It does beg to be thrown out with the rest of the separation terms, doesn’t it? I mean, if you profess to believe that All is One, then your use of the word ‘alien’ would indicate you do not really believe that All is One. Because by definition alien implies some possibly irreconcilible difference between you and the other party, before an examination of said differences has even been attempted. It says  as much as: "I don’t know this, better be careful first"  Whereas true belief in All is One would suggest: "Even if I don’t know this one, we are of one family, the family of All"

And that’s the path I’m currently on: trying to hold my beliefs to the light, especially in light of their to one another, to make the stronger ones lovingly adjust the weaker ones, to arrive at a simpler yet stronger neural net. Likewise, the to give one’s to Source, to the All that Is. My next immediate concern was, that when I did, I might not be able to hear Him / Her lay out the route to take. But that concern would be null and void, because my same neural net holds the belief that the All is All-powerful, so making itself heard to clarify to me what needs to be clarified would be peanuts to one such entity, right?

I’m sure lots of other combo’s in fact make false shadows in our minds. Having a day at home, I intend to do some nice repetitive work, just like the Karate Kid (wax in, wax out), to further contemplate other internal discrepancies…

Lov’em as you straighten them out (your ideas),