Been working again yesterday, for the first time in weeks. It went OK, just as I’d intended that . This I do not have to work, at least not for my boss. That meant waking up as I felt like, which in this case meant growing tired of lying in bed by about eight thirty. Remembering to ly around a few moments, to designate my daily schedule, I came to the following….

Relaxed awakening means waking up with that feeling you just cannot comfortably keep lying there that very moment. No reason why, but you just do not feel like staying in bed any more. At the same time though, it doesn’t quite feel like you’re ready for the day either. What to do today? Anything fun? Sure as Heaven I’m not going to worry about the blunder I made of borrowing 300 euros from a site that seemed trustworthy at the time: yesterday they presented me with a bill for 512 euros, which  they say was just the main sum plus the costs, since they don’t charge interest. No doubt they dare not call it interest themselves, because then the awesome of their crime reveals itself to them: they charge their customers 70 PERCENT for just a single !. Good thing I walked into this shit before one of my did!

But enough about that, I was forming my day: I’m not particularly fond of it, but some domestic work needs to be done today. So lying in bed I imagined making myself a nice pot of coffee, and getting to work. Not for myself, because frankly, I don’t really care about some dishes in the sink, or a of grass on the carpet because the kid’s chihuahua’s bring it in from the garden. And the kids also don’t really care, at least I never hear them complain…

But I know who would like to arrive in a spic and span house, and since I’m keen on seeing her arrive again, I better get my vibration up to par to at least enable that chance. And as I lay there intending that, I felt the energy arrive, in great big gulps. Suddenly, my body felt like it was ready for the day, ready to make it count, and even slightly exhilarated to be able to do all that. So let’s get to it!

Love your Joy in work,