This picture is the view of the top left corner of my living room, from where I’m sitting to type this. Or at least it was up until ten minutes ago. It seems that no matter how I remove them, whether is is death by vacuum cleaner, mob, or deportation  into my back yard, there always reappears one in just a matter of days….

It’s as if the Cosmos is saying: "Hey, that Dre’ guy seems to be worth watching. Let’s put a -faceted webcam into his living room."  Well, I hope he got a nice show, but sometimes I’d rather not be watched, although I know that is an illusion just like anything else.

However, when taking the shot for this article, something became quite obvious: this little spycam, sweet as it may be, was ready to hatch another batch of unobtrusive observers, inside my home! Rather than going for the destructive modes of operation (You just don’t do that to an expectant mum), I decided for the relocation into my quite sunny backyard. No doubt she’d find a nice shadow spot there as well, without the explosion of teeny tiny little crawlers inside my home.

I took a sheet of paper from the printer, the garden door, and made a funnel that quite neatly surrounded her habitat near my ceiling with almost no way to escape. I’m not sure she read my mind, but mum crawled into the funnel, taking with her the sack of siblings. She moved around a bit, somewhat nervously, but together we made it to the garden table, where the little lady crawled off with het little ones, soon becoming one with the abundance of flowers growing right next to the table.

Sayonara Sistah!