03 Jun 2010 12:40 PM PDT

Channeled by for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Those of you who follow various daily blogs and/or are attuned to energies
know that you have again completed a major . As a result, you are
able to perceive more and different information.

Many of you are concerned about death. Not necessarily what type of
death you
will experience, but when your death will occur. You will never
death. You will experience transitions, you will experience the spirit
world and
any other world you wish to experience, but you cannot experience death.

Now that we have laid your fears on the table, let us continue with a
about 2012. It is a transition. End of story.

Of course, your obvious question has to be, “What type of
transition?” We
reassure you that the 2012 transition has nothing to do with the end of
physical earth; and everything to do with your spiritual earth.

How you communicate, with whom you communicate, how you interact and
why you
interact with others will change dramatically. But the physical earth
remain much the same. We cannot guarantee that the physical earth will
exactly the same – for change is the operative word of the Universe –
but all in
all, there will not be many changes on the physical earth.

Physical earth is not going to disappear. Or become so dramatically
as not to be habitable or beautiful. As you shift, so is the earth
shifting. But
you are not shifting into a giant blue creature with a
earth is retaining its current configuration. Even though there will
continue to
be earthquakes, volcanoes and human made disasters, the general
configuration of
the earth will remain the same.

In some of our earlier materials, we discussed that the earth itself
 was the
basis of study in previous ages. This age – the Age of Aquarius – is
about the
study of your spiritual realms. Therefore, there will not be
awe-inspiring earth
discoveries as was the case when the first known explorers discovered
. You will be exploring, and therefore discovering, your inner
– latent and new talents with which to express your emotions and to
relate to
one another.

Will such inner explorations change the basic appearance of humanity?
Somewhat. But not for the reasons you might expect. Once you begin
relating to
others with love and openness, you will appear softer and more gentle.
earth lives will be extended for your current need to hide this piece or
piece of yourself will be negated with the new systems of communication.
new forms of communication will encourage and in fact, force you to
create or
find environments that are compatible with your being.  Let us give you

Perhaps you do not like your employer – you feel that he or she is
self-serving. You remain at this job because you have bills to pay. In
future, you will find yourself communicating with an openness you
dream of. If you do not like an employer, you will create a better
for yourself. End of stress – and therefore, the opportunity and
likelihood that
your earth lives will be extended by decades in the not-too-distant
future (most
of you reading these materials will opt to reincarnate on earth at least
more time during this New Age just to explore how different it feels
from the
current heaviness that surrounds you).

Which is no different from what happened when the exploration of the
and other arenas outside of yourself were highlighted. Initially,
humankind had
the life expectancy of a few decades. But with the advances of medicine
and your
physical living spaces, ten decades of life on earth are no longer that
Those ten decades will again be expanded as your inner workings catch up
your physical environment.

But such thoughts are neither here nor there. For the purpose on
earth is not
to have a contest of who can live the longest, but rather who can
fulfill their
dreams. And as your communication channels open, you will find your
dreams much
more accessible in a much more rapid fashion. You will change the

This message is the opening salvo on your new you. Whether you have
acknowledged it to yourself or others, you can already sense and feel
more than
you did a week ago. You are perhaps feeling delicate or even ill. All
indicators that your inner being is shifting. Think of how earth appears
after a
volcano. Entities surrounding the volcanic activity delicately return to
habitat. And so it is with you.

Your inner being has shifted and will continue to shift dramatically
throughout the next few months. And with every shift, your inner
systems will open a bit more until interacting with openness, honesty
and joy
are expected. A bit like the difference between at the
turn of
the 20th century and today. You expect to find a flight where ever you
wish to
fly. And you expect that flight to take hours instead of days. Yet, 100
ago no one could have conceived of such ease of .

Allow your inner workings to shift. And know from deep within
yourself, that
you will reduce your fears and greatly enhance your life on earth during
lifetime and every lifetime thereafter. So be it. Amen.

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