Posted: 28 Jun 2010 01:12 PM PDT

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Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

You have been reading about the changes that occurred in the recent
bursts and are yet to occur in 2010. Is your life that much
different from last week? Or do you continue to wait for those AHA
sensations to direct you to your next piece of chaos?

We wish to discuss your need for excitement, for danger. Perhaps you
have not yet acknowledged to yourself that you are addicted to trauma
and chaos. Note your desire for something terrible to happen. Are you
not waiting for a hurricane to strike the Gulf so that the is
even more traumatic? Do you not listen to every grisly detail about a
mass murder? Why do you feel the need to do so?

Such a need is your chaos addiction in action. How many of you would
be content to live in a world without phones, , computers,
televisions or any current form of entertainment? What would you do in
your free time? Church socials? Sitting around a piano singing songs?
Walking? We venture to guess that the majority of you reading these
materials would find such entertainment boring within a short time.

You have conditioned yourself to receive information in multiple
formats instantaneously. As each new communications tool is introduced,
you become more addicted to the chaos it produces. Can you physically do
anything about a tsunami that is about to strike ? Or are you
just curious?Do you not find yourself ricocheting from one tragedy to
the next – as your media directs you?

The is not causing your chaos addiction – it merely feeds
it. With the end result – as is true for any drug – you need more and
more. And you need it all now. The Gulf Oil Spill, gun control, the
reduction in , political power plays, the death of
your favorite movie star…. and so it goes day after day.

The  feeding your chaos addiction and even increases the
information stream to better meet your addiction needs. Do you not find
yourself reading the information streaming across the bottom of your
television screen as you listen to the latest tidbit? And as you are
watching television, is it not common for you to be talking on the phone
or working on your computer?

No wonder you have head aches. No wonder you are exhausted at the end
of the week. And no wonder you feel as if you are on a “tight lease”
that may break at any second.

Granted, energy shifts are impacting you physically, but
not in the fashion you thought. The energy shifts are changing your
interests and patterns. Very soon, you will find that your deepest
desire is to sit by a brook and contemplate nature. Or watch your child
play. Or enjoy trying on new dresses as a friend watches. You will find
your life simplified.

Some of you find this difficult to comprehend. Is not the future
about new gadgets and forms of communication? Yes. But in a different
sense than you are now imagining.

Before automobiles, daily transportation was more complicated and
time-consuming. You no longer have to feed your horse, find a stable or
brush your horse down after each use. You merely have to grab your car
keys and drive until you wish to stop.

Such is what we are speaking of. You are currently in the thralls of
chaos, believing that the energy shifts will merely provide more chaos
that you will be able to utilize to make your life more complete or
comfortable. In truth, you are at the end of your chaos addiction. The
energy shifts are to help you simplify your life, not make it more

Your addiction to chaos is of the Old Age. The need to obtain “juicy
gossip” about this person or that celebrity is merely a display of your
need to feel better about yourself at the expense of another. The New
Age is about feeling comfortable enough with yourself that you no longer
need to compare yourself to another.

We have promised you a comfortable, peaceful life in the New Age. How
is that possible when you retain the need to simultaneously watch
television, access websites and talk on your cell phone? A peaceful life
is not represented by numerous communication systems dangling from your
body. Nor does it mean that you must keep track of every part of the
world in order to be a well-informed individual. Such thoughts are more
about a caretaker role than of a strong individual knowing that others
are strong individuals also.

Our last thought may be distressful for many. Have we not touted that
all is one and one is all? Yes, but you have adopted this philosophy on
the basis of your current world, rather than allowing your energies to
move you in the direction that is right for you. Perhaps it is your role
to build a medical camp in Haiti. Or maybe Haiti has nothing to do with
you, other than moving you off your path.

Simplify is an extremely important word for you right now. Not in
terms of throwing away your possessions, but rather that you are not
responsible for anyone but you. And for you to use your limited energy
during these extensive energy bursts to worry about an issue that has
nothing to do with you, is to prolong your movement into the New Age.
Does your heart tell you to pray for those on the ? Then do
so. Does your heart not shift in any way when you hear the latest
reports of how terrible the oil spill is, other than to feel a vicarious
thrill of “this is bad” excitement? That indicates you are addicted to
chaos. Nothing more or less.

Many of you may acknowledge that you are addicted to chaos, but do
not know how to circumvent such needs. That is easy. Listen to your
heart. Does your heart, your inner being tell you to walk in the
sunshine? Do so. Does your heart tell you to play hop scotch with your
children or grandchildren? Do so. If you allow your heart, your inner
being to lead, your addiction to chaos will be eliminated and your
interest in a more simple, but sophisticated life will be enhanced.

Now you wish us to define the phrase,  sophisticated life. You no
longer need your cell phone pressed to your ear to communicate with
others – you merely need to wish to communicate and they will feel your
presence and know your words. You no longer need your media to tell you
what to be concerned about, your inner being will direct you
accordingly. You no longer need your computer to relay messages
instantaneously, your inner voice can do the same.

Perhaps you are now angry. You cannot communicate without words. You
do not sense anything. Why not follow the media to find out what is
happening? Why indeed?

Listen to your thoughts and then remember how communities initially
fought the introduction of the automobile. You have new skills for a
specific reason. The New Age is about simplifying your life. Allow your
new energies and your inner being to direct you in that fashion.

That is how you will find your inner peace and unique joy. And that
is how you will use your New Age tools. Automobiles are an easier system
of transportation than horses. Your innate communication skills are
more efficient and effective by far than your current media and all your

Join the 21st Century and leave your horses behind. Listen to your
inner voice and you will have more knowledge in a more peaceful venue.
And above all, you will break yourself of your chaos addiction.
Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. So be it. Amen.

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