From Steve: This month the group
changed their direction to focus on the human body and the changes
that lie ahead for all of us humans.  They made mention of the sexual
infusion that is in full swing on this planet at the moment. 
You can see evidence of it in people lives everyday now.  Much of what
was firm ground is starting to move in more ways than one. One of the
big points they made during this message was about the physical
body.  With the physical re-wire of humanity well underway the next
stage is releasing the old human templates that hold us.  As these
templates first release there can be an energetic vulnerability to the
physical body.  In fact, the group said during these times humans are
much closer to home and it is an easy step to cross the line of life
and death. 

They said that during this period on Earth many will
be leaving to take a new position and that all humans were closer to
death than we imagined.  I don’t remember their exact words, but at
one point in the channel I knew they were talking about Brittany
Murphy and her spouse who both recently died with very little warning.
The line between life and death is now closer to us than we
imagined.  Now we have a choice:  Do we go into fear over that or do
we live every day as if it’s our last?  Yet another reason for us to be
on purpose.

Have a great month and spread lots of Light!

Big hugs

(You can watch the video of this
channeling here)

Greetings from Home

Demarcation Point in the Evolution of Human

day marks a very special time in the advancement and evolution of the
human animal on planet Earth. There are times of great change in the
evolutionary cycles of every being, and everything that you believe is
an entity. Of course, many of the living, breathing things humans do
not consider to be alive actually are. Everything that you see around
you, dear ones, is living and breathing in some way. You think of many
of these objects as inanimate. You may pick up a sea shell on the
beach and say it has no life-force energy, yet we tell you that it does
or you would not be able to pick it up.  If it were not alive and
evolving, it would not exist within the vibrational range that you are
attuned to that you call your world. 

Dear ones,
today we wish to address you specifically because of this demarcation.
This is the point where things are starting to change for your own
physical bodies. We have spoken before about the re-wire of humanity.
Each and every one of you is being re-wired energetically to carry
more light on this planet than you ever have before. What we mean by
that is simple: only a small portion of your real soul is in your
physical body, though you have full attachment to all of it. You have
access to every part of it through your higher self. That is the
connection point that opens up the tiny little piece of you called the
physical being, to the enormous part of who you really are. That
connection is starting to change.

Releasing the Templates

We have spoken of this before, but we wish to recap it
here as it is important to understand the overall process. Humans
began the journey on Earth without physical bodies. You were here with
what you considered to be angel bodies, or bodies of ethereal form
without physical density. There also came a point at which you were not
able to keep that connection, because you had to move into a denser
form to house your spirit. That is when you first adapted the physical
form on Earth. You are connected to her; she is connected to you. You
are not new on this planet.

Now having told you
that, we can share with you that there was a long period when you had
to transition from these ethereal bodies into this dense physicality.
That was an evolution. Even though you were lowering your vibration at
that point, it was a tremendous evolution for all of humanity and the
events that were taking place on planet Earth. You are going through
that same evolution right now. It is no secret, dear ones, you are
again looking at raising your vibrations. But there was a time in your
evolution that it was necessary to lower your vibration to take on
these physical bodies. You did everything you could to try and put
yourself into one of these bodies and then to try to find Home. You
tried to find on the outside what you felt on the inside, to let your
own spirit shine through that dense physical bubble of biology. Now
you have begun to do that and your physical bodies are evolving
themselves. Now, it is no secret to that eventually these bodies will
turn back into light bodies, because you will no longer need the
physical density. The transitions that you are starting to go through
right now are huge.

When you first came to planet Earth to
assume these dense physical bodies, there were only 500 of you.
Billions of souls inhabited planet Earth, but when you took the dense,
physical bodies, only 500 of you decided to play the game in that
fashion. So 500 physical human templates were created, and from that
point on humans have been restricted to those original templates. That
is what is changing and shifting, for you no longer need those
templates. Let us explain.

The templates have been very helpful
for you. In your early growth as a species you needed strong and
sturdy templates to ensure survival, especially with your repeating
patterns of war. Now your spirit needs more room to grow and work in
new ways. In response, your bodies can now re-lease the restricting
images that once held your bodies’ highest image or possibility.  Many
of you have been fighting against these templates for years, which
often causes problems because they do not hold your whole spirit any
longer. Even so, the body is now adjusting to hold more of your
spirit, more of your light, and more of your expression of who you
really are in this lifetime without changing bodies. This has never
happened before. There comes a time when you are re-leased from the
old templates that used to hold your body, These templates are the base
energy forms that the mater of your body formed around, for they held
the perfect image of your body in its highest form.  Let us explain
that concept because it is important for you to understand.

of Inner Beauty

The image of your physicality creates it.
Today you hold your own image in your mind, but in the beginning of
life these images are produced by the template itself, then pass to
your primary parental contract and on to you.  The image changes only
when you override the original template with your beliefs or your
desires.  Even so, it would only change so much and that was a
restriction of the template itself.  The highest image is stored as
part of this template.  Similar to DNA, the body looks at this image
every time it re-creates itself.  We say this because even when you
release these templates your body will still look for this image, and
that is why it is becoming more important for you to see your true
inner beauty.

Your inner beauty is what you hold in your mind.
We hope you think about this the next time you look in the mirror, and
all your attention goes to your problems, physical challenges or
imperfections. Your human nature is to focus on those imperfections.
Instead, learn to see beauty in that mirror and your new body template
will form around that image.  When you see your true beauty and walk
in that image, it will now allow you to begin re-leasing the old

That is what is actually taking place and we call it
a demarcation point. As you go forward, you are re-leasing the
templates that helped you hold your image. In any creation throughout
the universe whether it is living, breathing or what you call
inanimate, it does not make any difference. Everything is living and
breathing, because otherwise they would not exist in your world. Yet
it is very difficult concept for you to grasp or to interact on that
level, for that is one of the things that is absolutely changing on
this planet. There will come a time when you will be able to talk to
your stapler because it is not working. You will be able to
communicate on different levels that you have never been able to do
before, because your understanding is no longer limited in the same
way it was before. The new capabilities of carrying more of your
spirit in your body is absolutely in front of you right now.

Line Between Life and Death

We also wish to caution you here,
for you will see people leaving the planet. We have told you this
before and it is no secret. As you move from one age into the next,
there will be many of you who decide not to stay. It is not right or
wrong, it simply means that you are going to re-cycle your energy and
come back in a new form. During this time when your original templates
are removed the veil is thinner, but also that line between life and
death is much more vulnerable and fragile. For this reason, you will
hear stories of people who die for apparently no reason. They will be
in perfect health one day, then maybe catch a cold or something else,
and all of a sudden leave. The template that you are holding, that one
of the original 500 templates that you chose for this particular
lifetime, is no longer holding your energy. It is no longer protecting
you, and because of that the line between life and death in the
physical form is much closer than you have experienced before.

are not telling you to be careful. That would be the worst thing you
could do, because if you walk around trying to protect yourself you
will most certainly bring catastrophe on yourself for that is your
thought…not to do something. The universe does not hear the word “not”
and simply moves past it. When you speak in universal terms, energy
forms around the of those words. Many of you hold
visions of body types that you see in magazines. Before you start
changing, and many of your physical bodies will start changing very
rapidly from this point forward, we ask you first to look at all the
exciting things that you believe are happening, Look at this body you
have today, because you are seeing it for the first time without any

Inner Beauty

One of the first keys that we
want to work with you on is finding your own inner beauty. The word
beauty, of course, is very subjective and varies greatly from one
person to another. Yet, there is a pure beauty of Home that each one
of you carries here and will express in some fashion. Now that those
templates are no longer going to restrict you in the way they have
before, you can start to see more of your own inner beauty. That is
new, for it has always been hidden from you. It is part of the reason
why all your attention goes to what you consider to be defects or
flaws in your appearance, rather than toward seeing your true beauty.

Your true beauty has been hidden from you for a lot of reasons.
 It was through your own choice that you did this, because you were
afraid that your egos would get in the way and block you. None of
those restrictions apply any longer, so you can start to see your own
true inner beauty, that part of Home and heaven that you carry within
your physical body. Your inner beauty will start to show and shine
through each and every one of you. As we talk about beauty the
physical changes and that you are now going to create your own
templates, we ask you to do so with one thing in mind. Please do not
focus on pictures in magazines, and instead learn to see the beauty in
the smile on your face. Now is the time and many of your physical
bodies will start to experience changes that are unexplained.

the templates begin to re-lease, know that the line between life and
death becomes very thin.  In fact, many of you are closer to the edge
what you call death than you realize at this very moment. That is not
wrong but it is simply going to be the new path of humans. Because of
the templates, when you wanted to go Home it was not possible to do so
very quickly.  It took a long time to line up all 11 dimensions to to
point at which you could leave as one and return as one soul, but
that is what is changing now. It is the reason that life, death, and
the line between the two is now getting closer to many of us. All of
you on planet Earth carrying a physical body will not only have new
capabilities now, but you will also have vulnerabilities. Do not fear
these or worry about them. We want to make you aware of them not only
in your own world, but because you will see evidence around you. You
are going to start seeing the physical human change very rapidly from
this day forward.

What Will the New Bodies Look Like?

you are asking, “What does a new body look like? What are the new
templates going to look like? What are the physical changes that are
going to happen as you move and create these new templates?” We are
asking you the same question because we cannot tell you where you are
going, dear ones. We do not see the future, because you have not
written it yet. This has never happened before anywhere throughout All
That Is. Because it has never taken place, the excitement throughout
the universe is all focused on planet Earth to watch the miracles of
the re-birth of humanity on a single planet. This is getting exciting
beyond your understanding on a cosmic level. On a creator level, it is
also going to be quite exciting, yet difficult and challenging at
times. That is the human way; it is how you learn things. That is how
you adapt and that is how you often create, so we are giving you some
visuals, ideas and concepts to consider. If it resonates in your heart,
hold that image and it will happen. If it does not, choose your own
image. Please do not follow our words if they do not resonate in your
heart, for that is your choice and that is at the base of your power.
Do not call it right or wrong; do not worry about identifying a label,
especially a label that was only good in a field of duality. Your
world is changing around you and now your physical bodies are starting
to adapt to make that change and evolve you to the next level.

next level that you are going through right now will help you to
amplify the light that you carry at least 12 times in the same
physical form. The only thing that is necessary here is to re-lease
the bonds, those boundaries that helped you create this image. Those
boundaries were your physical template, the body types that have
existed on planet Earth since you first took physical form. Now that
is changing and the excitement is unbelievable throughout the
universe. All eyes are on humanity. The game was to be over, and it
would have been ending on planet Earth between 2000 and 2012 So, right
about now there would be very few people left on planet Earth and you
would be in some of the most difficult situations of survival on this
planet. But that is not the case, for you have already shifted the
outcome. Now you are adjusting your physical bodies and the Earth is
giving birth to allow for a new form of human. Everything is changing
to allow more of your god-self in these physical forms and that is
exciting. Now how do you take the next step and how do we help you? We
cannot. We have never played the game of being human. We can tell you
what is coming, but we are relying on you to help each other. We are
relying on you to tell one other and connect that information, because
that will make it easier for everyone who follows that path. It will
make it easier for everyone to know who they really are and what their
gifts are on this planet.

It is a magical time taking place
on planet Earth that is beginning today. It has been happening slowly,
but from this point forward you will see physical changes that you
have not seen before. It is exactly what you have asked for and you
deserve every moment of it, dear ones.

Some of you are
wondering whether you are in the right place or whether this resonates
with you, but you scripted this long ago. There were only so many
bodies that could fit on planet Earth at this exact time, and the
reason you are here is because you have something very important to
give. You have a part of Home that you brought, and although it has
been hidden from most of you and you have not been able to find it
yourselves, that is about to change. So how do you find your inner
beauty? How do you take that next step? You help someone else find
their beauty. You reflect it first and then learn how to be the light,
because there are two ways of working with light: you can be the light
or you can reflect the light. Both are incredible gifts of lightwork
on this planet.

Dear ones, we see the struggles you go
through. If it were possible for us to remove the veil for just a
moment for you to really see who you are, it would be magical and life
would be very easy for you. The problem is that if we did that, most
of you would go Home and you would not be here playing the game. You
have agreed to put on the veil and pretend to be a human, bumping
around and finding your way. We are here to cheer you on and to share
with you how beautiful you really are. Dear ones, like proud parents,
we could not be prouder of the planet that we watch over. Planet Earth
is very much a part of our lives, although we have never taken a
physical form to be able to be where you are and feel what you feel.
You are the masters of the gameboard. You are the ones who have dared
to take off your wings to be here, to have a human experience and we
wish you all the best. We wish you all the most beautiful human
experience you can have.

We leave you with three little
reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect. Look in each
other’s eyes and find that inner beauty. Nurture one another every
chance you get and play well together.



(You can watch the video of this channeling here

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