It has recently been brought to my attention by the Pleiadian High
Council that as of the 3d week of May, the bulldozer brigade (aka
path-pavers) have been undergoing an intense reconnection of their 12th
strand of DNA.

I am told that the reconnection of the twelfth strand corresponds to
both cosmic consciousness and earthly grounding…resulting in the full
spiritual human template…and is a process of being pulled at both
ends…intensely purifying on the highest and lowest levels of our
dimensional existence in preparation for the next phase.

Say what?

As I understand it, each of the 12 strands of DNA represents one of the
twelve aspects of multidimensional consciousness.

Three strands represent and govern the physical body, another three
govern the emotional body, another three govern the mental body and the
remaining three govern the spiritual body.

All these aspects are represented in our bodies as new neural pathways
to the brain and are connected to our endocrine system and glands. These
glands work in collaboration with our chakras and when all neural
pathways are open and flowing in alignment with our , they
provide the pathway or conduit to the higher realms, resulting in our
experience of multidimensional consciousness.

As we undergo the entire biological reconnection process, we slowly
begin to notice the effects of becoming fully conscious or
multi-dimensional… and when our 12 strands of DNA have finally been
reconnected and activated, we are able to experience life within the
consciousness of multidimensionality.

In other words… we exist in the third dimension of physical reality
while retaining our connection and relationships with higher level
beings/energy/consciousness and we operate consistently from a state of
heart-centered love (christed consciousness).

The 12th Strand

From the information I am receiving, many way-showers are currently in
the midst of, or finishing up, the reconnection of the 12th strand
helix, which is the multidimensional self in physical form…the cosmic
gateway or portal to living in full harmony with the soul. This is a
time-encoded galactic/solar activation fired when a soul has reached the
light quotient necessary to transcend the lower 3 dimensions of
polarized time and space. So really…its all math and geometry.

Apparently, what happens after the reconnection of this strand is the
reuniting of god-flow… and on a biological level I hear that the "body
will be washed of any remaining toxins (incurred through 3d dimensional
existence) through the alimentary canal as the soul’s consciousness is
carried to the upper echelons of spiritual/physical existence."

(This apparently accounts for all that lower intestinal distress since

I am also told that this process takes about 4-6 weeks for the physical
body to integrate and mutate to align with this new level consciousness.
This particular reconnection started around the 3d week of May which
brings us to right around the June Solstice for completion &
activation (give or take).  As always, we will believe it when we feel

Here’s what the Pleiadians had to say with regard to our growing

"We’ve said to you many times before that what is arriving is what
you’ve all been waiting for, but we realize that only your direct
experience will ensure your full understanding.

Because of this, we patiently wait by the sidelines to watch you
experience the full lifting of the veil.

It will be a timed moment, consisting of 3 powerful solar-galactic
gateways by which those who are on this side of the veil will merge
energetically with those of you participating with the 12 dimensions of
physical creation.

This moment is nigh, and all those theories that you have surmised in
your thinking of what it could & will be like, will be washed away
in the flood of actual living the christed experience.

The storms are passing. A resurrection is imminent.

All who are participating on this timeline consciously or not, will
experience the shift into love. This will be a moment of great
magnitude for all way-showers, yet this moment of breakthrough also
marks the beginning of another cycle of downfalls for even greater
structures of influence… a bitter-sweet experience in global terms.

Stay tuned to your inner light, disregard the dismantling world, and
remain steadfast in the inner workings of your 12th dimensional

What next?

Next up for all you pioneering star-people out there: the rewire of the
13th strand of DNA…which I am told is the biological reformatting

The reconnection & activation of this strand of DNA will allow for
the intent of consciousness to restructure the human body.

I will have more to report on this in the upcoming days… and I don’t
want to you to blow a circuit while trying to wrap your brain around
these concepts… but I will say that we are coming up on the ability to
alter our human genomes (The (the genetic material of an
organism) is arranged into 12 dimensionalized mathematical programs,
each of which set the blueprint for one Double-Helix chemical DNA
Strand) to the point that we will be able to communicate and direct our
cells to mutate, regenerate or alter in a way that will be beneficial to
the whole organism of our physical biology.

Happy Solstice!

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