Tonight I was outside with a friend and we saw a U.F.O.  It appeared to be a with a bright gliding effortlessly across the sky.  It wasn’t that either for it made no sound and headed in the opposite direction we were going after awhile.  In fact I mentioned to a friend that they seem to follow me and no sooner were we home that it appeared above my house.  This time it eventually shown  a underneath that went blip, blip, blip (flashing in next spot and then the next, 3x’s) again quietly and not that far up in the sky.  It was scanning the area and watching us from above.  In an almost full moon, and clear evening it was very visible.  I was inclined to think that I a triangle from underneath.  They are almost second nature as in the two year span I and my witnesses have seen five in one year of four varieties.   One rectangle with a hole in the center that waved in the gracefully, another that was round, one that was triangle and two that had lights like a plane but a different and of one.   What does it mean?  Our reality is expanding, allowing us to see them and they see us.  If common sense were common I would say that surely they will be communicating to the masses eventually.   I have always been conncected with the star as a small child and as the adult.  A book that I highly endorse is called &;PLEIADIAN  Initiations of Light&;  by Christine Day.  It has two cds to to along with the book and is incredibly informative.  to the cd’s and you will be changed…and charged positively!!!