, I am .
Dear Ones be anchored within your internal centers. Your internal throne
is in your heart. The internal throne of the Source is located in your
, do this connection and interlock in a grid connection.
Implement the multidimensional nature of Being here and now.

It is necessary the perception of your universality as a STATE of BEING.
I say this in all directions.
This activation of several points of light in your aura is necessary and
also in a expanded form, so the activation is to be give in each point
of intersection of the 12 energetic bodies that make the universe of the
human body.
Look at your internal SUN shining brightly and purifying your consciousness.
Look at the BLUE , PINK AND GOLDEN LIGHT that emanates from your .
You are the anchors of the DIVINE LOVE on earth. This is why your
attitudes in all directions are very important, especially in your homes
with your loved ones, pets, plants, objects, friends, thoughts,
attitudes, emotions. All this should vibrate in a higher form, more
sublime and pure. You already know all this in a very particular way,
but it’s time to expand it in all directions.
Be the Light that you came to be. And this starts within each one of
you. Stay in LOVE and LIGHT and be a beacon of light . Trust that
everything is right as it should be. Ask for our help as it ever was
said by each one of us. Have faith. Faith is nothing more than trust in
your Divine State of Being.
Stay in the LIGHT and PEACE of the DIVINE LOVE .
I AM Archangel Michael to each one of you.
So it is.
Channeling of the Group We are Light in Action in the chat room of Brother Veritus on 07/27/2010