An opportunity to embrace. Message from Ashtar through .

By Mark Stearn.

18th July, 2010.

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Greetings powerful hearts,

A time of great opportunities is upon you. You have the matrix within you to create a new world. All it requires is the choice to act from your guidance. You are now emerging from all that has gone before
as masters of a powerful new light. The new creation is dawning within
each one of you and is dawning at the core of the . The
now emerging from the galactic centre or core is heightened
greatly what with all the recent solar and planetary activities.

The choice is now yours to act. You have to wait or await no longer. The energy is there to build upon whatever you choose to create. You are the masters and know best how to do this. The planet is emerging
now from a long period of chaos however this will continue to abate for
sometime longer as this has been a period of great acceleration and
expansion. The universe and the cosmos and of course the planet earth
is expanding in it’s capacity to hold more light vibration than ever

Continue to meet beloved friends and create change beloved hearts. This is truly now the name of the game and the guidance emerging from the higher realms which is really found in your own hearts. You need
look no further than this glorious place to witness and experience all
that is occurring throughout the entire blessed creation. You are
quickly approaching . Balance is beginning to emerge but it
has not been without it’s challenges. It is a flowering and this always
takes a gentle patience and needs time.

Understand dear friends what is now passing before you, that which is being dismantled and left behind and witness the sheer gravity of all that lays ahead of you. So much is now being settled to pave the
way for the new. Old situations that no longer serve are being let go
and once more the nature of the day is one of change. Once you can move
with ease and grace with the growth and change then this makes the path
smoother for all to witness and move forward with.

Proceed forward now with a sure heart that the light emerging forth from you all now has a worldwide plan that is assuring your victory along the path of infinite growth. It is you who are making the change.
The reason we are here in such infinite numbers is because you have
called us forth. This is the endless power and supply that you
infinitely have at hand. Continue to look forward no further than your
own heart for the answers. Many of you have so many questions at this

Rest easy in the fact that the answers are already there and that they lie within you. Take solace in the warmth of your heart flame and take this time for yourselves. The gentle healing touch of the universe
touches each one of you now. Take peace in this also. Until we speak

In love and much regard,