Often when preparing to write my monthly article, I will
awaken with a song playing in my head or even an image that I
want to use. I have learned to trust these gentle nudges
knowing it will all fit and flow together. The morning of the
auspicious full moon of May 27, I awoke hearing the tune "June
is busting out all over." It’s a song from the 1960’s
musical Carousel that I remember seeing as a child. Its one of
those uplifting tunes that is easy to whistle – something I seem
to do a lot. Another beautiful song from the same
musical is "You’ll never walk alone." Both of these lovely tunes speak
to the and feeling of June’s .

IS busting out all over and opens to the door to yet another dramatic
energy change – something all of us have been feeling as
expectation for the past few months. As we step into
June and the many powerful alignments it brings, we are being
charged to hold consciously and with intent "our inner
stability." In many ways, June will feel like a completion of
the multitude of energy changes during the past five months and
at the same time begins a new set of vibrational opportunities
that will converge during the next three months.

I have
written often on the increased vibration, frequency and light
that is streaming to us through our sun via the Central Sun.
Many have written recently on the increased solar flare activity
and pulsing of from our sun. This energy is the
precursor for the energy of June and the coming months.

are all aware of the dramatic earth changes occurring,
earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions and of course the dramatic
oil spill wreaking havoc in the . The extent of the
damage to oceans and wildlife is difficult to comprehend, and
can throw us into a feeling of hopelessness. So much is
changing on our beloved ; our evolutionary path is
moving a break neck speed. During the month of May, it felt
that the energy fluctuations were occurring almost hourly and
challenged the very core of our Inner Stability. It was
physical and emotionally challenging to hold our balance.

are walking between the two dimensional worlds of 3D and 5D.
We have effectively reformatted our inner relationship within
our sacred heart space, and created a deeper awareness of what
we are vibration ally a match too and with. We have
begun a quickening of our Lightbody that has created waves of vital
energy woven with the quantum light from our sun. Our brain
activity is changing, our nervous system is being bridged with
these light frequencies, and our physical body has to adapt
daily as the energy illuminates, transmutes and transforms.
Many found there cognitive thinking was gone, unable to put
thoughts together or remember simple tasks. Periods of
"daydreaming" into nothingness was also common.

Fatigue, sleep
interruptions, feeling unplugged, headaches, body pain were
also felt. May energy changed almost hourly, where energy
seemed to be flooding in or we felt we just needed to rest, be
quiet, and not think. Our Inner Stability is indexed directly
to our emotions, and how we "feel" about every thought we have,
the words we speak and more importantly the energy behind our
words. We are in relationship to everything and everything has
changed, hence the feeling of completion.

In June, we will begin
a new relationship that is much more internal and focused on
how we adapt to the increased frequency that will continue to
escalate over the coming weeks. Our thought patterns and beliefs are
melting away as new patterns form, nudging us to operate more
from within our heart. We are multi-dimensional beings
always have been and always will be. We operate through a complex
matrix of communication between our higher dimensional selves
and our current 3D model.

In June, the communication
will become clearer and more concise, our inner knowing more
heightened. We have asked for this and prepared deeply for it,
however it is new and requires discernment as so much
information floods in from our own guidance and inner communication and
that of others. This more than anything will forge our
inner stability and trust, that we are right where we are
supposed to be. That being said – how do we feel about where we
are at?

How we feel is the magic indicator and most
truthful communication we have as our constant companion. What we now
know is that how we feel is completely our own personal choice.
Our emotional body is our cosmic guide to our inner stability,
when there is a congruent flow of energy through our spiritual,
emotional, mental and physical body we feel balanced, and able
to access more of our light.

The other tune from the
musical I mentioned earlier is "You’ll never walk alone." The
lyrics are so simple yet offer hope for the new.

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark

At the end of the storm
a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of the lark

Walk on
through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be
tossed and blown

Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone
You’ll never walk alone

and Hammerstein.

How perfect and fitting a reminder for
these times of uncertainty and great change. I realize
this isn’t news but it is a reminder that feels good.
Remembering we chose to be here for the of our beloved
Mother Earth, we aren’t alone in any of this.

Let these
words and others like it be our mantra for June and the coming

We know we are in a time of great transition
and transformation. Our role for June is to focus on the
"golden sky" or golden age that is coming and make it apart of
our reality NOW. We do this by maintaining our inner stability
within our heart as one of joyful, playful acceptance. Throwing off
the shackles of old judgments and fear, shining who we are.
It is our birthright to feel joy and contentment, this is the
communication standard of our Lightbody.

During the past few
months, we have effectively upgraded our ,
through the many layers of vibrational upgrades. We often
felt like we were slogging through mud, out of the flow of what
felt good and uplifting.

The focused energy of June will
be the call to place our attention and priority into the
expansion of our Lightbody. Our beloved starseed
families are The Arcturians, Pleiadians and others are beaming this
NOW. Through our heart
portal we access our 5D consciousness, allowing us to radiate
who we truly are and communicate the wisdom, love and powerful
energy of our grand non-physical self. Our awakening is a personal
journey of immense proportion and requires attention and
intention to trust in inner nudges and communication with our

The of June will be
constant, like surfing giant waves. Our Lightbody interface is
through our sacred heart, where the frequency birthright of
unconditional love will continue to shift our human perceptions
of love and open our vibration to the expansion of greater
"inner stability"

The frequency and vibration of
"unconditional love" is the life force of our Lightbody and the
foundation/creation of the higher dimensions. We are merging more and
more with this energy in our ascension preparation to fire our
cells and bodies to light. We speak of unconditional
love on our planet, but in truth, it is a difficult energy to
hold in our 3D existence. We often receive snippets of this
and then must be diligent to re-calibrate our
physical body. June will open more pulsing of this energy and
we will need time to assimilate and merge within its wisdom.

gentle and allowing of this process is paramount, taking the
position that this integration process is first and foremost in
our service to our NOW self. We may require more quiet time alone
in contemplative communication with our inner guidance. This can
feel overwhelming if we are constantly doing and it is important
to accept and allow how YOU feel in every given moment.

planetary alignments during the month will support and amplify
this increased pulse of energy. Each Full Moon and offers a
timing of profound change and an opportunity for review. The
Solstice on June 21 is always a powerful time of celebration and
ceremony. Solstice literally means "stand still of the Sun",
where the sun rises and sets at the same place on the horizon
for three days, appearing to stand still. This timing will be a potent
pulse of increased frequency to the planet and our Lightbody.

We also have a partial Lunar Eclipse this month at the time
of the Full Moon on June 26. A Lunar eclipse supports our
emotional relationship with our self and others, and will be a time of
further inner review.

All in all June will blast open
change of many outmoded beliefs or limitations. It will
feel intense yet filled with optimism if we choose to feel and
allow the light attunements to articulate that expression. Our
physical body as always will require support in whatever way
you feel is right for you. Optimal mineral support in
imperative for keeping our cells vibrant, and able to hold increased
electrical charge. They also allow us to remain hydrated
and support all .

Stay relaxed and calm during the
coming energy downloads, feel supported and allowing of the
changes. Tune into the feelings emanating from your Lightbody
of Love, Joy and Laughter – this vibration is the purest most
powerful force in our entire universe.

Remember that laughter is
the quickest way to feel our soul and a smile given or received
– the kiss of an angel. We are all connected in this
magnificent timing and journey together. 

Keep Shining your
Gorgeous Light!

With Love and Blessings in Service


Copyright © Shala Mata 2009