June is a month of contrasts. For many of you it will be
a rest month
, time to regenerate, go within, and recreate the
dynamism within you for the next external period to come. For you,
this is an inward time, with the primary focus being on what is going
on internally.

For others it will be a restless time,
a month of spiky and high contrast, a time of feeling on the
edge, with an accompanying uneasiness of spirit, mind, and even
physical being. For you, this is an outward time, with the focus being
on externals.

In this time of contrast, it is ever more important
to remember where you are going, and what is coming next, while
attending most of all to the present moment.

The primary
difference among you will be of what it is you are embracing about
yourself and your path. Neither path — the inward or the outward — is
preferable to the other, although one may feel more innately "you" than
the other. If in the first half of the year your focus was external,
look now for a shift that will create balance overall within the year;
in other words, look now to flip into the other portion of the cycle.
If, again, in the first half of your year you were primarily focused on
things external to yourself, looking inward now will help you regain a
sense of balance to carry you through the year. The important thing is
that you embrace this contrast and allow it to carry you into what
comes next.

June is a fulcrum month within the
calendar year. Within the space of this month, there is much underlying
decision-making, and many of you are feeling it. Should I leave my job
and follow my dream? Should I make a change in my relationship,
because, I am feeling uncontented? Should I start that new project I’ve
been thinking about/talking about for months now? If ever there was
the perfect time for a new beginning, this month is it. Things begun
this month have a good chance of finishing, and creating within that
new beginning the space and path that the rest of the year will follow,
with the years to come piled on afterward. Beginnings look especially
auspicious this month, so we would encourage you to think about your
life in those terms, whether you are in the inward phase of this energy
or the outward phase.

Signs that you are in the flow of June’s
  • Feeling as if time is speeding up and you are riding
    the crest of a wave
  • Making new connections with others
  • Feelings
    of synchronicity
  • Omens and signs, like seeing repeated numbers
    on a daily basis
How to get into June’s

Deep breathing is especially important this month. The respiration of
the planet is changing, as is the pulse. Recalibrating yourself with
the breath of the Earth will help you feel in the flow of the energy
around you. Every time you feel out of step, bring yourself to
meditation and then breathe in time to an inner metronome. This may be
slightly slower or faster than you are accustomed to, so give yourself
time to adjust. When the timing is right, you will feel lighter
physically, as if the weight of gravity has lifted slightly.

We often recommend like tai chi, yoga and qigong. They
connect you to a foundation that includes the planet upon which you
live. This month you’ll want to begin or continue your practice, or try
simply moving slowly and gracefully in a way that seems to bring
energy up through your feet and legs and moves it upward and around
your body. Paying attention to your hands can help with this. Imagine
that they hold a ball of energy and move this around your body with
slow graceful movements.

Dreamwork. June’s dream
activity will be on the increase, as many of you are preparing for
deeper spiritual engagement. Dreams can be a sign of astral activity or
can be your guides and higher self, speaking directly to you. Pay
attention to the feelings left as residual from your dreams. Begin a
dream journal to chronicle the changes over time with your conscious
connection to the dream world. If you haven’t already, try lucid

Global change in June

A new emphasis
worldwide on things that connect people
. While the
earthquake united people in a way that was unprecedented, we see the
beginnings of worldwide events that have a similar harmonizing effect
that will likely be less catastrophic in nature. These are things like
dance contest winners, book or film phenomena, sports figures, and
human-interest stories that touch people on a heart level.

in architecture.
People are reshaping living spaces and how
they associate with one another on a communal basis, which is played
out through the structures within which they live.

in animal rights.
As you begin to re-recognize the connection
among all living beings, this becomes evident in new laws and other
discernible change in the treatment overall of animals.

change in June

Again, this is a good time for beginnings as
mentioned above. Take care with what you begin this month, as it will
leave a trail for you to follow for the rest of the year. Again, as
fulcrum of the year, this month is pivotal and crucial in forming want
is coming next. If you feel fear or anxiety about this, try some of the
above exercises to help you feel in the flow of this powerful energy.
Remember though that it is a month of contrasts as well, and you may
feel either or both of the ways previously described: you may
experience this energy as either inward or outward, or a sometimes
crazy-seeming combination of both. Gain, it is helpful to ground
yourself into some of the activities mentioned above, as well as to
connect more firmly to the community around you. This connection to
others will play an increasingly important role as time goes on, so
beginning activities that take you within the realm of others who you
feel are like-minded is especially helpful this month.

When we
mentioned beginnings, it is useful to remember that these can also be
endings at the same time. New dream jobs mean the relinquishment of the
old one. New relationships mean transition away from the comfortable
and familiar. New projects can feel overwhelming and frightening. Allow
yourself to move through the grieving process of whatever it is you
are letting go of this month, and truly honor that letting-go by
immersing yourself in it.

Other things to look for in June:

  • Changes
    in appearance.
    This may be the time for a hair cut or
    wardrobe style change. Think also about your body and especially about
    the image you present to the world around you. What is internal is
    becoming external — what do people see about you? Is there anything
    wish to change about this? Step into this month’s energy and bring
    more of you out to play, even the parts you think others may not like.
    If you are confident about yourself, others will accept you.
  • Travel.
    You may be feeling as if you wish to “get away”, and this can be
    helpful. Remember that wherever you go, you take yourself with you.
    Reviewing yourself on an inner level can be easier in an unfamiliar
    atmosphere, but travel also lends itself to denial. Invite awareness
    to where you are with this.
  • Injury and illness.
    Many of you will be granting yourselves time and space to do that
    looking-inward from a space of slowness and healing. This is not a bad
    thing and can invite much self-awareness. Be sure to give yourself
    ample time and space to complete the process.
  • Connections.
    Again, interpersonal connections are beginning to become paramount.
    Expect serendipitous meetings and connections with new people
    beginning this month, who will soon begin to reshape the landscape of
    who you spend your time with. Expect to spend some time thinking
    seriously about the people in your life and what energies you wish to
    carry with you into the future you are creating.

the easiest way to ride the waves of June’s energy is to simply relax
allow things to occur as they will
. Beginning a practice
of mindfulness can help with this process. Meditation also supports a
balanced way of looking at things. Allow this month of contrasts to be
your friend, your ally in the Self you are allowing to unfold as well
as the life you are creating now.

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