greetings unto you beloved and "wholly"friends…
i come this day with a message of peace..
of love…of truth…your truth…
the "truth" of who you are…
you are a "piece of christ"
christ is an earthly label given to
the "consciousness of the one"
who is love
that which you are eternally one with…
you are that one birthed forth from
the mystery of love
that is eternally one with its source…
you have descended into time
placing a veil upon your memory
of that which you are…
~christ consciousness" is that which knows
that only love exists…  
it is that which "recognizes" itself
 as one with the source
of all creation…
yes…you are that…!!!!!
you are a "piece" of that which
Christ is
and yet you are "all"
that Christ is…
you are an extension of that love
here in time
appearing in a body
yet….the body you have actualized
is nothing more than a vehicle from which
the truth of Christ can be extended
into this dream of time
until the dream becomes the truth
of that which you are…
you are in that process ~now~
this is self-realization…
so…this day
i would ask of you to "own" your divinity…
to "own" it is to remember it…
one and the same…
to bring your "piece" of that which Christ is
is to be the presence of peace…
to choose peace within each and every arising…
to observe the flow
of arisings and passings away
and to "know" that all of it
is….IS…the perfection
of that which Christ is…
to extend your peace
is to own your oneness with
the mystery of love…
to choose to bring your loving thoughts
to each and every arising within time
so that peace can be remembered again
within all…
please…dear….dear holy child of love
do not forget the importance of your thoughts…
of your beliefs…
you have birthed the new that is
here now on your beloved planet earth…
your holy mother is aware
that you have come to realize
that she is "your body"
she is your holy mother
and she is along with you
ascending into the the vibration
of the new earth…
i come this day with a request…
join with your holy mother often now…
at this moment in your ascension process
she is releasing all unlike love
within her body as are all of you…
with each choice for peace
no matter what you see on your
with each choice that you make within
your heart
to see only the perfection
of energy that is arising and passing away
you assist her transition
as you do your own….for you are one with
your holiest of mothers…
spend time each day with her flowers
 of beauty…her trees of golden light…
her oceans that sparkle with the light
of that which love is…
her waters of pure christ consciousness…
for you see …dear ones
it is within the "waters"
that the consciousness of Christ
has descended and
is being digested within all things…
your floods…your meltings of the ice caps…
your tsunamis
they are all waters that are once again
carrying the vibration of christ within them…
even your beloved
which is filled with the "muck" of old beliefs
is in service as her waters are transmuting
all of the energies of greed and shame
that your " companies" have brought into
your dimension…
yet….love is eternally neutral…
you are the  ~ arms of love ~  here on earth
and as an of love
you are here to bring your "love"
even to those "companies" that appear
to be "the bad ones"
for you see dear heart of my heart
they are simply a symbol…playing out
a drama
that is an effect of your own thoughts
of greed…of fear of survival..
 a belief in separation
it is right here now for all to view…
we ask of you from this "space" of
love where we exist outside of time
to bring your love
to all….to all
that are a part of this "event!!!!
all events are neutral…
yes…i know it is much easier to see
events as neutral when they are
seemingly distant from you…
i know it is easy to "see this occurrence"
as outside of you…
yet….I will share with you
my final teaching i gave to all
of my beloved friends known as
the apostles…….
~there is nothing outside of you~
all that you see…you are…
so…to love all that you see
is to bring into harmony
all that "you are"
so…my beloved piece of christ…
be at "peace" this day
and know
"that all is perfect"
for your earthly eyes
could not possibly show you
the perfection of loves dance
that is aligning all things
back into the heart of love…
there is not one person…place or thing
on your beloved terra
that is not a part of this at-one-ment…
all are in service to this grand awakening
of the divinity that all of you
carry within you
even the "seeming bad guys"
are in truth your saviors
as they have chosen to be the ones
to bring forth for the eyes to see
that which is in need of your love…
take this deep within
and know that i am with you always
and in all-ways…
your beloved jeshua
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touch another with your presence of peace
this day…..