There is an ocean that dwells
Beneath you..
Its “essence” is unseen by you
Yet all that it is  can be witnessed
And experienced by you
Each moment…
It is an ocean of consciousness…
Of peace…of pure neutrality…
It is that which you are..
You are the consciousness of abba…
Of all that is…
It you….breathes you
And births forth all that you see
Within each and every moment…
All that this ocean is…
Is what you are…
Yes…you are the very “essence” unseen
Yet experiencing itself as a body…
In the process of remembering
~you are the essence~
And not the body..
The essence you are and are
One with..
This ocean of love that is one with you
Waits on your love…
By love in this context we will use the word
It is YOU waiting for you
To  remember  that it is you!!!
All that love is ….waits upon your choice
To  embrace that it is with you always
And to experience for yourself
The truth of its presence
By choosing    ~ for it  ~
Within your ~thoughts~ once again…
When you drop the pebbles into the consciousness
Of your own ocean
That extend peace…that extend unconditional love..
That extend allowance…
That extend all of creation itself
You add to the ocean of life
And extend that which abba…god is
Into the whole of life itself..
As each and everyone of you
Drop these pebbles of love
Into the waters of your own universe
They add to and expand all of those
Of your brother and sister
And one day…in the twinkling of an eye
All of those particulates of loving thought
Will lift this planet into that of the golden era…
I know each and every one of you wonder
What you can do for yourself…for your loved
For your “
Your future is being birthed right now
By your very choice of what pebbles
You will drop into the rivers of your
Own consciousness…
Your own heaven within…
This love “waits on your welcome”
It surrounds you…it breathes you..
It is with you always…
It is YOU
Waiting for “your welcome”
Would you “fall in love” with you again
This day????

I am the unseen essence that springs forth
As all that you see
What I AM……you are…

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