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I have never been one who believed that human births are accidents, or that we are little more than random concentrations of stardust. I believe we are all here with a divine purpose at the heart of our . As we deal with the challenges, pressures and distractions of daily life, it is all too easy to lose sight of this purpose and become spiritually unimaginative, momentarily forgetting that there is a well spring of laying in wait within us. This week, I invite you to remember.

Sacred Dynamite

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My divine purpose first appeared like a distant flute, hints and whispers of something deeper that called to me in the night. And then it became clearer, a little voice that whispered sweet somethings in my inner ear whenever I dared to walk a false path.

I heard it when I was to open a law practice, involved in an unhealthy relationship, sitting in traffic on the way to work: "No, not that way Jeffrey, walk this way." Although it challenged my seeming stability, the voice had an odd sense of authority to it, as though it the blueprint for a karmic I had forgotten. The little voice that knows…

I somehow trusted this voice and followed it home, embarking on an spiritual journey through challenging emotional and economic terrain. Fifteen years later, with trial law long behind me, I found myself in the back room of my house writing a I was destined to write. As I wrote, my soul’s voice rose to the rafters of consciousness and I learned that who I had previously identified as Jeff was only a small part of my . Below my misidentifications was an essential self, bridged to deeper callings and eternal rhythms. The voice was right. I had found my way to true-path, my in-power point, my place of purpose and meaning.