Sorry Nick but I’m not touching this with a ten foot pole!

I mean, why mess with the pureness of Source? Any rewrite or translation I do would only dilute the Essence of what is there. It’s the question that drives us Nicky! Seeing the Essence, thus Knowing the Truth, As soon as you can instantly see where the equation is unbalanced, you have two choices of balancing it, either on your end or the other end. Once you recognize that you truly only control both sides by letting the Greater Equation take care of it’s own, you’re halfway there. The rest of it is sheer enjoyment……



Quantum Time and related stuff….

by Nick  Iacovides 
Truth cannot be altered or destroyed and it does not change depending on
the situation. The conditioned self, the ego, cannot be the true aspect of the
self. This comes only as an addition to the authentic, immutable soul and origin
of all things, nothing.

What, therefore, cannot be changed, while at the
same time change everything? The numeral zero represents this Source. If you
divide anything by zero, you get infinity. If you divide zero by anything, you
get zero. At the same time, if you multiply anything by it, you again get
nothing. This change is greater than any other change possible, for from
nothing, you can do nothing but add or subtract. In order to take something
away, however, there has to be something to take away from. And in order for
something to be added, it has to come from somewhere.

This Source can be
amplifed a million times and remain exactly the same, but an attempt to see how
many times this Source can fit into something else will result in something
incalculable and infinite. Now the point of any equation is to be balanced, for
both sides to be equal, so for there to be an addition to the Source, there has
to be a subtraction. So it is an illusion that Source is altered. This simply
creates karma.

Nothing doesn’t exist. Nothing is the lack of existance.
Therefore, everything exists. If nothing is true, then everything is a lie. The
good news here, is that Truth cannot be changed…Truth forever the same, always
balanced, never moving, a perfect equation; the only thing that can compare with
Source is Source.

Quantum Physics time:

So where is the observer?
When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back. When you look for the
observer, nothing is looking back at you! We all come from nothing, and we all
return to nothing. It is the and the Omega – AOM

If the abyss
stares back at whoever stares into it, what makes us think that it’s not always
staring in our direction? In all directions! It has the ability to return
anything and everything to this Source simply by being amplified to this degree
and when one goes in search of it in anything but itself, one is faced with
infinity, everything. So the information of infinity, of everything, is
contained in the smallest part of our universe only when you try to see how much
Source you can fit into it. Therefore, source is infinite in our reality!

Back to the question of Reality and Illusion…
Why do we have a problem
with illusion? We enjoy video games, stories, dreams, even with the
understanding that they’re not real. If there is no set Truth, then every set
has the same merit. So where do we come from?

Well, we’re clearly not
nothing; clearly we exist. I think, therefore I am (thinking). I am
(nothing), therefore I am (nothing).

So what is our higher self? What is
our soul? It is the algorithm that describes us and MOVES us. This implies
polarity and partiality but it is always balanced by an equal and opposite
force. Here we come into sets, symbols, or words. Language. The very language
that we’ve decided is universal points to everything besides nothing being an

So we have sets within sets within sets. ( 0 (1+1(1+1) (0) = (0) (1+1)1+1)
0 ), games within games, wheels within wheels. If we weren’t in a constant state
of trying to make things mean something, and accepting something as it is, we
wouldn’t need to put God or Being in the middle of it. 1 being 1 and 2 being

An algorithm based on this equation would then be 1 – 1 and 2 –

The positive and the negative, the masculine and the feminine, and that
which is both and neither

Whew man…it came to me so much more
clearly earlier! I guess it’s up to each to find their purpose, their

Anyway, do with this what you will 🙂 I’m putting this on the backburner as
I make a nice sauce to go along with it…hunger (need) is the best sauce!

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    November 1, 2011 at 5:37 AM

    nick from guelph?

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