of this without
too much trauma.” And between those states is an enormous jump and
that’s why we’ve said it’s an evolutionary process you’re moving from
Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus. Well, that evolutionary jump involves the
ability to say that structure, that wall, that place where “I’ve been
pulling the wool over my own eyes.” And again, we had to start with
consciousness in order to be here because you had to work your way into
the idea that, “What do you mean I’m lying to myself?” Well, there’s
always more there.

Comment: I’m thinking that your core emotion and your core delusion
might be similar in that they are patterns that repeat and repeat.

Eloheim: Exactly. That’s kind of what we hope to be doing over the
next couple of months with you guys is finding those places within you
where you have that structure, that block, that wall where you’re
literally hiding the truth of you. You’re hiding the truth of you from
yourself. Which means, of course, you’re hiding it from the rest of the
world, too, which means your light is dim or your emanation is not
expressed completely. So yes, you’re with us exactly. This is not a
one-shot deal. We love to give you guys shortcuts and tools and say just
do this, give it a try, but nope. It’s going to be almost like the core
emotion in the sense that there’s going to be a lot of customization
about this. When you come and you say, “I know there’s something I’m
hiding from myself,” and we can look at it energetically and pull it out
with you guys and then everyone will go: “Oh God, I do that, too.”
Because we suspect that there are some endemic ways that you guys are
hiding from the truth of you.

Response: And once we see them, will really see them. It will be,
“OK, that’s me.” Like the core emotion.

Eloheim: And that’s part of why last week, before the Warrior came
in, we were so emotional is because there really was a changing of the
last week. Whether you felt it energetically or not, there was a
changing of the guard because we went out of a place that says OK we’re
going to make do our best with what we’ve got and we went into a place
that says we’re going to dig as deep as we can and unveil the truth of
us. So it’s like the difference between saying: “What do we have in the
cupboards?” and saying: “I’m going to the market.” So, what do we have
in the cupboards, I can cook five or six things. I’m going to the
market, I can cook any damn thing I want. So we’re going to the market
of “Where are we hiding the truth of ourselves?” beyond just “Where do I
lie to myself?” It’s: “Where do I hide the truth of me from me?”
There’s a big difference.

Comment: That was really scary because not knowing the Warrior and
knowing in the past when we’ve agreed to certain things we didn’t know
what kind of bargain we were making. The potential was there, who knows,
when you open up the closet sort of thing it could’ve been really
intense and I noticed subtle things during the week but there was
nothing I couldn’t handle, so I was happy to see that.

Eloheim: But again, if we had brought the Warrior in six months ago
or a year ago, maybe that wouldn’t have been the case, so it’s all in
perfect timing. And part of the reason that we kept saying to you guys
when the Warrior comes in you’ll have to be ready. Everything had to be
ready for the Warrior to come in because it’s this jump to a new level,
it’s this cracking open some stuff, it’s Veronica’s body and energy and
head space had to be right. A lot had to come together.

Response: Ultimately, after the meeting, I was thinking why not be
open to it because that’s what we’re here for. What else would we be
doing anyway? When you thought about it, it made sense but it’s like a
bungee jump. Do I really?

Comment: I feel like I had so many things happen to me. It’s almost
hard to know where to start. Yes, I did agree. I did say yes, I’m
willing last week. I had a physical experience of my third eye opening
and it was different than I ever thought it would be. It was
mind-blowing. It was happening all while the Warrior was here. A year
ago, I would’ve said I was insane. I’ve had the opportunity to bring the
swarm of chaos that happens in my head and bring it into my heart and
embrace it with this Warrior energy.

Eloheim: That is a nice segue into what we shared with Veronica this
morning while she was lying in bed doing her version of meditating. Each
of the members of the Council go with a chakra. We don’t know if
anybody else got this. And the Warrior is the third eye. It’s about
seeing your experience in a new way. Standing and seeing your experience
in a new way. The Warrior energy is so pervasive Veronica couldn’t even
watch the video or listen to the recording from last week, because if
she did their energy came into her body and she’s like, “Go away, I
can’t handle you right now.” So to this moment she still hasn’t listened
to last week or watched the video. But that’s another aside. We’re on
two asides down now.

Root chakra: Guardians. They’re all about clearing it out, bringing
just what you need, giving you a foundation that’s clear.

Second chakra: the Girls. Of course it’s the Girls. You got the sexy
chakra, you need the sexy chicks, right? What are they always about?
Love, love, love yourself.

Third chakra: Visionaries. Because it’s all about taking it into the
world. No excuses, no explanation. “This is who I am.”

Heart chakra: the Matriarch. One, we’re running out of people and
two, if you guys didn’t get that one! And then what is the Matriarch?
The Matriarch knows her place without question and that place starts at

The throat chakra: Eloheim. How did you guys figure that out? Yes, we
are definitely the throat chakra.

Third eye: We said is the Warrior. And that leaves Fred. Surprised?

So, each of the members of the Council resonates to a specific
chakra. We thought you guys might like to know that. Is that
interesting? We thought you’d like that. So then again, if you’re having
issues in a certain chakra, you can call on the specific one to help
you with that chakra, too. That’s another thing to do. But where it came
for Veronica is this morning she was doing that bubbly brown energy
thing and she realized how much that changed her first chakra sensation.
To release the stuff that was kind of covering up the root of the
matter. To release the stuff that was covering up how do you feel safe,
how do you feel secure? It cleared away and she went, “Oh,” and then
that aha opened the door for us to say this is how it lines up. We’ll be

So, Visionaries is? Third chakra. So a nice thing to do would be for
you to get in touch with your third chakra as they’re coming in and see
if that starts to have an impact.

Visionaries: We are on this journey together. Just in case you needed
a reminder, we are on this journey together. And we don’t just mean we
the Council are together. We mean we, the Visionaries, walk with you.
Walk with you and help you, assist you as you request us, to walk in the
world together so that we can hold the vision, the picture, the image
of you expressing the completeness of you in this world. You holding
onto the truth that you are revealing through the Guardians mixing it up
with your energy, the Matriarch coming in and supporting your heart,
the Warrior coming along and saying nothing you’ve done makes you
unlovable. All of that and more combines together and stands with us as
we help you walk through your life that way. Our role is to hold the
vision of you moving into the world in this new way. Walking, walking,
walking into the world.

It means that as you traverse the planet, you traverse the planet
from an authentic position. An authentic position is where you come
from. And that is really what we want to have sink in tonight, is the
authentic position you are able to express now. The authentic position
that you prefer now. The idea that you’re not interested in capitulating
to habit, capitulating to fear and capitulating to unconsciousness.
That you are interested in walking the completeness of you in the world.
And as issues and concerns and questions and triggers come up, you take
those as an opportunity to further deepen the truth of you being known
by you.

A trigger is an opportunity for you to know you and then the next
step, out of the triggered state and into consciousness, is you
expressing the vision of you. And that’s our role is to stand by you and
help you to stand in the vision of you that you then emanate to the
world. That’s why it’s the third chakra. That’s why it’s the center of
you. That’s why it’s the middle. You see, it’s the middle of your
expression. You taking your knowing of the authentic expression of you
and walking it in this world. That’s really where we’re at. Not where
we’re going. Where we’re at is preferring your authentic self to the
delusions and habits that you’ve been operating under previously.
Escaping the power of triggers by transforming them into a conscious
interaction for growth. And we walk beside you when you do that. We walk
beside you. And what we’re able to do for you is to hold the energetic
picture that you can then resonate toward.

That’s really what it’s about. It’s about you finding within you that
place that says I am interested in the authentic expression of me only.
And you know you kid yourselves. You know you lie to yourselves. You
know you delude yourselves. You know you make promises you can’t keep.
You know you say things to people you don’t mean. You know you say
things to yourself that you actually don’t mean. But the truth of the
matter is that you have the opportunity now to let that habit drop and
to actually reveal the completeness of you for the first time and then
walk it in this world in a new way. And on some level there’s this thing
that says you owe it to yourself. You owe it to yourself to stop
pretending. And there’s that saying that you guys like where what you’re
really afraid of is your greatness. And the key here is that you don’t
have to be afraid of your greatness but you’ve been taught to be small
because fear has run the show for so long. When consciousness runs the
show, you do not have to be small. So you don’t have to fear your
greatness. You can experience it. You can revel in it. You can wallow in
it, even.

Fear equals smallness. Limitation. Consciousness offers you the
buffet of life and you get to pick and choose what you want to
experience. And that’s really the most beautiful thing of consciousness
is that it opens you up to experiencing the buffet of life instead of
being in fear that says: “Oh God, I have to protect and limit and stay
small so that nobody notices me,” and all that stuff that comes up
around fear. And that’s why you’ve spent so many weeks talking about
fear and looking at ways to transform your relationship to fear in order
to have the opportunity to know what to do when fear comes. And
primarily what you do when fear comes is to say: “Why am I actually
afraid right now? What is making me fearful right now? Is it an
alternate expression inserting itself? Is it the past? Is it habit? Is
it cultural constructs that maybe don’t even apply? Is it DNA? What is
causing fear to be present in me right now and is that fear actually
something that I need to act on, or is it something that I can
transform?” And as we’ve said, ninety percent of the time, it’s not even
applicable. It’s just there because it’s “supposed to be”—in big
frickin’ quotes—“supposed to be.”

We just want to lift you up a little. Lift you up out of that idea
that you are in limitation and let you have—just poke your head up out
of the gopher hole and look around and see the horizon and be amazed.
Lift up and look around. And you are the only one who can decide to lift
yourself up out of. So, there’s a visual for you, a tool if you’d like.
Asking yourself: “Am I looking down in the hole or am I looking up at
the vista?” What did Eloheim used to call it? Shovel or a ladder. Do you
want a shovel or a ladder? Theirs are so much more funny than ours.
We’re all, “a vista.” They’re like, “Do you want a ladder or a shovel?”
We think they win on that concept. Same energetic, but they definitely
have a better example of it. OK, we’re going to be gone for a bit now.

The Girls: So, we get the second chakra. Yee haw. We’ll take it. It’s
the party chakra! All right. Fine. We’ll be a little more serious.
We’re just extrapolating all the funny things we could say now that
we’ve officially been announced as the second chakra resonance.

We’re going to be a little more serious about it for just a second.
Because part of what happens in your second chakra is that you get kind
of serious. You get kind of serious and you store—the second chakra you
can talk about being the way you interact with other people on a
physical level and sex and intimacy and all that kind of stuff, but it’s
also kind of like the big storage cabinet for the way you feel you’re
treated by others. The way your intimacies turn into pain or the way
your intimacies turn into regret, the way your intimacies turn into the
idea that you’re not worth it or that you’re not appreciated or you’re
not cared for, so there’s all that in there, too. Sure it’s sex and
sexiness but there’s a lot of that pain of intimacy that’s there, too.

So let’s just look at that a little bit here since we’re telling
ourselves the truth here tonight. Part of what happens when you get into
intimate relationships is you look out at your world from a perspective
that says, “Who I am is based on how I’m treated by my lover or my
intimate? Who I am is how I’m being treated.” Now, if you have someone
who adores you and treats you with respect, that sometimes is a pretty
fun place to be in, but no one is going to be 100 percent consistent
about giving you your needy, needy needs being met. So if you let
yourselves lie and believe that who you are is based on how your
intimates—and this is family, friends, lovers, whatever—if you lie to
yourself and believe that who are is based on how your intimates reflect
yourself to you, you’re going to start storing things in your second
chakra area. And you’re going to start needing even more.

See, it becomes like a barrier to needing even more to clear that old
stuff. So the next relationship you get in, the next best friend you
make, the next lover you have, you start to put even more pressure on
that relationship to clear the pressures from previous experiences, and
it all starts to get so serious and heavy and there’s no juiciness about
it anymore. So let’s not lie. Let’s tell ourselves the truth about the
idea that you’re in an experience where your need for love is being
corrupted from: “I need to love myself,” into: “I need this person to
love me so I feel like I’m worth loving.” It all has to start with
appreciation of self. And again, if there’s something about you that you
don’t particularly like, then you either get to say, “Oh, well,” or you
change it. You don’t get to just beat yourself up about it. That’s the

So if you find yourself unable to love aspects of yourself, well,
welcome to the shadowland. Welcome to an aspect of knowing what you need
to work with. Why don’t you love it and how can you say “I love you” to
that aspect of you. And we are not going to fall for any of this
bullshit, woo woo stuff of, “Oh, I love you because you are bright and
shiny and bunnies and rainbows.” Don’t even try to pull that crap on us
because we’ll call you on it faster than you can blink. If you don’t
love something about yourself it is more conscious to say, “I don’t love
me,” than it is to say, “Well I’m going to love me,” or, “I have to say
I love me because,” or any of that crap.

Now, you all know this but we thought we should just repeat it in
case anyone was trying to squeeze out of there. If you find something
about yourself that you do not love, you either say, “OK, I’m going to
abide in not loving it,” or, “I’m going to do something toward shifting
the energetic of the situation.” And by shifting the energetic, of
course we mean looking at what the story is of it. Now, the best one is
that you guys always think you’re fat. OK. So, you’re fat. Either be fat
and say, “That’s me,” or say, “What is it about my size that I don’t
like?” Not, “How can I lose weight?” but “What is it about my size that I
don’t like?” Some of you say: “I don’t make enough money.” OK, you
don’t make enough money. Either say, “OK, I’m going to shift my
relationship to money to just appreciate what I’m bringing in,” or look
at why it is you believe you should make more. Not just go find a way to
make more. Don’t do it the old-energy way. The old-energy way says you
just have to change the problem. The new energetic says: “I am going to
find out what is underlying the situation I find myself experiencing and
know that the situation isn’t here just to surmount. The situation is
here to learn from. It’s all just a little bit of sand paper for the
edges. So here’s just another little bit of sand paper.”

Now we want to talk to you about the Warrior. We think it’s probably
easier to just refer to the Warrior in the masculine, so for now, we’re
going to just do that. The pronouns thing in English is just a bitch. So
we’re just going to give it a masculine pronoun for now. So he, the
Warrior that we all got to have an experience of last week, he gives you
all kinds of opportunities to attend to where you don’t feel love for
yourself and gives you all kinds of opportunities to bask in an
energetic of non-judgment. No matter how nasty you think you’ve been or
are, the Warrior’s energy says: “I don’t care. What I care about is
standing here together and allowing you the space to transform your
relationship to it.” The Warrior stands without judgment and allows you
to stand in, not necessarily acceptance, but a space of: “What would I
like this to teach me and how would I like to experience it?” It’s as
though they carve a space for you to stand in. And it’s a safe place but
it’s freaking intense. But it’s a safe place in a way that you’ve never
had safety before because what he’s saying is: “I am not judging you.”
And you’ve never been in the energetic of non-judgment the way the
Warrior can offer that energetic to you. You don’t know how to abide in
that. But you’ll learn that you can stand in that energy of non-judgment
and then everything is sandpaper instead of trigger. And by that we
mean everything is an opportunity to learn rather than to run off in a
habitual way, and that is the difference between Homo sapiens and Homo
spiritus, frankly, is instead of it triggering you and then you act from
trigger, you abide in the space and you transform it into something
that helps you grow. OK, that’s what we’ve got for you tonight.

Eloheim: Does anyone have a question?

Question: Do you have any answers?

Eloheim: You know what we have? We have tools. We have tools for
transformation. Tools for seeing a situation anew. Tools for saying,
“OK, where I’ve been hasn’t brought me peace, so I am going to try it
another way simply because doing it the same way over and over again
doesn’t work.” So what we do is just read the energetic and interrupt
the energetic that you’re in, in order to offer an alternate energetic
to try out. We don’t know if that’s an answer but that’s what we do.

Question: This is one of those things that made me feel crazy. I went
to open an email for permaculture and what popped up was
an obituary from my cousin who killed herself five years ago. We got in
the car and the radio turned on by itself. I need some information about
all this.

Eloheim: Well, what’s interesting to us is the way that you bring
information in. You’ve admitted to being an information junkie. You’ve
admitted to casting a very wide net. You’ve admitted to having more
group friends than anyone on the planet. We’re just teasing you
about that a little bit, but out of everyone that Veronica knows you
have the widest and most diverse Facebook palette. So, you cast a wide
net. So what you’re basically saying on an energetic level is, “The way I
get information is that way.” That’s how things come to you. You’re not
necessarily going out to a job and you don’t necessarily have a
traditional family where everybody comes home at night and triggers the
hell out of each other and things like that. So the way you get an
opportunity for some nice sandpaper to rub on you is through your email
and through your Internet experiences and through your computer things
that go on. So it does not surprise us that you get an opportunity to be
triggered, triggered, triggered by opening up your email.

So your email comes in, boom, it’s something from five years ago. You
obviously have an emotional reaction to it. You just had an emotional
reaction to it now, and it was interesting because you go to the place
of: “OK, I think I’m crazy.” Which is an interesting leap from your
Internet doing something weird and you think it’s something weird inside
your head, which we think is kind of revealing. Instead of the computer
being crazy, you think you’re crazy. So, that’s interesting. That’s an
interesting way of loving oneself—not really. Do you see how you take
that on as if it’s a statement about you, rather than it being a
statement about the computer.

Response: OK. Fine. So?

Eloheim: OK. Now, what’s your point? Is that what you’re saying? So
what we’re showing you is that or what we’re illuminating—you’re showing
it, we’re just pointing it out—is that your opportunity for growth is
here and shockingly popping up. And then how you handle the trigger
reflects one, what you’re doing as far as growing spiritually but it
also is telling you a lot about how you’re loving yourself.

Response: I’m in the forest.

Eloheim: You don’t get it. OK. So let’s see if we can come up with an
example that would illuminate this in a different way. Just a moment.
We’re going to use Randy. She can handle it. So if Randy is in an art
show selling her paintings and someone comes by and says, “God, that’s
an ugly painting,” you know that person is talking about themselves. But
if Randy decides that tells her who she is, you would say, “Come on.”
So your computer acts up and you decide it’s about you.

Response: It acts up with my dead cousin?

Eloheim: Well it’s a big trigger to have someone come along and say
something you spent three weeks on is a piece of crap, too. But it’s a
choice. Are you going to be triggered by that or are you going to say,
“Wow, I really still feel close to her or him.” Whatever it is that it
brought up, it’s telling you something about you and your relationship
to yourself. But you took it to “I’m nuts,” or “It’s a big problem,”
instead of going, “Wow, this came up for a reason. What is, is. This is
showing me something. This is giving me an opportunity.” It went into
trigger. Now, on some level we could say that some pretty good
manifesting. You manifested a perfect opportunity that—a plus b doesn’t
even equal c and you still made it happen.

Response: Made what happen?

Eloheim: To have the opportunity to get triggered by the death notice
of your cousin.

Response: It’s really upsetting to me.

Eloheim: So what did you feel? Other than the fact that you were
afraid you were crazy, what did you feel when you saw the death notice?
It’s very upsetting to you. What’s the part that’s going on? What’s
upsetting about it? Yup. That. Right there. You don’t have to say it out
loud but we felt it. And you know where we felt it? Here. Do you
remember what that is? Just tap on there lightly. Right there. So,
there’s something shadowy and that’s why it’s so upsetting because
there’s a story there. We’re not going to do it out loud, but we felt it
when you found it. And that’s why it’s so upsetting is because it’s
part of this story. Do you want us to go further or do you want to sit
with it?

Response: I don’t know.

Eloheim: OK, then sit with it. We can look at it later. Just sit with
it for now. It’s part of that hidden story. Remember when you were at
the webcast and you were talking about what you were talking about at
the beginning. It’s got some of that in there too. We’ll look at it at a
later time.

Comment: If I could just comment on what I’m feeling from Candy. I’m
feeling that your experience with the Warrior of your third eye opening
is what has opened you up to having things come through your computer
and you think you’re crazy but you’re not. You’re just experiencing
another manifestation of your own power. You’re not crazy. There’s
nothing wrong with that. Your cousin just wants to talk to you.

Eloheim: Can you take in how deeply she is acknowledging your ability
and appreciating you right now?

Response: This is turning into therapy.

Eloheim: No. We don’t do therapy. We’re looking at the energetics.

Comment: Because it seems as though you’re going into fear about the

Eloheim: We just wanted you to see the energetic—why we pointed out
are you letting that in—because the energetic that she was showing you
was acknowledgment of your skill. That’s what we wanted you to see. On
an energetic level she was acknowledging the skill that you were
showing. Now, we warned you guys that superhero powers were going to be
weird. Did we not give you fair warning? We gave you fair warning week
after week. It’s going to be weird. It’s going to be unusual. It’s not
going to be what you expect. It’s not going to be how you think it’s
going to be. So, clicking on one thing and getting another, OK, well
you’re bringing things in in a new way. And that’s why we were trying to
acknowledge. Now, this is a perfect example of how you can run with the
emotion, which you have absolutely every right in the world to be upset
by it, but there’s also that place that you have to say, “OK, part of
me wants to be really upset by this and part of me needs to be
fascinated by it.”

Response: See, fascination hasn’t even occurred to me on this.

Eloheim: That’s where fear will take over and fascination will be
ignored—because fascination is the new pattern and fear is the habitual
experience. Fascination is the new pattern, fear is the habitual
experience. So you get big triggers, find a big trigger, this is a
pretty good one, you get a big trigger, you’re going to go into
fear—you’re going to go into sadness, upset, dismay, whatever language
you want to put on it but we lump it under fear—you’re going to go into
fear and that’s where you have to pull yourself back from the ledge and
say, “OK, this fear is a choice, fascination is also a choice. Let’s at
least give fascination a couple of seconds of time.” And that’s the
energetic we were getting from her. She was fascinated by your skill in
manifesting in this new way.

Comment (new member): I hear what you’re saying. We live in a
dangerous time with people looking at all the stuff on the computers.
The FBI and the CIA, etc. You’re not alone.

Eloheim: OK. Let’s see what comes next. Just a moment. OK, Guardians.
So again, we’re starting this kind of new program tonight. We say
Guardians? What do you think? First chakra. So you’ve had some stories
about the way we get triggered and fear and this, that and the other
thing, so of course you’ve got some things stirred up down there in the
first chakra. Of course you do, because you’ve seen emotion, you’ve
heard stories about things people are experiencing. So what you do with
that energetically is you use that to let go, release, transform, your
personal experience. Do you understand how we’re trying to get a new
thing going on tonight?

So we’re going to bring the Guardians in. They’re going to do their
first chakra cleansing thing—so those brown bubbles or whatever you guys
like, whatever was working for you. Yesterday or the day before
Veronica was remembering that when they were kids they would pour
peroxide in the sink because it would make bubbles. So, whatever you’d

We are going to bring them in and then see what comes next and we
would not be surprised if it was the Warriors. Fair warning.

Guardians: Part of what happens here is that you’ve got to be willing
to let go and you’ve got be willing not to have to know what it is
you’re letting go of. So, just a little review. You don’t have to know.
You don’t have to know. Oh, and don’t wonder where it goes. Who did
that? Who did that? We’re not pointing but it was somebody. Wink. Wink.
You guys think you can do this stuff and we don’t know. You can’t pull
fast ones on us.

Nicely done.

Remember, you don’t have to know what it is. You just have to
acknowledge, “There are things in me that I no longer need to hold on
to. There are things I’m ready to let go of.” You guys are getting so
good at this. This absolutely impresses us, every single week you get
better. Veronica is starting to feel it in her lower abdomen. We don’t
know if any of you are feeling it in your lower abdomen as well, but
there’s like a lower abdomen kind of thing going on here. Just let it
drop out. Some of you who are female right now might be experiencing
some of that energy left over from the birth process. Making babies is a
great thing but it also involves a lot of intensity and sometimes there
can be residual tension and clenching, let’s just use that word. When
you give birth you’re worried about what’s going to happen for that
child in the life it’s going to have and all that stuff and that energy
is another version of the shadow that you’re looking at. Even if you’re a
man, when your wife or girlfriend gave birth, that’s in there, too. “Oh
God, I’ve created a life and now what?!” So let’s just recognize that
souls incarnate because they choose to and although you guide those
souls, it is not your destiny that they are unfolding. It is their
journey that they are unfolding. Let it go. Come on.

Eloheim: OK, after that we’re going to bring the Matriarch in,
because everybody got real soft there. That brought up some stuff for
you guys, so we’re going to bring the Matriarch in before the Warrior.

Matriarch: We’re going to just hold you for a moment here. We’re
going to just hold you. Just like that. Just like that. Nice. OK.

There is a place within you that knows the completeness of you. And
that place has been covered up, covered over, scarred and stepped on,
and it is waiting for you to use free will to remove those coverings. To
remove those barriers. To take away from being hidden. That’s really
what we’re doing and why we’ve come.

We stand next to that completeness of you and our way of standing
next to you in that way is to recognize that that has always been
present. We see you striving for something and looking for something and
desiring something and wanting something that has been. In essence, you
feel like you have to go find it, and we want to remind you tonight
that it is not something you have to go find but it is something that
has been in you always. So, it’s not something that there’s a chance you
won’t know. We don’t want you to feel that there’s even a chance that
you won’t someday know this. Because it is something you always have
carried and through the process of the incarnational cycles and various
other things it has been covered up. But it is not suffocating and it’s
not starving and it’s not withering. It thrives within you. Yet your
access to it is limited and we commit to assisting you in unveiling it.

So please accept that paradigm shift away from “Will I ever get
there?” to “I’m there and I just need to reveal the truth of me.” OK?
“I’m there and I just need to revel the truth of me.” And you need to
watch that you’re not judging yourself about not having revealed the
truth of you up until this point. You need to watch that you don’t judge
yourself for not having revealed the truth of you up until this point.
And that’s where the Warrior can stand next to you because the Warrior
doesn’t stand in judgment. The Warrior stands in witness, revelation,
and stability. There. It is there and it is being revealed.

This feeling that you have now—you can abide in, you can remember,
you can recall, you can come back to this now. This isn’t something
that’s just when we’re here with you on a Wednesday night. It is what
you can experience. You can feel this. You can feel into this. This can
be who you are because it is who you are, you see. OK, we’re going to
round up Eloheim for you.

Eloheim: We like to look at you guys after you experience the
Matriarch because you all look like you just woke up face. You know when
you see someone and they just woke up and they’re are all groggy. There
is a softness that comes with experiencing her energy and it’s a good
reminder that this stuff—tonight it’s been kind of an unusual meeting
because really it’s been a theme. It’s been a while since we’ve had a
theme meeting, but it’s been the theme of these different groups telling
you, reminding you in their own way, how your expression is possible
now. It is not over here. You get it? It’s not over here. It’s not
waiting someplace. It’s not down the road. It’s not after the next
class. It’s not after the next seminar. It’s here for you now.

And some of you are probably saying, “But I don’t experience it, I
don’t know that it’s here.” And that’s why we’ve started this new
series, this new experience, this new whatever you want to call it,
because what we are doing is saying there is a truth within you that it
is time for you to have a different relationship to. And you loving
yourself and you being loved and witnessed by these other energies is
what we see will break you out of your shell, will give you the
opportunity to experience this. There’s only one path to it. Because
it’s not a path of going outside of yourself, it’s a journey about
what’s inside. So it’s only a journey in. And that’s why it’s always
with you and you carry it with you. OK?

You know what’s next. You can just feel it. And it’s in Veronica,
too. So, here we go. Let’s see what they have to say. It’ll be
interesting to hear. We’re excited to hear what they have to say. They,
he, it. Just breathe a little first for a little bit. So, third eye,
right? Third eye.

Warrior: We bring our energy into a body and it doesn’t make sense to
us and we have to tell you that right off the bat. It is not easy for
us to interface but we’re committed to expressing ourselves in this
fashion for it is the most efficient way for us to interact with you
even though it doesn’t feel all that efficient to us at this point.

There is no reason why you have to remain in the position of pain.
There is no reason why you must remain in the position of suffering.
There is no reason why you must continue to disrespect yourself in this
way. There is no reason other than habit and cultural pressure. Choice,
choice, choice, choice, choice. We invite you to remember that it is a
choice. And we invite you to remind yourself that it is a choice and say
to yourself, “This is a choice, this is a choice, this is a choice.”
Because until you get it into yourself that you are making a choice,
when you have a reaction to any trigger it is very challenging for you
to have an outcome of satisfaction to the processing of that trigger.
And by a choice we mean you can choose to find judgment and harshness
with yourself, or you can choose to say, “If I express this with a
neutral perspective I can give to myself an opportunity for a new
experience. I can give to myself an opportunity for a new experience if I
stand outside of judgment and allow myself to abide in the experience
rather than abide in the pain and suffering of the judgment.”

There’s the choice. Are you going to be in experience or are you
going to be in judgment. And we stand next to you in experience. And if
you are tempted to judge yourself, we invite you to look at us and say,
“Why don’t I try it that way? Why don’t I try it that way?” Because the
way you’ve been doing it only brings more suffering. Judgment and
judging brings more suffering to you. Allowing yourself to abide in,
“OK, it is,” and then explore the is-ness of it frees you to have a new
experience and to open to something more than the limitation that the
Homo sapiens paradigm has previously offered to you. Stand next to it.
Observe it and move with it. Observe it and move with it. But don’t let
it tell you. Don’t let it tell you who you are. Allow it to give you an
opportunity to grow. Let it give you an opportunity to grow. It doesn’t
tell you who you are. It gives you an opportunity to grow. And that’s
the difference. That’s the changing of the guard. This is a choice.

Eloheim: The Guardians are going to come in again and clear again.

Guardians: We just want to say that, again, another reminder, because
it happens each time, so we really want you guys to sink into this one
this time. Don’t go into trying to figure it out about what you’re
releasing. Don’t go into: “I’ve got to know what happens to it or where
it goes or what exactly are they doing or is it working.” If you go into
the mind-based process around this, you’ll only get what the mind can
offer. And if you want soul-level transformation you can’t limit
yourself by staying in the mental aspect of it. So we’re going through
the third eye.

Eloheim: Anybody who wants to ask a question?

Question: I’ve had panic surrounding me. Is this related to the
externals that we have placed ourselves in or is this something that’s
trying to work its way in and be resolved?

Eloheim: We’re not sure that “or” is the right conjunction there. It
feels like it’s a little bit of both, but primarily what we were getting
from you when you were talking is a sense of—it’s like a record that’s
scratched and skips. It goes to a certain point and it skips and it
skips and it skips. And it’s like, “Well, hang on a second, I’m sort of
sick of hearing this part of the record,” and that’s where you are.
You’re very clear that you’re sick of hearing that part of the record
and you’ve been getting clearer and clearer on that but we’re looking at
your energy now and it’s definitely shifted since the last time we were
with you. So now it’s the sense of, “Oh, I don’t even have to listen to
that record.” That’s the place you’re in.

See, previous to this you would be like, “I have to fix this scratch
or I have to somehow jump over the scratch or I have to abide in the
scratch or I have to heal the scratch,” or some crazy thing. Now you’re
like, “Not only do I not have to listen to this record, I don’t even
have to use this machine, I don’t have to stay in this room, I don’t
even have to be in this relationship with this machine.” So you’re
starting to see that it’s not just this sort of solution. That there’s
this horizon thing that’s going on and we can really see that in your
tonight. So, when the panic comes up you can just remember,
“Oh, that’s that broken record,” because you look around and you go,
“No reason to panic. That must be broken record.” For you that fits your
energetic perfectly.

Response: I feel like a baby bird practicing with my wings.

Eloheim: Yeah. And all of you can use that one. It’s this idea of,
“Oh yeah, there’s that again, oh yeah, there’s that again.” It even
sounds like a broken record. And you always want to check in with “Is
this fear justified?” Like, “Is someone coming at me with a knife and
that’s why I’m afraid? No. So I’m just sitting in my house and I’m
panicked. Well, is this broken record panic?” And then the temptation is
to say: “What’s going on?” but we would say, instead of saying: “What’s
going on?” how about saying, “I’m going to see what happens if I just
set it aside. Not deny it, but just set it aside and not give it my
undivided ‘oh my God’ attention. But just set it there and say let’s
just see what happens if I don’t make it the focus of my moment. If I
just say, ‘that’s happening, that’s interesting, that’s fascinating.’ ”
And then you’re letting it show itself without it running the show. Let
it show itself without letting it run the show. It’s the same thing we
talked about earlier. You get triggered and do you go into fear or
fascination. It’s like, “I’m just going to be fascinated by it sitting
there and see what it does when it just sits there for a while rather
than me deciding I’m going to run with it and see where it goes and what
does it teach me and what does it tell me.” etc.?

Comment: I’ve been experiencing and negative people have
creeped back into my life. Is there some way I can bring up the energy

Eloheim: Broken record. Same thing. Broken record. So, you’ve got
these people that creep back into your life, you thought you took care
of them. OK, so are you going to just say, “OK, I guess you’re creeping
back into my life,” or are you going to say, “Oh, I guess I need to set
that boundary again.” There’s that thing where you say, “I thought this
was taken care of.” It’s that onion peel thing.

Now, you remember, you have your onion and here’s your issue. Most of
you have a core issue that’s coming up all over the place. And so you
do something with it and you think, “Oh yes, that person is out of my
life,”—let’s use your example. And then you go around and you’re
traversing your life onion and you come back and a whole layer of the
onion falls off. And you think, “Well, look at me! I released! I
transformed! I have a new relationship to everything!” And then what
happens? Deeper on the same shit. Fuck. So, now we’re here again.

And then that is the moment, that is the moment where you say—that
big choice comes in—because what typically happens is people say, like
you just said, “Oh, I thought I fixed this. Oh, you again. Oh, I must
not have passed go and gone to jail and didn’t collect my $200 or
however that works.” There’s that sense of you have a choice to go into
failure or into fascination. And that failure is where people typically
go. But what you can do with that is go, “Oh, this is here again because
there’s a deeper layer I can heal this on. There’s another place in me
that I can know myself more by exploring this again.” So you set a
boundary with some people and then they come back again and you get to
go, “OK, I get to learn more about this boundary-setting business.” Or,
“I get to learn more about myself through boundary-setting. I get to
explore my journey more.” And, you know, you have a choice. You could
also go into “Oh, hell.” Or you can go into “I’m going to set this
boundary, again. I’m going to have a deeper experience of knowing me.”
And we are seeing this and getting emails all the time from people going
back to that core issue and some people are going into “Oh, I thought
this was fixed.”

The reason it’s one of your core issues is because it’s real good
sandpaper for you. Somebody else would probably go, “You know, you just
tell those people to go to hell.” And you’re like, “I can’t tell them to
go to hell.” But on something else you’d be, “Nah, no problem, I can
handle that with my hands tied behind my back.” And another person would
be triggered big-time by it. So this is one of those personalized
things. Everyone’s got one. If we had time we could go around the circle
and everyone could illuminate what their big thing is that feels like
they’re getting deeper and deeper into it. But because it’s your core
issue, when you come around to it again, instead of feeling panic you
can say, “That’s right, this is an opportunity. I know I’m healing. I
know I’m transforming. I know I’m growing because this has come up again
and I get to do it a new way or I get to do it again in a deeper way.”
That’s an alternative way to look at it and it’s more fun that way and
it’s actually energetically the truth. It’s just force of habit that
tells you that the way you did it before you didn’t do it good enough.

Question: Does that raise your by doing that?

Eloheim: Well, no. Vibrational level, yes. Consciousness level, yes.
But raising your vibration and becoming more conscious uses energy. It’s
like when you were a kid and you studied for class, you studied really
hard for an exam it made you hungry and tired. OK, you didn’t go run
around in the yard but all of a sudden you were hungry and tired anyway.
Well, that’s because you were using energy.

You guys are used to it being a physical thing for me to get tired.
But the act of becoming more conscious is using energy. That is a
physical act. And so if you want your energy back it will come, but
right now you’re doing a lot of hard work. And you guys think that
because it really involves lying on a couch for six hours it can’t
possibly make me this tired, when the truth is that’s harder work than
going out and cutting down a tree sometimes. And you don’t respect that
about spiritual work, or it’s not well respected that that’s the truth.
So, you want your energy back? OK, you know when someone runs a marathon
they want their energy back, too, but they know it’s not going to come
back the next day maybe. But you guys go and do the equivalent of a
marathon spiritually and you think, “I shouldn’t be this tired. It’s
wrong, it’s bad, I’m broken.” We don’t understand why you don’t see.
Well, it’s because it’s an energetic thing.

OK, we’re about done.

Tonight’s meeting was a little on the unusual side. At least it felt a
little unusual to us. And part of that is because we’re introducing the
Council and trying to help you guys get a sense of where they can work
with you, how they can help you, how you can work with them and where
they fit in. So we’re kind of doing introductions. That’s one way to
look at it is we’re doing introductions and we’re finding out how each
member of the Council can support the different aspects you guys find
yourselves in.

Plus, we talked about we’re kind of on that landing. We’re kind of
coming around the corner of the staircase, so we are in a little bit of a
plateau. That’s a good word for it. We’re kind of at a plateau where
everyone’s going, “OK, is everybody together, does everybody have their
buddy, did anybody pack water, everybody have some food?” Because this
shadow stuff, as we really start to get into it, we’re going to be
climbing the stairs again. So in the next week, we would imagine you’re
going to have opportunities to see places where you’re hiding behind
that barrier. You know, you’ve put that barrier between you and the
truth of you. And we want to reiterate that it’s not just where you lie.
It’s where you have hidden. It’s not just where you’ve lied. It’s where
you’ve actually hidden.

OK. Goodnight.

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