Dear Readers: Many of you know that my channeling classes
offer opportunities to connect with extra-terrestrials who are very
knowledgeable about the earth – past, present and future. Some of them
know the earth in different and better ways than we do, because they are
more objective about our world, its paths and possibilities. The
beings we connect with are scientists, educators, explorers and
visionaries. They offer us unique points of view about our own world
as well as expanded perspectives about worlds beyond. Recently, Gaia
has been saying that this would be a good time to begin to think about
ETs differently – not as races of beings that will descend from the
skies in advanced vehicles, but as local, long-term residents whose
identity has been withheld pending proper time sequences. Since these
days are fast approaching, Gaia has asked me to present you with the
details of an encounter that took place via the channeling process with
one such entity. This was the first meeting in a series that is yet to
be completed, and more discussions will follow.

Our visitor is a
human of extra-terrestrial origin. She was born here on Earth, the
daughter of two ET parents. When she turned five (based upon earth
chronology), her parents arranged for her to visit her home world. She
lived upon her ancestral world for the equivalent of twelve years,
although less than one earth year had elapsed. She is a grown woman
now, able to exist upon two worlds with relatively minor adjustments,
and with vital and purposeful messages to offer both worlds. Uilora
(You-ee-lo-ra) is not a literal name, but an anagram that is
of her style and substance. Below is a direct account of a
conversation that included Uilora, Gaia and myself. It may seem
strange and difficult to channel one entity at a time, much less two,
but with a little practice (and I’ve had plenty) it is fairly easy to
make a distinction between different voices and energies, especially
when they are as unique as these are.

My mother and
father do not dwell upon the earth now, but are able to visit whenever
they choose. They lived and worked upon the earth during the 1950s and
1960s, offering ideas and suggestions to military personnel. It was a
time in which many countries were rebuilding their weapons arsenals in
what they believed was the new age of advanced concepts. My parents
worked in different installations and for more than one country at a
time. They honored the covenants and secrets of each, making certain
that no one came to any harm during times that were considered dark and
dangerous. They appeared quite normal and “belonged” in the same way
that any other employee who was devoted to a project could say the
same. A sensitive, multi-layered field that corrected the thoughts of
anyone who questioned their reason for being present protected their
identity. This may seem strange to you, but it is actually standard
protocol for most visitors, particularly those who cannot provide
civilian or military identification. It is a deception of sorts, but as
long as it does not contradict the edicts that each has vowed to
uphold, it is allowed. It is best to think of it as a .
If the purpose is an honorable one, the field maintains integrity,
which in turn masques or obscures doubt and replaces it with
recognition and gratitude. Among visitors, blending and belonging is
very important; one of the worse things that can happen to a visitor is
to have to hide or disappear altogether. My parents were very proud of
the fact that they were welcomed and well accepted by all, particularly
given the nature of the service they provided and the secretive times
in which they chose to serve.

Pepper: Can you
be more specific about the nature of their work as well as when and why
it ended?

Uilora: My parents were invited to
come to the earth. It still surprises me when I hear that many think
that the earth belongs exclusively to a humanity that was born here.
Humanity is an important life form and it is well known that it is
divinely inspired and guided, but it is time for humanity to look at
the stars with more than wonder in its eyes. The earth is in an
intelligent solar system, which subscribes to an advanced directive.
That directive allows for many different exchanges to take place, as
long as they are of benefit to more than one being. Much like today,
the 1950s and 1960s offered opportunities to those who gathered under
flags and emblems of service beyond those that are attributed to
terrestrial countries. Clusters of individuals were loyal to projects
that benefited more than world. These projects were continuations of
older ones that were started and later abandoned decades before. Such
projects were in effect even before the governments of the world
recognized or embraced them. Along with others, my parents had advance
knowledge of the various paths to growth that the earth could take.
This was based upon information that was gathered a few centuries prior
to this one. Since the earth and its primary life forms have been
physical manifestations of a 3D world, these projections have remained
accurate. Night after night, the sky looks almost the same to you even
though it changes quite a bit; this is one of the effects of living in a
3D world. My parents helped to accelerate the kind of thoughts and
ideas that would allow the earth to move toward greater awareness. They
projected these ideas onto a mental screen where several potential
futures could be seen. The service they provided hastened many of
technological advances in use today, especially those that helped to
quicken . Their goal was (and is) to assist humanity
in enabling the kind of sequential thoughts that would result in a
preferred direction.

Pepper: That sounds a
little like mind control. Why did they and others bother with us at
all? Who invited them to come to the earth and to participate in those
projects? Are they ongoing?

Uilora: I do not
take offense at your statement, and I hope you will not be offended by
my reply. Mind control is what you are exposed to on a daily basis.
Like the night sky, most of your thoughts are almost identical day
after day. They are reinforced daily by all that you see around you,
and by the efforts of the multi-media outlets you subscribe to. Given
the effects of this bombardment, it will take a monumental effort on
your part and that of others to escape the drag and pull of this lower
field. My parents worked to free humanity from this by quickening the
pace of the field that surrounds thoughts to begin with; they showed
many individuals how to extend and project this field into the near and
distant future. Their goal was to create a ‘progressive map’ within
the mind that would offer higher choices in place of lower ones, a kind
of positive reinforcement that could be transferred to almost anyone.
Many of the decisions you make today are based upon feelings that tell
you that you have no choice. In almost every area of life, most
individuals think or feel that their back is up against a wall. The
work my parents were doing would have prevented this. By now, humanity
was to have recognized itself as a larger, more extended family of
beings. They never thought about whether or not their work was
worthwhile or how much effort they should place upon the advancement of
another race. They were not concerned with humanity’s future as they
were already aware of its potential. They saw humanity as a clever
species that was undergoing an especially dismal time. They liked to
say that they were dedicated, but not obligated.

They were
invited to come to the earth in the late 19th century by some of the
visionaries of that time. They made up a little rhyme that sang the
praises of naturalists, hedonists and environmentalists, pioneers,
passersby and performers — rugged “Rufus” the revolutionary, cosmic
“Chan” crafter to the confused, bohemian “Boynton” of Berkeley, and
“Muir” the man whose thoughts were as tall as mountains. There were
others too, whose thoughts and visions opened doors and invited guests
to come and visit them. Did you think that only elected officials,
diplomats and military personnel determined who came to visit? Those who
think accelerated thoughts cannot help but draw the same to them, the
only boundaries being their beliefs of what is possible or impossible.

Most of the projects were conducted in and around universities, but
there are many exceptions to this and you should not record this as a
rule. The projects required several individuals with open minds to come
together as one. My parents demonstrated how to think a thought and
then cause it to expand in several different directions. Initially,
this was quite difficult for them, because they felt as if they were
thinking “empty” thoughts. With some practice they learned how to
influence and stimulate certain gates and pathways with a combination
of mental creativity and agility, which in turn accelerated their
ability to envision a more creative and enlightened future. This
technique is still in use today, but newer visitors have other methods
that they prefer.

A variety of projects were ongoing during the
1950s and 60s and into the early 70s, but after that time there were
fewer volunteers. Some of the original volunteers suggested that those
that did not wish to see the projects advance might have infiltrated
the original clusters. The 1970s were a distrustful time, and even
among those who had already experienced progressive openings there were
doubts. Doubts cloud the mind and prevent the heart from seeing in the
dark. The projects were transferred to more formal facilities and came
under the direction of agencies and directors. My parents continued to
work openly and cooperatively with new hosts and liaisons, but
suspicion and mistrust continued to obscure their project and others.
Eventually, hosts became “handlers” and my parents began to feel like
panhandlers instead of welcome visitors. After a time the project was
handed off again, this time to a special unit that was an offshoot of
one of the military branches. My parents were told that this would give
their project “official” status and that they would be formally
recognized as delegates and friends. Based upon this, my parents
suggested that their project be made public and offered to many.
Unfortunately, those who knew little except that my parents were
visitors from another world received this as a threat. They asked my
parents to bind themselves to the covenants of one country and to
promise not to reveal any knowledge to anyone that had not received
prior approved. It was obvious to my parents that the first phase of
their project had come to an end. They had already foreseen this
possibility, but had hoped that others would further the project along
other timelines before this juncture.

Pepper: I
know that Gaia has brought us together to explore more current events,
but your parents and their early “pioneering” work upon the earth
fascinate me. You mentioned earlier that your parents were invited here
and that an advanced directive guided their stay and their work. What
else does that directive say?

Uilora: The
advanced directive is a guide that is followed by almost every visitor.
It applies to the earth, and to other worlds in which language,
dimension, protocol or other unforeseen circumstances may prevent a
visitor from making a superior choice. It specifies what actions may or
may not be taken, and has built-in safeguards in the event that they
are no longer able to make decisions due to incapacity. Many states and
countries today have living wills and advanced health care directives.
These ideas began as remnants of distant memories that were passed
onto humanity, the lingering effects of sad and traumatic experiences
of long ago.

The advanced directive is a living, unwritten
handbook of universal knowledge. It exists of its own will and can be
modified or updated when the moment or the situation calls for it. It
is woven into the garment that is worn by almost all visitors to almost
all worlds, but is of particular importance where visitors could be
perceived as uninvited guests. For instance, the earth invites many
different visitors, but humanity is rarely aware of this. One of the
reasons that our collective mother [Gaia] has brought us together is so
that you will begin to introduce us to one another, making it clear
that we are here in the spirit of partnership. Although many of us have
been here for some time, soon there will be more. The directive
protects us and prevents us from interfering with the rights or will of
others. It is natural for those with advanced knowledge to want to
impart that knowledge to others. The directive prevents well-meaning
ideas from becoming unwanted actions that cannot be undone.

Throughout our conversation you have used the word “visitors” to
describe your parents and others. Is your use of this word similar to
what we call ETs? Would you be considered a visitor, too?

It is still difficult for those who arrive from portals and
places beyond the earth to introduce themselves to you properly. Upon
other worlds, protocol calls for an introduction or greeting long
before any threshold is crossed and anything less would be
inconsiderate and could be interpreted as rude or even hostile. The
earth has been undergoing a crisis of borders and boundaries for some
time and it has not defined (even for itself) what is alien and what is
common. Humanity questions the birthright of those who are born into
different castes and cultures. It still upholds lighter complexions and
sees more light in those who are born with lighter colored eyes. This
limited viewpoint is not conducive to introductions from those of near
or far worlds. For instance, those with a capacity to direct humanity in
the preservation of certain resources are darker than night. Their
skin would look wet to you much like a seal’s, but is actually quite
dry to the touch. Their eyes shine like diamonds and they can see into
and even through the earth. What would the average person make of them
if they were to encounter them in their true form?

If an ET is a
being that was not born upon the earth than I am not an ET, as I was
born upon the earth during your own time. Although my birth was a
conventional one, you would not consider it so. Although I spend most
of my time upon the earth I am also able to live easily upon a few
other worlds. My time here is not limited, but my stay remains
impermanent. I consider myself a visiting resident of alien heritage.
There are many others like me.

Pepper: I know
that the earth does not belong to humanity, but does it actually belong
to another race that we are unaware of? There seems to be a lot of
confusion around this idea. Can you shed any more light on this

Uilora: The earth belongs to no one and
is sovereign to the sentient being that ensouls it, yet it has always
seemed to belong to the races that have claimed it by rights of
inheritance. The earth is a celestial body and as such cannot be bought
or sold. Although its ownership cannot be claimed, it has been
contested by many times. The earth has been called ‘home’ by a variety
of races that have chosen to live upon and within the earth. They have
been aware and unaware of each other — separated by time, dimension,
geography or circumstance. The earth is unique in that it is a
playground to some and a proving ground to others. There is little that
the earth objects to; our mother is patient, nurturing and unbiased.
Humanity is busy creating life in laboratories and test tubes. Your
true heritage is beginning to dawn upon some, but it will be some time
before the dawn of time returns to the exact place where the origin of
humanity began – the formulas and patterns of earth-based evolution
have looked like this: creator-creating-creates,
created-creates-creator, created-creative-creator-creativity.

At my invitation and request Uilora will tell you about herself, her
parents, and how they came to visit the earth. Later, she will tell you
why they are no longer upon the earth, where they are now, and why she
chose to remain behind. Like Uilora, there are many whose backgrounds
and births began elsewhere, but whose interests are now primarily with
the earth. The subject of extra-terrestrials will soon be revisited by
most of the world’s governments and major organizations. It is simply
time for them to do so and they are being impulsed from within and
without. An impulse is like an urge that feels attractive and
interesting. It is delivered via encapsulated light, which like a pill
is swallowed whole.

It is not unusual for your own soul to
impulse you, and most of the time this would be based upon your own
request. For instance, if your desire was to make a specific change or
move in your life that you felt was very difficult or near impossible,
your soul would respond to your request with an infusion of .
Energy from your soul generally arrives in light packets or impulses,
which are then distributed throughout your central nervous system. Your
soul cannot do this part for you and if you cannot manage to do it for
yourself you will not experience the full benefit that was intended.
This is one of the reasons why it is important to maintain a healthy
awareness as well as several levels of communication with your soul and
with other companions and teachers. You are well accompanied in your
experience and you have a great deal of support to draw upon, but
ultimately, you are responsible for your desires and their fulfillment.

In spite of the difficulties that you see around you, the physical
earth is capable of supporting and sustaining itself. The earth has
known its share of calamitous events, be they natural or artificial, man
made or made elsewhere and brought here. The future physical earth can
express itself as more alkaline or acid, humid or dry; there can be
more or less landmass during each great cycle, less or more polar ice
caps. The future of humanity while not fragile is not as tangible as
that of the earth. My role as Gaia, the sentience of the planet, is
unique in that it relates to humanity as a mother and a provider of the
most necessary elements and materials. Without these, humanity would
need to change and adapt very quickly, perhaps more quickly than it
would be able to on its own. That is why it is time for your galactic
brothers and sisters to come to your assistance and aid, if a
partnership can be established. Over many eons of time such
partnerships have been possible. There is no mandate for these and
history reveals itself uniquely in the moment. Cooperative ties between
terrestrial and celestial races have made and broken many times, each
unique to the purpose or the promise that brought them together.

my request, and because humanity has not asked on its own behalf,
impulses of light are being directed toward the earth and from within
the earth itself. These packets of information contain vital knowledge
that can be quickly advanced if those who receive it choose to act upon
it. Why now? As you can see around you, many of the planet’s resources
are without stewardship. The planet (my body) can sustain, absorb and
redirect many, but not all of its functions. The earth’s prime directive
is to be an for all aspects of life — past, present and
future. Humanity, as the earth’s most conscious and aware life form,
bears the title and responsibility of earth steward. This remains in
effect whether or not humanity knows it or believes it, trusts it or
rejects it. Conscious or unconscious, collective humanity is the largest
consumer of earth resources and must learn to manage them accordingly.

The current in the has turned against
humanity’s ability to govern or steward one or more resources. More than
two of the earth’s vital elements have been deeply impacted and
several lands are already affected with more announcements to be made
soon. Wildlife in affected areas will not recover for many decades, and
it is likely that ten generations of men will tell future generations
that this was the moment that turned the page and the tide away from
man. Humanity must now seek assistance beyond itself in order to
minimize the conditions it has created. As has been said before, it is
impossible for the earth to turn against its own children, as they are
beloved and consecrated to the earth. However, a sentient planet must
protect and uphold all life. It must look to the next day and the next

The earth measures breaches in stewardship in
magnifications. There are five magnifications based upon the five
indispensable earth elements. Any significant breach in the elemental
organization of these elements is sufficient cause for the earth to
enter into one or more magnifications. A magnification is an extended
communication between celestial bodies that allows and invites
assistance between worlds. Magnification one, for example, is born out
of concern for one or more elements or resources. A magnification is a
simple and natural act that begins where love or respect has been
absent too long. In our next segment we will explore the five
magnification zones and how they came to be. Humanity has long been in a
comfort zone and some of the effects of the magnification zones may
seem surprising. Humanity has been accustomed to being in charge of its
world and while that is still the case it may need to relearn its
place in order to reclaim its position.

To be continued . . . . .
In loving service to the earth and to humanity, Pepper

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