a message from
channeled by Meredith

Wednesday, 23
June, 2010  (posted 25 June,


My little glorious one…!  You are really
soaring…how cool is that to find you awakening so broadly and with an
opening to knowing that is keenly beyond that which you understood and
seen in the past!  Wonderful.

this knowing will continue to overlay layers of your non-physical
being-ness with the parallel lifetimes which inform your current focal
point and the blending will be fantastic!  You will find that you know
more specifically what to do; that you learn techniques and practices
from your other lives and likewise share them and inform across your
existence—radiating your well-being and perspective with clear focus and
intent across the Universe.  Cool huh!

things continue to intensify this summer there will be increasingly a
clarity which pervades your experience and allows you to share and lead
with confidence and courage.  There will be signs of the ease and
meaning which is unfolding in your existence and which will give you a
bounce in your step and peace of mind!!  Nice huh!  It’s time dear one!
It’s time for joy and happiness to abound!  For those of you who have
opened fully to light and to your experience unfurling in alignment
with the planet there is no need for difficulty or trial; you have let
go of so much already the time has come to begin harvesting. And for
starters this harvest will begin with a richness of understanding and
with information that will extend your knowing in ways which empower you
and naturally activate others.

This is the
sequence which will continue in the near future; you become clearer and
empowered.  You begin to live this newly clarified understanding of
self and expressing and sharing it as inspired.  You activate others by
your very vibration. 

The living library of
light, which for you is your crystalline DNA, allows you to access your
greater reality.  This is what is awakening within you.

As you engage with this larger knowing you are
shifted; you move beyond your past holograms and begin to engage with
the emerging hologram, which is the hologram of the emerging new earth. 
And you are directing the light which comes into you, through your
perception, into specific thoughtforms.  You are like a lens which
directs the light you are radiating into energetic structures and
when you harmonize with all that is, great things transpire!

The core of the Earth KNOWS what you have discovered
integrated and amplified, immediately and thus your knowing radiates
out to all of humanity, across timeliness and parallel dimensions
immediately, thereby liberating freedom and clarity, understanding and
light to ALL.  It’s a time of powerful shifting and retrofitting of your
bodies to accommodate your new being-ness which will carry you forward
into heaven on earth existence in the higher dimensional states of
awareness as well as powerful and rapid manifestation within your own

Glory be!

above so it is below.  And now it is time for us to speak more of
holographs and of the emerging holographic Earth.  It is increasingly
important that Lightworkers understand how they contribute to this
template for the new earth and to be able to consciously utilize this
of the universe to cooperate and co-create with
Source, with All-That-Is in its ultimate purpose of expansion and
creativity and in this aligned intention: the new earth made manifest
in form.

The universe is holographic in
nature; meaning that every aspect of the universe contains the knowing,
the information of the whole-each aspect contains something greater
than itself.

Those of you who have entered
into a new and harmonious relationship with all of life, with a sense of
the unity of life, are participating in the alchemy of creation—your
thoughtforms, your intentions and beliefs are the cooperating with and
co-creating the new holographic Earth! 

live in a world where there are abundant symptoms of a disintegrating
hologram.  The old holographic system is not able to integrate the
cosmic light particles and synthesize and organize the incoming and
elevating frequencies of the planet.  The collective reality of the
planet is shifting.

The way you view and
experience things is a creative aspect of reality.  Your ability to move
into a cooperative and harmonic alignment with the new holographic
Earth is the quantum harmony that will take the new earth from template
to form.

The holographic Earth has already
shifted.  So what you are waiting for– those of you who say “When…is
this happening!”  is for the perceptual capacity of the human mind
to be able to integrate this shift.  As you can perceive, understand,
resonate with and be in alignment with expansiveness, moving beyond
limitations and prior structures, you have the capacity to blend and
merge with this and provide amplification of
these thoughtforms, thereby easing access to them for those in parts of
the world where these ideas have not yet gained visibility or

Your ability to embrace your own
creative powers, to realize that what you give your allegiance and focus
to becomes reality, allows you to merge with the existing new earth,
to stabilize this thoughtform, this holographic template and to
co-create the new earth!

You cannot create
the new earth on your own.  This is not like creating a new house, or a
job you desire in your own world—a hologram solely dependent on your
own focus and alignment.

You can however,
align with the holographic new earth and participate in the creation of
this template in form.  Entering into a blended state of oneness with
the cosmic mind, through meditation, peace, love and unity, brings your
and focus into quantum harmony with the holographic new earth.

Spectacular, is it not?

first of all do not concern yourself with anything which is
disintegrating and recognize that the Earth and all you experience
exist as holographic forms sustained and enabled by thoughtforms and
energized by those.  As light is entering the planet and has been
anchored in abundance, the old holographic earth which was oriented
around consumerism and in older cultures upon survival, cannot
integrate a template which is foundationally oriented to co-creation,
and which inculcates experience  with the cosmic principles of love and

Sadly and in great difficulty there are
those on the planet who as yet are still focusing on the instability
of the planet which will only increase in the coming months—as the
thoughtforms associated with this are focused on what is falling apart
and higher and more powerful frequencies are withdrawn and focused
increasingly on the emerging holographic template of love and unity. 

If you wish to be of benefit; to bring peace and
ease this transition–focus on the world being in harmony.  Focus on
love and oneness.  See things in balance.  Know with every aspect of
your being the Earth in her new, love-filled, compassion-filled,
co-creative form. 

Things are in, as you
sense, enormous flux.  Disintegration, chaos, unraveling–this is
happening on a number of fronts within the planet.  What you do not
realizing is the existing holograph is NOT being restructured; that it
IS disintegrating, and new form is being made of the energy which gave
this matter life. 

Behind the scenes
Lightworkers,  those whose DNA is coded to stabilize and support the
shift to the new holographic reality are already in place holding and
stabilizing the hologram of the new earth as the old earth unravels and
migrates toward the black hole of nothingness.  Yes.  This is a
startling image.

Be not afraid, for this is
not something to worry about!  We’re having fun here creating new
things!  It’s the aspiration of source to expand options for creativity
and this is a collective experience in which we receive, integrate and
participate.  So again– attune yourself to the cosmic sense of
oneness which is emerging and amplifying, and orient to that within you
which guides you perfectly to harmonize, to co-operate to participate
in our collective creation and shift to the new earth.

Going forward will continue to express her
transition requirement through earth changes.

terms of relating to one another; chose love.

being chose their activation point based on their aspirations for this
lifetime and their sense of what would best serve their and the
collective intent to ascend.  It is essential that you not become
distracted by this or other aspects of conflict, but that you focus your
energy and orient your perceptions to oneness.  You are a soul group
that functions as receptors for the emerging codes and directives that
carry forth this astonishing transformation and your role is vital. 
Play your parts well!

You are mirrors for this
light and love entering the planet; flow and broadcast it with
confidence and a profound sense of your grace and purpose in the whole.

Do not doubt, question, challenge or negate the
path of anyone else.  Look only within the mirror of your own life.

Enter into an ongoing dialogue with that most
expansive and wisest aspect of your being–all that you need lies
within you my beautiful and amazing creatures of light.

Awaken to truth that has always been: YOU ARE
EVERYTHING YOU NEED.  Your landscape is within you and will sustain you
through all changes you encounter.  You are the hero of your own
lifetime and your story, your journey your purpose and mission are of
the utmost importance to you and to All-That-Is.  You are essential and
your placement on the planet is essential.  Your frequency is part of
the light grid of the planet, which, like the acupuncture meridians in
our bodies organizes and flows the energy of the planet!  This
ascension is a process in which you are involved!  

Participate and orient to this dynamic story!

Live it with gusto and passion and total confidence. 
This is how to be a master.

I AM forever at
your side and in your inner being aligned with all that you desire. 
Call upon me for anything.  Protection, strength, clarity come from
knowing you are in form.  Claim this knowing.  Know that
you are profoundly loved.  

We are ONE.

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