At first glance of Lauren’s title today, I figured "Hey, that’s a great idea!" Rather than inviting friends over to bring you more stuff you may or may not like, why not have them over to a sort of garage sale where they can acquire stuff from your life at a price of course? Great way to remove the clutter from your life, leaving you with some neutral currency to fill the void thus manifested with what you really like….

Lauren’s idea isn’t quite the same in hindsight, but to be I’ll just it below:

It’s that time again!

Last , on a whim, I
decided to offer
all members of my mailing
a day of discounts to celebrate my
birthday. The response was so great that I not only decided to do it
again, but this year I am going to extend the sale for the whole holiday
weekend : ))

I am going to be 36 on the 4th of July so this time
I am offering 36% off of all my products (with the exception of the
Telepathy Training
weekly email course) starting
tonight at midnight and ending July 4th at midnight.

to get in on the birthday fun! (Once you add products to the
shopping cart you will have an option to apply a special coupon on the
"view cart" )

Happy Independence Day,