constant that you can count on in life is change.

exists because life is in motion, and motion is one of the three
aspects of the original consciousness that underlies all of Creation.
Everything in the universe springs from two complementary aspects of
consciousness – thought and feeling – set into motion.

existence of motion as one of the fundamental components of Creation
guarantees that change is continuous. The point of life is to

infinite variations of expression of the one underlying consciousness,
Infinite Being.

Changes in Your Life

changes in life are rarely easy, but our very reason for being is to

through changes and experiences in life.

Today, changes are
being accelerated by our being in the transformation called The
Shift. Many would say that today’s changes are intense to the point
of becoming chaotic. In physics, chaos is a temporary phase between one
natural state of harmony and its transformation into a higher form. The
transition phase between the two states becomes very choppy until the
higher form is reached.

Today, we are in the storm before the

We are so beset by change that it can become hard to
discern what changes are important and what changes are just societal
noise which has little bearing on the real paths that we need to tread
through life. It is here that a of inner direction becomes an
exquisite asset.

Navigation Through Life

purpose in life is an ever-unfolding saga. Like a journey across the
by boat, your journey through life is made safe and direct by the use
of a
compass. In this journey, you have a built-in compass that you
navigate in the most appropriate direction.

That compass is
your sense of innermost joy. As an expression of your inner being, like
compass, your innermost joy points the way. When you think about the
action you could take right now which would move you towards the most
-term inner joy, you are seeing that course of action which is most
connected to your inner being.

Because destinations in life
are reached in steps or stages, your inner compass can actually point
seemingly different directions on different . They key is to

that the one task you can best address at any given moment is the one
which is most aligned with your innermost joy.

Each on a
journey is different; yet, all steps lead to the final destination. If
are inspired to do one thing today and to do something different
it is because those tasks are both steps along the pathway to the
destination. Trust in the timing of your inner guidance. It’s wisdom
comes from the part of you which is your connection to the universe and
Infinite Being.

Be attentive to your inspiration and the ideas
that it brings. Make a of these ideas as they occur and, in
retrospect, you will be amazed as to how insightful they were.

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