Channeler: Judith


Beloved one, some of you recently were in a geographical location
[] where you participated in a grouping that opened a vortex
of , of divine feminine harmonizing that you had closed
eons of time ago. And, yes, I do mean eons of time ago. It was even
before what is thought of now to be legendary, the time of Lemuria and

All of the western coast, places where you dwell now and even farther
inland were part of Lemuria. But even before Lemuria as a gathering
energy where ones of you did dwell, even before that there was
Intelligence and there were beings—you who came to understand energy.
And in the beginning the energy was pure. I have termed it now the
divine feminine, but it was in the beginning neutral energy, creative

And then, after what you would call in linear time a passage of time,
there was a thought to create something different; we will call that
the masculine energy. And by that I do not mean the gender, but I mean
the belief in something that would be opposite.

At first it was just thought to create: “What can we create that
would be unlike what we already know, the ?” And you as a
grouping created masculine energy.

Now, there was nothing wrong with the creation of masculine energy.
It was a natural thought to bring forth something different in order to
experience how that would be. But you as the pure beings knew that the
energy you had been playing with was going to have opportunity to be
used in a way that would make the masculine—which was just being
birthed—more powerful than a balance of energy. In truth, it has gone
over the balance. And you as a grouping—we as a grouping—decided to
close the vortex, to seal it, to keep the energy, the pure divine
feminine as I call it now, sealed until a time when it would be
appropriate to call it forth in order to balance the masculine energy.

The energy of this particular vortex went up the coastline and
brought about many shifts in energy. And you have been feeling the
shifts in energy. You have been witnessing miracles happening. You have
been witnessing ones who were quite resolute in their opinions suddenly
becoming more mellow, feeling that they could look at some things in a
different way. Ones who had been holding old hurts, old wounds from
other lifetimes, found that they did not need to hold those old wounds,
recognizing that they could move into another space.

All of you have been feeling a shift in energy and wondering what is
happening. Why is this happening? It is because the divine feminine
energy within that vortex especially has begun to flow in measured
amount up the western coast and across this geo-political grouping,
across the other geo-political groupings, across the ocean, circling the
globe. Energy has to flow, and once there is conscious clear intention
to allow the energy to flow, which there was when the vortex was opened,
there is nothing to hold it back. It is truly going, and has gone,
around our holy Mother, the Earth, and there is much that is being
affected and will continue to be affected by the pure energy that is
balancing, that is harmonious, that brings healing to old wounds, and to
old belief systems.

So you will continue to see miracles. You will continue to feel
changes within yourself and to behold changes in other ones as all of
the old parts of yourself which have been closed down now begin to open.

The physical vortex which was recently opened is symbolic of the
vortex of energy within yourself. There is much that you have closed
down because you felt you had to armor yourself in order to go in the
world, especially as the masculine energy was on the rise. And so
throughout many lifetimes there was the teaching and the belief system
that you had to hold in feelings, you had to hold in the true Self.
Because, as the belief went, if you allowed others to see the true being
of you, the innocent Child of you, it would get attacked by the world.
You have evidenced this to yourself in many lifetimes where you have
tried to be open and loving, and all you have received are the hard
knocks of the world, so that you have learned to put armor around
yourself and to close the vortex within. And now you are getting a
nudging that it is okay to open the vortex of within
yourself. It is okay to share with others. It is okay to expect love and

You are as the newborns. You come, you want to play, you want to
experience life, you want to know what life is all about. There are
small ones being born now who remember, who truly are harmonizing with
the physical body. The small ones who are now coming are much more into a
place of remembrance, openness. They are your teachers and you are
their teachers, as well.

As you allow the vortex within yourself to open, as you become okay
with Who you truly are and you trust yourself, you are going to be
putting exponentially more and more of the harmonious energy into the
world, and you are going to see changes in the world.

Now, the vortex that was opened recently is connected underground to a
crystal grid that you placed there, again eons of time ago. Even before
Lemuria was thought of, eons of time ago as we were birthing the
physical, we brought forth energy as , and we
encircled holy with a crystal grid that conducts energy

There is no hindrance with the crystal grid. So when the vortex was
opened and when there was the clear intention that the energy should go
forth at this time—and many of you participated in that, whether you
knew it consciously or not; many of you tuned in to it, and some of you
were there in physical form, as well—when there was the clear intention
to allow the now to come forth to harmonize and to
balance, immediately the energy was allowed to come into the atmosphere
and also was allowed to go into the crystalline grid, and it can be
accessed both in the atmosphere and through the underground crystals.

Your holy Mother Earth is a most wonderful being of Light, of energy,
very much in tune with the Light that we brought forth in creating the
physical. She is very much the birther of what you call your body and
the energy that encircles all of you as you stand upon her.

Many of you have followed a tradition of other lifetimes — and it has
been recommended to you in this lifetime by me and by other masters —
to go out and to stand on the ground, on the grass, on the desert sand,
on the beach, and to ground yourself with holy Mother energy. And you
have done this to feel Oneness with the energy that has been there as we
brought forth physicality, as we coalesced the Light into a form that
you now see as a body, whatever shape the body may be, whether it is
two-foot, four-foot, or the ones that swim in the ocean.

When you stand upon holy Mother Earth, you stand upon holy ground.
Anywhere you stand is holy ground, because you are holy, and as you
bring your clear intention to know holiness and to know Oneness, you
feel the energy that comes from and back down to the Earth—there is much
of what you would call the circle that happens. You will feel the
energy rise up within you; you also feel your energy going into the
Earth, bringing forth much of attunement.

Now, when that particular vortex and the other ones that you may be
drawn to—you may not have been drawn to the one that we visited
recently, but there are others that you have been drawn to or will be
drawn to—when these were sealed, you left a part of yourself inside the
vortex. You left what would be called a vibration of yourself, a tone,
if you will, within the vortex that was holy to you.

In the days to come, you will be awakening to and remembering your
holy tone, the key to yourself. You may feel it as a tingling, a raising
of the hair on the arms, an elevated vibration of excitement when a new
idea or feeling is remembered, or you may hear it as a physical tone
of sound, of music within yourself. However it presents itself to you,
acknowledge that it is a key to the remembrance of All that you are.

You can call the energy of harmony, of and
bring it into play with every encounter, every idea, every topic,
everything that you want to see manifest, that you want to see changed.
You can bring this new energy, which is actually old energy but is being
released now, bring it into your life and then behold the miracles as
to the telephone calls you receive, the e-mails that you receive, the
stories that come forth from ones that you would not have thought that
they could change. They were definitely set in their ways, you thought,
but they have opened their hearts and minds a bit – or perhaps a whole

There is a change. It is happening. It is very much what some of your
other brothers and sisters have called being born anew. You are being
born anew in each moment as you will let the old be dead and buried, and
now move into the new energy. Allow that energy to guide you, as
opposed to you thinking you have to manipulate and guide the energy.
Surrender to the good energy, the neutral energy, the easy energy. Do
not struggle. Do not fight. Do not fight even within yourself.

I know the dialogue that goes on within human mind. I know the doubts
that come up. I knew them as a man. I knew emotions as a man. So I know
what you struggle with from time to time. The world has not changed
that much in two thousand years. Some of it has because you have agreed
that you will come one more time and you will try living anew, in a new
way. But the same challenges in the world that were there two thousand
years ago still pop up from time to time in this world. There are still
wars and rumors of war, but they do not have to come nigh your dwelling
place. They do not have to come into your consciousness.

If you are asked for help from ones who are seemingly in a
challenging position, give your help, whatever is asked for, and see
them as manifesting the Christ creative Principle. See them as being the
masters that they are, creating what looks to be on the world scene a
tragedy, and yet it is a freeing experience if they will see it that

There are ones who are releasing the body in this time. Your news
media are quite eager to bring you news of fresh disasters. Almost every
day, every week, every month there is news of a fresh disaster in some
part of the world. You may see it first by the appearance as the world
sees it, but then you can look beyond that and see that many who are
agreeing to release the body are wanting to reincarnate — probably quite
quickly — with a new belief system.

And the ones who are still incarnate may grieve for them, for the
body that they are no longer able to see, to love, to hug, but they have
opportunity then to look beyond the veil and to know that every loved
one goes nowhere away from you. Every loved one is part of you; has been
part of you on the life journey, this lifetime and many other lifetimes
as well, and there is no other place to go, for there is no separation,
in truth, and they are with you always.

So as you hear of seeming tragedies, know that it is an opportunity
to look beyond the veil, to feel the presence of energy of the loved
one, to feel their love that is truly free, free of the body, free of
old restraints. And know that there is opportunity, there is
possibility, even probability, that they will reincarnate quite quickly
to bring a new message that the world is wanting to hear.

And when I speak of the world, it is not the same as holy Mother
Earth. The world has to do with worldly activities and the consciousness
of the world, not the Earth. There is a distinction there.

Ones have asked, “Did the opening of the vortex recently cause the
recent earthquakes or the volcanic activity?” No. The energy of the
vortex is an , as opposed to physical energy. The energy
of the vortex has to do with opening the vortex within each one. It is
not on the physical level. It is an ethereal, very powerful energy, but
it does not directly affect your physicality. It affects the emotional
being, which then can be out-pictured in the physical.

The earthquakes are very much a natural part of holy Mother Earth
shifting; holy Mother Earth moves and shifts. The tectonic plates that
we placed in position in the creation of holy Mother Earth move from
time to time. Once in awhile holy Mother Earth shakes her shoulders and
then you see the out-picturing of it as an earthquake or as a volcano
that allows the energy to come forth from within the Earth.

Allow yourselves to tune in to the new energy. You are the ones who
have said you are ready for new energy. You are the masters who have
said, “I will come one more time into a reality that yet believes that
there can be other than love, other than harmony, other than Light, and I
will bring my Light, and I will bring my awakening consciousness.”

Beloved one, always I and the other masters that you have adored,
that you have venerated for many, many lifetimes, walk with you. There
is no other place that we can be. There is no place that you can be that
we are not; always with you, guiding, suggesting, whispering in your
ear, sometimes shouting if you do not hear it the first time. We do

Always I walk with you. I know and love That Which you are. I know
and love That Which we are: the one creative Principle come forth to
express creativity and to experience the effects of creativity. Be open
to the new energy. Allow yourself to live in joy, for that is your true
birthright. Allow yourself to know my love.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) in expression through Judith

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