Although the day is beckoning you to come out and play, and the of Past may very well be luring you in to stick the warmy comfiness of your bed, there is this Thing that woke you just now. Could have been me, across the vast oceans of SpaceTimeShit.

 But even on top of all that, there’ AllWaysRoom4Moore:

Out here it’s a great day, so you’re welcome to drop by whenever you feel the urge. And if the urge takes you elsewhere, no worries, I’ still be there when you get back, doin’ all  the Dishes!

And if you’re wondering how to me, there’s of to do that, and as with any website, it’s easy a pie to whois to figure out which is responsible for it. I think you’ll work it out….

I’ll be waiting, performing the martial art  of Feng Shui 

Dré… [and ?]