Glad to see at least someone’s doing allright.  Go Brenda!

I’ve lost track of the number of days since these writings began. It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged my writings, though I have continued meditating and writing down messages from my Self, as well as a heck of a lot of and clearing. This and energies definitely did a job on and through me.

I seem to be back to center physically and spiritually I am different. I can’t say how exactly. and crown centers are more open and I feel as well as see more vivid colors (purples, pinks, greens, golds, and lots of white light) and geometric patterns.

Yesterday, during a nap, I had a dream of being carried (with my books and journal) by a very handsome man with a French accent to a square vehicle for a very fast ride (as passengers and no sign of a ) with strange scenery flying by. I was not afraid – more like amazed and observant. I asked my I AM Presence for a translation of the dream and got…"Trust in safety. Open to new experience. You have the knowledge and you are doing the work for fast transformation. Spirit is riding with you."

I’ve had other challenges over the past few weeks and have made some
changes that in the past would have knocked me off center. The changes
were needed and I knew it so the decisions were rather easy. I admit
that for the first few days afterwards the ego messed with me ("What are
you doing???"). I KNOW I AM a power much greater than I believe I AM. I
Know that my ego is losing its power very quickly. Even though I don’t
understand it and even though I can’t analyze it, I am going to trust in
ME – a power that is greater than I Know. In trusting that I send forth
that Power in the form of unconditional love to every thought form and
manifestation that it be made Perfect in the for the
enlightenment of the world.

So Be It. And, So It IS.