Excerpt of Tyberonn Channel of Metatron:

“The Earth is an omnipotent presence. The EARTH CANNOT be DESTROYED.
Whether you accept it or not, NOTHING is taken from the Earth that the
Earth does not ALLOW. Man cannot destroy the earth, only his ability to
on her. The Earth was just as conscious as a burning sphere of
lava, as she is now. The changes that are coming are to by Gaia,
by mankind’s and indeed to a great degree
orchestrated by the sentience of earth, sun and that you term Creator
God. Know that all is in perfect order.”

"So most react in to these events, and wish to be free of
the anxiety. But to dissolve fear is not the same as understanding the
fear and therefore the masses of humankind and actually
recreate it. To dissolve or to dissipate events of is not
necessarily of benefit, not to the earth and not to humanity. The
with those that wish to assist is that they believe they know
better & believe they are more academic in their understanding. Yet
they omit the divine, they omit the integrity of that termed spirit,
the metaphysical. They do not understand or see the in what
takes because there is great difficulty for those in not
understanding that all is in perfection, that all is in good order, then
in , they do not add grease to the squeaky wheel, rather, they
try to prevent the cogs which then become still and stuck and so the
evolution becomes that much more difficult, you see? Always FEAR is the

Posted 4/10.
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