Solstice Recovery

I don’t know about you, but the few days leading up to the solstice, I
thought I might spontaneously combust. There was so much running
through my body that I was positive I would blow a circuit… and if
there was a self-destruct button on me, I definitely would have pushed
it. From the 19th-21st I was so played-out and genuinely miserable that
I found myself day-dreaming about what it would be like to be dead.

I guess I should have been prepared, but naively, I wasn’t. It’s not
that don’t know how powerful these gateways & portals are, its that I
forget.   Every. Single. Time.

But this wave officially left me capsized. Inevitably I started to
think…and unfortunately, NOT with my heart.  When I was completely
overturned, I began to wonder if the indigo in me had become too
idealistic??? Worse yet, did I fall prey to, and eat a giant piece of
that pie-in-the-sky?

And just when I was starting to stabilize and tuck those weary,
exhausted and please-god-let-this-be-over thoughts away in a safe
space…BAAAM! A new wave of energy (I think this may have been from
that earthquake in ) came creeping around the corner and knocked
me back on my haunches in a head-on collision with hell.

To top that off, the upcoming lunar eclipse is hanging over us like a
smiling cheshire cat, pulsating with the potential of life-altering
change that is just aching to tear into any remaining limitations that
we honor.

I mean, seriously…what does the bottom look like?

For those of you unfamiliar with my updates, I really try, but just
can’t help talking about the ridiculousness of this process and why we
agreed to partake in it. I am not trying to be fatuous, this
journey just pulls it out of me.  And honestly, this shtick is getting
just as tired and played-out as I am,  but these experiences are so
over-the-top and relentless that I find myself facing the same two
choices each time I report to you:

1) I can release my frustration with the absurdity of this process
through transparency, humor and inanity…or…

2) I can do to YOU what the unseens do to ME…tell you how amazing and
revolutionary this whole process is…while you throw tomatoes at my

And if you do anyway…well, I TOTALLY get that. (Secretly, I wish I had
someone to throw tomatoes at.)

Luckily tho, I hear there may be some things to look forward to,
starting with the Lunar Eclipse this week.

The unseens have been chatting a lot about our physical vessels
lately…probably because we have all been looking for the eject
button…and I think its because the grounding process we have been
working through is in fact, a very physical one. (The lower 3 chakras,
which are clearing and therefore pushing the hardest right now, are
those responsible for balancing our spiritual selves in physical form.)

The Lunar Eclipse

The latest information goes something like this….there is an upcoming
partial lunar eclipse happening on June 26th and I am told this eclipse
is a great harbinger of hope and healing for humanity (and not a second
too soon). Apparently, it represents a demarcation point for those who
have completed the reconnection phase as well as for those just
beginning their new-human genetic activations.

With it, will most likely come some global upheaval, but as always these
will be the impetus to create lasting change.

For those of you connected to and conscious of the energies streaming
into the planet, you may be feeling it already, but we can expect a
period of unrest that surrounds this lunar event…a feeling of
unsettledness, but one that will dissipate as the moon wanes.

The Big Push

There is a timed solar activation (I’m pretty sure they mean from the
solstice gateway to the solar eclipse on July 11th) that is triggering a
biological purification completion for the path-paver group, and from
this period on, as I understand it, we are officially rescinding from
this phase of the journey.

"The recent, incoming solar waves carry with them the diagnostic
codes required to release humanity from dross. These codes are also
responsible for lifting those with elevated light quotients to soul
embodiment. As a result, those who have yet to complete the 4 phases of
DNA reconnection and activation will begin their journey into
wholeness, and those who have completed the DNA reconnection and
activation will be catapulted to the realms of oneness."


Unlike any other activation that we have experienced to date, I am told
that this activation is the "big push" and one of "purposeful
retreating from the lower realms of physical existence.
"  (I guess
the commander-in-chief…aka God…has finally decided to pull the
battle weary brigade & first infantry division from the front line.
Boy, that didn’t take long.)

The most important component of this activation is the reconnection of
the 12th strand of DNA (as discussed in the last Galactic Times post), and
the physical changes that we will eventually feel will be a direct
result of this refusing.

Together, this timed solar activation and the completion of our DNA
reconnection is slated to anchor us in zero-point and propel us to
physical stabilization.

"In an instant, all disharmonious energies that kept you in a state
of dis-ease will be lifted from your and will initiate a
deep genetic and cellular mutation."

What we have experienced up until this point has been simultaneous
clearings and ongoing physical detoxification for the recalibration of
our physical vessels to allow for the body to handle the incoming
frequencies of light…but the starbeings are saying that this
is one that is taking us from physical clearing and
detoxification to full harmonization with the soul…which they say
equals stabilization and physical homeostasis.

"The many years of physical sickness that you have been experiencing
resulted from clearing the environmental, genetic & emotional
toxicity that you have inherited and acquired. This clearing is
experienced as unwellness, but in fact it is the path to wellness. To
release yourself from this level of unwellness requires that you rise
above the dimensions of physical purification… which is precisely what
you are doing through these powerful gateways.

Think of the experiences in your earthly realms that you consider to
be miracle healings. These healings take place not because the physical
body has been altered to a point of balance, but because the energy
field has. This balancing is a result of the harmonious flow of energy
running through the physical form uninterrupted by electromagnetic
distortions or implants. This is the type of healing that we refer to
as quantum, and does not require linear time to be achieved."

Much of this, in fact, is what was reported to us in the 2010 update in
January :

"When you arrive fully in 5th dimensional frequencies, that is to
say…when you have fully reconnected to your soulular-self from the
intensive cycles of physical, mental and emotional purification…your
physical body undergoes a radical transformation to enable the full
embodiment of higher energies. What was known to many of you as illness
or dis-ease can no longer exist in the 5D human form due to the rapid
vibration of ascended reality matrices. Those with long-standing
impairments or dis-ease due to the accumulation of energetic and/or
emotional discord & toxins will be released from lower dimensional
suffering as the body "clicks", or settles into, its rightful position."

From Lunar to Solar

Following the lunar eclipse will begin a period of distinct biological
mutation as well as a time to make important choices.

…these new channels and neural pathways are being created,
activated, and becoming usable for the first time in your new human
template .

I am hearing that this mutation process will be marked by feelings of
balance & stability as we effectively pull out of the energies that
were initiating and supporting our purification process during the last
astrological cycle.

"After these new channels are fully functioning, the new-human form
will receive energetic nourishment in ways it never has before. It will
receive the dynamic and eternal source of energy that sustains its
biology and functions in complete balance. Never have you known this
type of wellness, and with it comes incredible capabilities."

For those with the light quotient required to maintain physical
equilibrium in the new energies, you will begin to notice a subtle but
growing increase in mental & emotional stability and a deeply
anchored presence in neutrality, or no-time. This will encourage the
physical re-balancing and release of remaining toxins that have been
stored in the human genetic blueprint for centuries.

Tapping into this new realm of zero-point consciousness also allows for a
deeper level of creativity and with access to new ideas, information
& tools so that we can finally see and utilize the many solutions to
our long standing life challenges…both individually and collectively.

Our experiences between the lunar and solar eclipse will vary depending
on our stage of genetic reconnection, but for many it will be a time to
make the permanent switch from depending on external sources for
sustenance, to becoming completely self-sustainable and relying on the
inner-self to not only survive, but to thrive in the new environment.

Physical Happenings

We are definitely still in between the new and old. On one hand you may
continuing to wrap up past details (finances, legal matters,
relocation, old business endeavors, relationships,etc), and on the
other, your new life is coming more clearly into view…albeit one piece
at a time…and patiently waiting for you to make the full transition.
Kind of like you moved to a new house but you are still unpacking your
boxes and have not quite settled into your new life, met your new
neighbors, or figured out where the grocery store is. Flashes of new
opportunities may be popping up on your new landscape & you may be
feeling intense pressure to get a lot of things done (so much to do, so
little time), however, we can’t quite move fully forward with one foot
still in the old world.

This will change soon and we will be supported to embark upon those
journeys that we have dreamed about for years, but not until the
integration is complete and we are completely cut loose from the past.

And the same energy of the eclipse period that is restructuring our
outer life to match our inner being to become self-sustainable, is also
happening on a biological level. As we cut each cord completely from
our past, our biology shifts…or mutates…to align with our future.
We are becoming pods capable of re-energizing
ourselves from our core source of power.

Physical Symptoms

The symptom list is a long one this time around, so I will offer a
truncated version of the most disturbing: We are still clearing the
physical, base-level chakras, so there is lots of discomfort to be found
down there...urogential discomfort, frequent urination &
elimination, intestinal distress and cramping, BLOATING, extreme lower
back back pain, soreness and vulnerability, sore legs and feet.

There is also a lot of energy running down our antennas (spine) which is
causing anxiety, restlessness, disconnection, back pain, spine soreness
from neck and shoulders to tailbone, flue-like aches all over, profuse
sweating & chills, inability to get and stay warm, night sweats, in
addition to heart palpitations, crown buzzing, pulling  & vibrating,
ocular (3d eye) headaches & migraines, burning/itchy/watery eyes,
indigestion and nausea, ravenous hunger bouts, then indifference to
, sore throats & ear aches, deep unreasonable fatigue, insomnia,

There is also more inter-dimensional access so you may be noticing lots
of psychic activity, visible beings and energies, lights and orbs, and
even time-line bleed thrus, etc.  This has increased since May and is a
solid indication of the increase in your rate of vibration.

I could go on and on with this list, but the bottom line is we are
shaking off lots of old energy on every level of our being and as always
this requires a period of adjustment which equals discomfort.

The Pleiadians say that right now its very important to not keep this
energy stuck or contained within the body…we do this by worrying or
getting attached to the process. To ease the discomfort they say to
visualize the energy running thru you and into the earth continuously
when you are downloading massive currents. And if it gets really
unbearable, it will help to move your body so the energy can move on out
and bring relief.

The most important thing to remember is that detoxing is hard work and
most of it is mental…so try to stay out of fear whenever you are taken
over by a healing crisis as this will allow for the energy to pass thru
you much more rapidly. These god-awful days always pass and are now
passing VERY quickly, so be sure to stay in your center and… instead
of dreading these inevitable changes, try to look forward to them : ))

(NOTE: That may have warranted a tomato toss ; ))

Happy Eclipse(s)!

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