I still don’t quite get it. I mean coming to understand the Matrix is one thing, but what’s with this fanatic thrust to avoid anything that is part of it? Surely, to get more people out, you have to at least spend part of your time in there, if only to be able to reach them? Sure, take care of yourself properly, and armed with all this knowledge you can do that, but avoiding all that is of the Matrix surely creates a similar separation as those in the Matrix avoiding anything that is without?And is is not as if avoiding the Matrix altogether is a task easily
performed anyhow: of all the numerous companies that exist worldwide,
part are Matrix, while others are New World. Often, if you open up to
the world, you develop a certain feel for this: like the new netbook I
bought a few weeks back, not because of a given set of technical specs,
but merely because of it’s type: Acer Aspire One. This may seem
ridiculous to you, but sofar it is the most suitable machine for me at
this present time. But specwise, it is about half of what I had before. I
guess growing up, really growing up, you learn to utilize your toys
better, thus being able to do with less.

I know I’m recovering from being overworked, and people like my
will probably think I was just seeing things, but if you
ever stop by a busy freeway, have a go at watching all the painted
trucks go by. Odds are, you’ll begin to see a pattern there, like I did.
I’ll not give you a breakdown right here right now, but you’ll
definitely start to see what is Matrix and what isn’t, your discernment
will see to that, if properly used. Specifically watch for recurring
patterns in that stream, for as you know, deja vu is an indication of
changes in the Matrix…

Browsing around the supermarket is also an experience that might
enlighten you: watching the sheer overkill of different products, and
remembering they’ll need a hefty piece of to produce each
and every one of them, one soon begins to wonder if there is any space
left on this globe for us to live on. Especially if you think about the
fact that a bottle of shampoo needs two factories: one for the bottle,
and one for the shampoo. And that is for simple products, like packs of
biscuits, or pre-sliced ham. Have you ever noticed by the way how very
regular all these packages are? I mean, sliced ham is always a given
diameter, even though when slicing a ham yourself, you’d know the ham to
have a tapering end, starting big and ending smaller…..

Let’s not even talk about complex stuff like : thousands of
parts, many of which have to be cast specially. Sure, one factory could
make several parts at the same time, but most of the stuff is too darn
tiny to be assembled by human hands. Thus, a sizeable production line is
needed to do most of the assembly. And we all know how many new models
come out every month worldwide, forcing a redesign of an assembly line
as part of the process. Somehow, these numbers just don’t seem to add

Not wanting to add to this complexity, one would figure that buying
secondhand stuff is far more environmentally friendly: there is no
additional production process involved, it helps those that do wish to
buy new things to remove the clutter in their lives, and most of the
outlets selling secondhand articles are not in it for the money in the
first place. And you think it is difficult to find what you want from
those secondhand sales? Why, only two weeks ago I wished for a dresser,
seeing an empty space in my living room. Last weekend a female friend
asked me to go with her to a church sale, and there it sat: almost
exactly the measurements I’d wished for, and even the style matched my
desires! And that’s not luck, just the Cosmos at work!

But the Cosmos is not biasing us to keep outside the Matrix: my daughter
wanted a new (as in factory-delivered) phone, and mentioned it to
me in passing. I didn’t have the cash on hand, but when we went for
groceries yesterday I checked my account. And surely, there were 80
euros there which I hadn’t been expecting! No Cosmos saying "I won’t let
you have this", even though it was a new product.

The basic advice I can give? If it feels good to you, it is good for
you, no matter what anyone else says. In the end it is all your
creation, right? So enjoy it, even if other call some of it the Matrix.
Remember, just as there are untold versions of Reality, there are untold
versions of the Matrix. And no one can tell you when you’ve stepped
into that inner part, except you.

Love your discernment,