Posted: 16 Jun 2010 01:44 PM PDT

Channeled by for
Life Tapestry

This is another New Age boot camp message for those of you wishing to
expand your spiritual horizons. Change is the key word in any lifetime
on earth. In this particular lifetime, change cannot be defined for the
change you are experiencing is far beyond anything you have previously
experienced. Not only are you shifting, so are most of the entities on
earth,  as is earth itself and the Universe.

Perhaps the best analogy is that you have moved or are moving from
the attitudes of a teenager to serving in a war in which you must learn
how to manage rapidly or you will not survive. You have all heard
stories of heroic deeds of soldiers who at the age of 18 or 19 saved a
life or commanded a group of soldiers in a brilliant strategic fashion.
Yet you look at your 19-year-old and worry whether he will be able to
get up in time to get to school or work.

Age is not a factor in this New Age transition. The number of times
you have lived on earth prior to your current incarnation is not a
factor. Not because previous lives did not provide you with experiences,
but rather that this transition is unlike any other life you have
experienced on earth.

Yes, you are experiencing discomfort. Yes, you want it to be the way
it was before this transition started…but then, maybe not. Just as is
true for soldiers in a war, particularly those soldiers in World Wars I
and II, their experiences expanded their world far beyond what they
thought possible the day they enlisted or received their draft notice.
So it is and will be for you.

You are probably afraid of a number of issues. That is a given in any
change. The very definition of change is moving beyond what is expected
or comfortable. You can opt to fight this change – that is always your
right as a unique individual. But that fear and that fighting will not
make the change stop or even move in another direction for anyone but

Let us use yet another example. Those soldiers of World Wars I and II
most likely did not like their living conditions all that much – living
and fighting in extreme heat, mud, bone-chilling cold, with limited
and provisions and leaving their loved ones behind. Yet they knew
that they had no options other than deserting, injuring themselves or
placing themselves in harm’s way. In addition, they served with comrades
experiencing similar discomforts. When the wars ended, many thought
back with fond memories and a certain amount of pride of how much they
changed and how fast they did so.

Such is the case for you now. Of course, you are uncomfortable. Of
course, much of your past life no longer exists – at least not in the
fashion you thought it would when you started this transition. You are
indeed brave soldiers moving into and through discomfort because you
know intuitively that is the action that is correct for you.

The difference is that you have no idea what others are experiencing
because transition is an internal transition. Granted, you
may discuss your changes with others – even blog about it, but words
have not yet been created to define your current internal transition

There are no visible indicators to determine if you have won a battle
or even the war. There are only internal markers that let you know that
you are moving in the direction that is correct for you. It is a
solitary war. One that only you can define for yourself.

How can the Gulf be part of this New Age Transition? How
can the radicals of the world be part of this transition? How indeed.

Perhaps you are meant to create a fixture that will stop the flow of
. Perhaps you are meant to send light and to that part of the
world. Perhaps you are merely meant to solve your internal battles with
fear, rage and anger – to bring peace to your being. You will know by
your inner direction – that secret little voice that provides you with
joy when you follow it – and increasingly, pain when it is ignored.

There are no rules. You can fight your transition. You can block it
out. It is not necessary for you to make this transition in this
lifetime. Perhaps you will decide to transition in your next lifetime.
Or the lifetime after that. Or even the lifetime after that. It does not
matter. The New Age is here. Your transition will happen at a pace that
is correct for you.

For those of you transitioning in this lifetime, we salute you. Your
path is more difficult than you know. Not only is it a new Universal
direction, you are part of a volunteer army that cannot yet define your
purpose or the outcome in terms that others will understand. You are
adventurers of the highest order. So be it. Amen.

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