I’ve been obsessed with Quality Control all my life, not obsessively, but more a gentle push towards always doing better. And I don’t mean mindlessly following all the rules, but really aiming to do better, regardless of the rules. Figured out eventually that I Know certain things, and that concept has certain implications: because last week I claimed that we always know how well we know things, even if we don’t know for sure yet.

Today, I realised this system has evolved in that I now Know when I’m doing things right! I wonder, because I haven’t eaten any apples lately, yet still the seems to be in reach. Perhaps it was Forrest yesterday, how fed me the apple, by his uncanny amount of self-knowledge and his likeness to myself. Could it be that event made me retrace my steps on the beaten path, allowing me overview of the areas where leftovers of Karma were still simmering? Or was it his closing argument? "I may be simple, but I Know what Love is."

Love Y’All