Posted: 20 Jul 2010 02:08 PM PDT

Channeled by for Life

Dear Ones,

Let us begin with a question – a question we have asked many
times, yet one that you are now more capable of answering than has been
true in the past – who are you?

Perhaps you wonder why we continue to ask this question and why you
still do not feel that you have the correct answer. In truth, as you
evolve your answer to this question will also. So rather than thinking
of this question as an end point, as you have in the past, think of it
as a focus point for today – but not necessarily beyond that point.

You no longer need to define yourself for the remainder of your time
on earth. Think in terms of how you have been programmed for to
establish a line of activity based on a few pieces of information. For
example, you are to determine what profession you wish to remain in for
the rest of your life at the age of 18 or 19 – before you have had most
of your major . Or you are to select your life mate at
the young age of 19 or even 30.

For you baby boomers, does the age of 30 not seem fairly young? If
not, think back to who you were and what you were focused on at that
age; and compare those thoughts to the you of today. Do you now
understand how utterly ridiculous is your ongoing need to define
yourself based on limited information – even though you may be of the
age that society says you should?

Not only can you not define who you are going to be with your current
information, throw away any thoughts of ever doing so again.

Such parameters merely limit your skills, interests and abilities.
Open your mind and heart and allow your being to flow.

What interests you today may hold no interest tomorrow. That is how
it should be. Of course, we have used the word ”should”. Please forgive
us, but we do not know how to put such a concept into words that you
will better understand – so for now, we will use the word “should”. But
we digress.

We have long told you that your most direct line to your inner being
is to return to the freedoms and joys of your infancy. Infants do not
set limits on their joy, their exploration or most of all, their
being. Infants are free to be who they are. They do not care if they are
dirty, funny, hungry or sad. They just are.

You, on the other hand, establish parameters. “I cannot be tired
today because I have a report due.” “I cannot be angry at my child
because he is a child.” “I cannot do this because…” “I cannot be this
because….” Parameters that limit your exploration of yourself and
therefore your being.

Return to the wonderment of childhood. Allow yourself to flow into
whatever container you wish to flow. If that container is too small,
expand it. If that container is too large, reduce it. And if that
container is just right today, but too large tomorrow adjust it

There are no longer any rules to your beingness; other than allowing
yourself to evolve, grow, expand, change and reduce at the rate and time
that is correct for you.

Throw away the rule book. Throw away anything that defines who you
are – particularly those rules and thoughts that reduce you to a cog in
the wheel of society.

You are free. Allow that thought to rattle around in your being. And
then, redirect your thoughts and joys into those areas that are right
for you today – not those joys that might be right for you tomorrow,
next year or in a decade – but are right for you at this moment. So be
it. Amen.

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