Channeler: Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 31 May, 2010  (posted 26 July, 2010)

Your prepare you for the journey
of reconnection and you wish for this final stage of your spiritual
path to occur. In each lifetime you are unaware of the vast amount of
learning, healing and growth that you have accomplished since your
first entry into the and third dimension. You feel that you
come with no knowledge, learning or understanding and yet it is all
available to you once you release your fear of your own power and
accept that within you is a core of , despite the darkness
and fear you may feel.

The blocks to your growth and release from the
third dimension come from your questions about whether you are doing
enough for yourselves, others and for the world. You question your
competency by the results you see in the world around you, instead of
looking within and measuring your results according to your own soul’s
path. Your desire to heal the world begins with healing yourselves.
Each thing heals according to its own abilities, direction, soul
contracts and healing path.

Those in your life who require your assistance on
their are seeking your guidance and support because
they see the light within you. Some believe that by being with you they
can receive from you. Others want to learn from you. And there are
those who want you to do their healing work for them. While you can
participate in others’ healing, you do this best as an observer, guide
and by shining your own light so they can learn how to find theirs. You
cannot do enough to heal them because their healing is beyond your

You have done enough when you know that your own
healing is complete. There will always be darkness, pain and confusion
in the third dimension, which you will not be able to enlighten. Do not
confuse your own healing journey with that of the earth, whose journey
you participate in but are not responsible for. You have done enough
when you acknowledge your power and then are free to continue on your
journey into higher levels of being without regret, fear or guilt
because you think the world is not healed. This belief limits your
growth and keeps you in the confines of a journey that will never end.
You have done enough when you acknowledge that your work is done and
you allow yourself to rise to new levels of being, energy and higher
dimensions of love, knowing and light.

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