NaN is not short for Nanny, but Mathematical Slang to indicate that some value is not a . Since I’m in a playful mood, and inspiration was rampant this afternoon on the train home, we’ll start off with a limerick:

I once knew a lady named Anaïs Nin,

Who wrote all she wrote about cardinal sin.

She always took the Kama Sutra to ,

But had this objection to using her head.

For that, the young lady had mine instead….

Point is, I mentioned the Kama Sutra as a training field for
teaching the ancients to recognize humans in various close
configurations as being harmless. Because of the vastness of the
displayed Twister configurations, I figured traces of it’s use should be
still widely in use in the current epoch, possibly even in fields of we consider something entirely different.

And there is. Combine Yin and Yang with Natural : almost any human in the western knows what 69 . the similarity in form to the Yin and Yang? It was actually miss Nin that put me up to the idea, of the few moments we both used our heads! 

But there is more. First of all, 69 can only be relating to homosexual couples. Because otherwise it would be an 83 if it was a hetero configuration with an aggresive male, or a 38 with a dead or uncooperative male. 11 would be a platonic relationship, whereas 12 and 21 are configurations with one and one talkative partner. 88 is Anaïs favorite, two females open to anything. Isn’t that any man’s dream?

There must be more, but these are left as an exercise to the reader….

Love you Love,