In The New Economy

All that we are… is the result of what we have thought.” ~ Buddha

“God has sent me to the mountaintop, and I have seen the promiseland!” –


Utter fatigue, extreme exhaustion, unbelievable lack of productivity, I have never felt so completely wiped out as I did in the last month (May-June 2010).

I began to think I needed a doctor, some iron pills, a b-12 shot, a daily multi-vitamin or anything to boost my levels, maybe all of the aforementioned.  Each twilight, as the sun set and evening made its presence known, a new, yet familiar, enveloped me and slumber, much-needed slumber, gracefully descended.   Every morning as I unwillingly dragged myself from the deep comforts of the dream world, a beautiful bird sang me a constant, hauntingly serene, tone-piercing melody.

On one of these most recent evenings, I awoke to a fascinating scene.  I was lying on a massage table being worked on with tuning forks, colour and incredible other worldly stones (crystals, I guess) by benevolent extraterrestrials.  The energy I had been sensing was the vibration of these etheric beings.  There simply are no words for this memory. I can best describe these galactic companions as something akin to lush diamonds, glowing stars, luminous crystals, fairy dust, blue velvet or the darkness and depth of deep space.  I wasn’t suppose to be conscious, so one of them shut my eyes and I retreated into the deep recesses from which I came.  At which time, I had a dream.

My Dream…

I walked up to the entrance doors of the , I noticed there were no security guards…only a large green or red flashing button.  As I approached it, a computer screen registered my galactic signature, something akin to a fingerprint, then the green light button lit up, next the banks doors opened and I was omitted.  I couldn’t have imagined any other outcome, I knew my guides had sent me here this morning.

I proceeded to walk through a corridor sensor which reminded me of the security checks at airports but rather than measuring for metals or weapons, this sensor measured the light quotient growth in your personal colour.  All of a sudden, the bank was filled with lilac (that’s my colour).  Lilac was everywhere and a sound, cha-ching, cha-ching, which reminded me of a slot machine winner in Vegas, filled the air.

I proceeded to the counter where I entered my credit card into a machine (no automated employees in this bank) and what do you know?  Value, credit, a boost of worth was added to my credit card.  I was rich, well, at least by my standards, I had more spending power than I have had in a long time.

Seeing as how I had recently stepped through my fear of public speaking with an empowered presentation that “awoke” many humans, I was being rewarded for my own personal growth, and I was being doubly awarded for my positive effect on the mass consciousness.  In the new economy, I was being well paid for my light purpose.  Public speaking, writing, communications, healing arts, these are the ways I play with Spirit, so I was being paid for my fun.  I was definitely in love with this world.

Suddenly, another customer at the bank, who was standing at the neighboring machine, started crying.  Apparently, she had lost value on her credit card.  Uh-oh, I could only wonder what she had done?  Lied, cheated, gossiped or some other low-level activity from the 3D world.  All the light people in the bank at that moment instantly sent this young .  Non-judgemental waves of thoughts overwhelmed her, this would help her correct her erroneous behaviour.

Jubilantly, I left the bank.  I came face to face with a man I knew from the old world.  He was a wealthy, city slum-lord in the past.  A man who enjoyed bragging and flaunting his wealth, especially to the less fortunate.  He was headed into the bank as well.  As he approached the doors, he received the red light button.  He recognized me from the past.  “Hey, he said, do you know how this works?  I haven’t been able to get into the bank for months.”  He proceeded to tell me how strange his life was and how he was now living in one of his “slum” apartments (it was no longer a slum really anymore, just an overcrowded (my opinion) apartment building).  I understood fully well, he would be living here until he created enough light in that reality for all the people from whom he had cheated or manipulated in the past Earth storyline.

In that dream world, I witnessed a harmonious circulation and appreciation of the goods of Earth.  This is the new law.  In the 5D world, everyone, by birthright, had enough worth to have a home, food, clothing and all basic life necessities.  What one had in their stewardship, be it land, vehicles, clothing or great works of art, was equivalent to what one truly needed for their own spiritual development, what one had earned through their own growth and what one could truly love and care for.  Nothing more, nothing less.  My city slum-lord had been stripped of most of his worldly possessions and placed to live in the same environment he had previously created.  He would not see worldly riches again for quite some time as he was indebted to quite a few people for the wealth they had provided unto him in his previous 3D world, which was gained in the most unscrupulous of manners.   No-one escaped their realities or their previous actions.

Present Day

My galactic friends have departed.  At least, I am not travelling night after night.  My energy slowly returns.  My galalctic bird friend has left me as well.  If I was in any doubt about extraterrestials, I no longer am.  I understand in Washington DC, they, the government and the military, finally admitted to having knowledge of extraterrestial life forms.

Our old world makes no sense to me, it never did, but it has malfunctioned for me altogether now.  I blurred into the 5D world and I have no desire to return to our current world predicament…meaning- the and the continuing deterioration of most of our systems on Earth. 

The ancient 7th century Mayan prophet, Pacal Votan, foretold of our advanced technological age and how the inhabitants of earth would be separated by time, thus causing deep rooted schisms of imbalance on the planet. The premise of his instructions is that in order to save ourselves from biospheric destruction (, everyone must connect in time, natural time, moon time, mayan time…

Today is Akbal 10 (the “dream matrix where reality is created by the conscious dreamer” the mayan oracle) on the Mayan Calendar…and according to their counting methods, we have very little “time” left to connect in the unity consciousness.  Let us all turn our attention then to and his conscious convergence scheduled for mid July.

Navajo- wishes everyone a joyful

“may miracles abound under the cardinal cross