A friend of mine used to say: "Use the Force, read the Source", meaning that the source file of a program contains information about the how of the running program, like the Akashic Records are said to contain the info about the how of the Cosmos…..

My ’s mind just came up with a word game that reveals the laws of the cosmos, as they must have existed prior to my colleague, and the making of the first movie, so here goes nothing, or VOID: Very Open Intelligent Design:

1. See the Force, Deduce  the Source.

2. Communicate with the Force, Acknowledge the Source.

3. Abuse the Force, Control the Source.

4. Balance the Force, Love the Source!

5. Use the Force, Read the Source.

6. Communicate with the Source, Acknowledge the Force.

7. Deduce the Source, See the Force.

In a Cosmos where all is relative, any of these points can be referenced to leverage the entire loop…..

Loop your Self-recursiveness….