I drop from the circumstantial fractal sky of my nicest dream ever, into the metallic digitized ring of my digital monstrosity doubling as phone, alarm clock, and spycam contraption. Needing to get up, and get out to silence it for the next round, I stagger to my  analog feet, and train my vision sensors enoug to be able to touch her Z-spot, the one that silences her at least until I tell her to open up and let me in. She decides to play really dead this morning, and presents me with a red-eyed message of no batteries included, having failed to suck seed from the umbilical that connects her to mains central. OK, I guess today I’ll be a only if I wing it, because my primo digital sidekick just went belly up on me, into Sudden Death Match….

I put her to sleep again, making sure her IV is on and dripping, before proceeding to the bath room to wake up and dress. of my frame against the door frame wakes me from the typing realization that I could put on my candy stripers uniform, and go to work incognito. Just imagine, 6 foot 6, 222 pounds, dressed in pink and white, with silk stockings all the way:

The Cure’s Disintegration

…takes me into the realization that I can just "Come As You Are…" , because the white mini of my TONO’s leaves me adequately protected at least from the weather. and the most prying eyes of onlookers. It wouldn’t stop the offending defenders though, who’d prbably call me a cross-dressing, sneaky big pervert, whose woman in red is way too young to ever be anything else than his daughter…. 

Knowing her, we’ll have a nice hearty ROTFLOCAO afterwards. For those of you that can’t piece that one together: ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING OUR COLLECTIVE ASSES OFF!  Guess I’ll have a CACAO while getting out of my laughing fit as I write this…..

Half an hour before the bike to work, peddling lecherous deep thought all the way no doubt. Plenty of time for anything comletely different: the LARCH

Streaming unadulterated adult entertainment in the mean time. Why DO they call it MEAN TIME, nothing mean about my digital alarm clock. No, nothing compared to the two Langoliers that made me walk the plank:

But enough about that, they unwittingly did me a huge favor back then, as the blood dripped from my hands and knees. Didn’t miss my lower legs like Luitenant Dan, (which I accidentally promoted to yesterday), but I was just not ready back then to pick myself up and walk. Simply missed the fucking FAITH!!!  Surely that would have silenced their torturing little butts!

Larch again…

Weird Science, which brings me straight back to my One Pet Peeve: the woman in RED!


Yeah, what can I say? I’m a NERD, but does that automatically make me a PERVERT?  Nope, unless I CHOOSE 2 B ONE! 


"Let’s be careful out there….. "  Yeah Right! As if we could ever break the awesome evolutional power of Spirit- and ghOStWare!

Play Nice, Lovers!!!