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Blessings to all the beautiful and radiant Children of the Sun,

From now through to the September Equinox, high frequency light transmissions through the planetary Crystalline Grid will bring heightened awareness to the cosmic and photonic pulsing to the Earth in support of the glorious emergence of Unity (Christ) Consciousness. These transmissions are purposed to greatly assist with assimilation, synthesis and practical application of these quantum cosmic energies into our ascending daily life.

These are divine emanations of interstellar light and sonic vibration to assure the victorious evolution of planet Earth and our ascension into the new system of energy. Our new and expanded human and planetary design is being alchemically constructed by these incoming light frequencies which  assist to anchor and integrate the foundational overlays of multi-dimensional templating within the physical plane.

Through these transmissions, Lightworkers with elevated light quotients can immediately endure accelerated, whole body upgrades in order for a much deeper genetic/cellular transfiguration to occur. The sacred purpose is to actualize a first wave of humans into full soul embodiment and the new I AM Avatar blueprint. This will greatly illuminate and strengthen the ascending consciousness pathways for the rest who follow.

The transmissions of the Cosmic Rays spiral forth from the heart of Mother/Father God and are overlighted through the guiding light intelligence of many benevolent beings, assisting star nations and all of us as planetary light servers. They are a Divine Dispensation, gifted to everyone to help actualize our highest potential as evolved sovereign citizens of a unified and harmonious .

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Global coordination in collaboration with The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network.

We use the term, "Christ" as a way to express the enlightened consciousness of Divine Unconditional Love.

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Transcending the Time-Space Continuum

As our planetary body has shifted into a higher frequential oscillation, we too have been quickened in our molecular spin ratios. With so many of us accelerating as a unified harmonic, we are now catapulting into the fields of multi-dimension. We are more easily perceiving and consciously experiencing parallel realities, sister dimensions and merging timelines which is essential to our planetary service work.

With ability to travel outside of the time-space construct, we can partner with Gaia and on-going Earth changes in much deeper intimacy for the greater dimensional shifts to occur within the entire holographic field overlay and prior to some of these events actually happening. (This is likened to what a healer does in focusing first upon the outer energetic or etheric body of a person which then transforms the denser physical form.)

As we work outside of the formed, linear continuum, we find that this is one of the greatest influencing factors to shift mass consciousness, prophecy and other unwanted rising potentials that carry destructive qualities.

We collapse time by experiencing our desired, most perfect reality in each moment. Every moment that we collapse time, the linear and more polarized reality around us is altered. This is why it is essential to continuously vision and radiate the patterns of perfection for our self, every person, place and situation.

Imagine how effortlessly the current dense Earth reality can dissolve and the new reality simultaneously emerge, when thousands of us operate in this way. With our focus and our life constantly living New Earth vision, we are constantly collapsing time by experiencing future golden realities in this Eternal Now.



Our blessing this full moon cycle…


The Planetary Grid Transmissions

In focused unity this Sunday, July 25

This full moon cycle, a beautiful silvery ray gifts us with abundant illumination and realized knowledge through a peaceful space of Eternal Now. In this transmission, we are graced with overlighting from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light who are specifically attuned to this focus with us.

As master beings of the 5th dimension, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are one of the many star nation groupings greatly assisting Humanity through accelerated evolutionary processes. It is through the portals of time, that the illumined Pleiadian wisdom brings advanced information, healing and empowerment to ease our ascension into .

The Cosmic Ray of Interstellar Service helps us to shift into the infinite and Eternal Now… as pure beingness in form. In this state of conscious awareness, no further veils of illusion are endured. We are reaching levels of vast expansiveness enabling greater integration of our 5th dimensional, crystalline template.

This Cosmic Ray assists our ability to step beyond time and space through the inner stargate of self knowledge. In this process of actualizing the true Self, we experience existence on Earth (and beyond Earth) as a collective Cosmic Christ. We are being taken into the formless, timeless experience of being in everything, as everyone. This is the point of truly coming into the eternal moment through synthesis of all past, present and future representations of Unity Consciousness on both a planetary and cosmic scale.

Gifts of Illumined Abundance ~

During this lunar cycle, many of us will have more mystical realizations of our Divine Magnificence and experience ourselves truly as angels with great devotion to planetary service work. Our service work is carried out unconditionally and without the expectation of what is being given back in kind, knowing that Source will always bless us with gifts of abundance and all that we need to accomplish our tasks.

The gift of this Cosmic Ray greatly serves those in roles of teaching, healing and imparting the great Divine Wisdom to the mass public. We will be strengthened in our leadership to gently guide by simply being a wayshower in how we conduct our own lives. We have mastered the teachings that we generously share and serve humbly and joyfully by example.

For others, this silver ray wave of wisdom may bring about greater clarity, spiritual insights or deepening feelings of joy and love in our lives. It may also be a grand reunion with our Pleiadian family.




Cosmic Rays ~ Pleiadians ~ Healing ~ Transformation

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