Last Saturday was a special day for me it seems, but just how special it was revealed itsel  today. Back then, I’d been cleaning house for a change, which somehow this time didn’t seem like a boring activity. In fact, I even enjoyed making the entire  place totally Feng Shui ‘a la Dre’. Never had the course, not even the one in miracles, but somehow, this week two talents  fell into place…..

First of all, I filled a void in my life with another void, in a way I can only describe as miraculous. After the domestic outburst last week, a sizable portion of my living was a primo void that needed a dresser, if I ever saw one:

Actually, I even had the audacity to imagine just what style it would have to be. Then this morning, after fitness, which turned out to be a supertreak of syncs in a totally different area, Lianke said she wanted to visit the church sale, and asked if I’d like to come. I was totally in the mood, so the two of us went there by bicycle. And there it was! The exact design I had in mind, very modern yet unfinished teak wood, which gave it a very nice touch. I could acquire  it  for 100 euro, including it being delivered to my doorstep this afternoon! After the paperwork had been fixed, I still had a while to look around, and discovered a perfect homewarming gift for ourselves: my two ladies being crazy about , I’m sure they will dig this:

The whole set cost me only one euro, so for 101 euro, I manifested with All of Your help! Thank you very much for this!

And talk about more synchronisity, those that have userids to moorelife can check that this is posting 1018, a.k.a. 101 infinity!

I just Looove this Reality, including the Imaginary parts….