Body of Consciousness, Day 2

If you recall, yesterday was the first day of meditation after inviting
Body of Consciousness to play with me. It was a bit of a challenging
day energetically. The physical body once again experienced what I call
"hot waves". Also, that "roiling" throughout the body and mind.
These energies always tell me that I’m in a release time. I have to BE
with these energies, (feel them – YIKES!) and breathe and breathe
deeply some more in order to release. This, by the way, gives the mind
something to do too. I’ve found that understanding is over rated. I
don’t need to KNOW what is being released. It is, quite simply, ready
to go. At the end of all this, I feel an emptiness of sorts. I ask for
and picture Golden Light of Father/Mother God’s Perfection entering
through the crown and filling my body. This light is intelligent and
knows where to go to fill the void(s) left behind from the release(s)
and So It Is. And, this my friends, IS THE WORK.Meditation today was experiential. Get your own. LOL!

The Insight came during that meditation – no words, just Knowing. The
three aspects of Body Consciousness (, Living Spirit &
Master Intelligence) had previously been coming into my Awareness. With
my personal invitation to them to "Come on in and play with me", they
hit the ground running. They needed more space than was available.
This triggers all the bodies to work together to release whatever is
ready to be released – from whatever lifetime. Me, I just need to get
out of the way. Surrender and allow. I’m always guided as to what I
can do to assist (eat, breathe, sleep, walk – whatever). My job is to
follow that guidance and the sooner I do that, the sooner that space is

At the end of meditation today I was in a mountain valley. Three rivers
came together in the center of that valley. They had traveled a long
and challenging distance in order to re-unite. These rivers were
happiness beyond happiness. I stood there in the center of that
confluence quietly drowning in 3 rivers of joy at the same time.

Aha! another Insight. As I wrote the word ‘confluence’, it was like,
Where did that word come from? I don’t remember knowing that word. I
looked it up and indeed it was the perfect expression of where I was.

WikiDictionary states: Confluence: In geography, describes the
meeting of two or more bodies of water. It refers to the point where a
tributary joins a more major river, called the mainstem. It indicates
the source (river or stream)—headwaters where two or more streams meet
to become One.

Do you think there’s a message in there somewhere?