26 July 2010 – 10:20am
Channeler: Elanthra

Greetings One and All.

This is I, , your brother and comrade, and I’ve come to you today first of all to bless you and greet you, and hoping that you had a divine, wonderful, delightful . Know that the energies continue to Culminate and to Flow and to Emerge, and with the Moon, the lunar energies that have come forth and the solar energies that are preparing to spring forth on July 11th, you can look forward to that. Know that ‘This Is A Time Of Reflection ~ A Time Of Emergence…’ Emergence. Emergence of everything that is Magical and Everything That Is Out Of The … The Divine Crystalline . With this will come Intense Emotions, Intense Reflection and reflection of all that you have created as a whole, as a totality… as One. With the emergence of the emotions will come emotions that are uncomfortable, emotions that will indeed be intense, and purging. Purging… now is the time for the balance of the Divine Masculine and the and the melding and the interweaving of the two.With the Moon comes Creativity and Consciousness and the
Of Water, Water Is Consciousness, Unique Consciousness. So, we urge you
to be mindful of what you are creating with your thoughts and mindful of
what you are feeling with your emotions. Think of it as a Reflective
Mirror Upon The Waters, if you may.

The Sun energy brings Passion and Romance, and yes, Creativity and the
Joie De Vivre and a Zest For Life… Kundalini Energy certainly, but just
Creativity and just Warmth, Warmth Of The Heart and Warmth Of The Earth.
And with the fire energy comes the Healing and the Transmutation as
well. So, with the mixture of the water and the passion, All That You
Want Can Manifest And Bubble Up With Great Vigor And Vitality.

Today I’m accompanied here in the midst of this Portal with The New
Children ~ The Crystalline Children, and we’d like to paint a Divine
Picture for you ~ A Divine Crystalline Silhouette, if you will. So, I
will begin by allowing the children to speak and bid you blessings upon
this day. Know that I AM with you on this journey, and we urge you all
to just Keep Stepping Forward With Your Feet Planted On The Ground – to
Hold The Vision and Anchor The Light. Help to anchor these new energies
as well, please, and just Step Forth With Confidence And Courage In The
Light. We Are ever with you and for you, for your beckon and your call.


Greetings One and All. This is Crystal, and I’m here with my brothers
and sisters. We ARE The Rainbow Children, and We ARE coming forth now
manifesting in many forms of energies to bring forth the New Crystalline
World, and ‘We Have Come To Clear The Way For Your Graceful
Transitions.’ Right now we would like to paint the picture of the new
energies that are coming forth, and what the Universe is bringing forth
from our perspective at this point in time.

As I stand here, I AM joined by the Universal Goddess, who comes forth
and subtly makes her entrance with her back turned, and then subtly
turns around and embraces and welcomes All in all of her glory as she
sprinkles splashes of beautiful, glorious whirlpool swirls of Fragrant
Rainbow Roses of every colour you can think of down through The Portal.
The Divine Roses emit Crystalline Blessings, soft kisses and whispers of
promises for today and tomorrow. The Portal is upturned in a sweet,
sensual embrace, as it gracefully bends forward into delicate surrender
and graceful flow. The Divine Portal Parts and Opens and the Crystalline
Codes out of The Heart of God spill forth.

The Crystalline Children are seen to emerge out of our disc-shaped
crafts accompanied by Clear, Sheer Crystalline Umbrellas that gracefully
float in soft caresses on the winds above our heads. And all comes
alive and flourishes as we dance the Enchanting Ballerina Dance and step
and float with Delicate Gentility atop the tulips’ heads with
Shimmering Wings that surrender to the Pristine Peaceful Flow. And my
brothers and sisters can be seen to play Violins, whose musical notes
float in rapturous delight through ‘Tulip Light Beam Speakers’ Across
the Universe and interweave with the Crescent Moon. The notes then swirl
down through the Portal, creating a Splendid ~ Rhythmic ~ Free-flowing ~
Paint-brushed Silhouette and a Peaceful Counterclockwise Solace.

Next, The Crystalline Children delightfully skip rope in Divine
Free-flowing ‘Figure of 8‘ Creative Symmetry, and swirl down and adjoin
with the Mesmerizing, Luminescent, Crystalline as it
Out-branches and Expands poignantly Across the Universe.

We ARE here to tell you that ‘It Is Time, The Ship Has Come In’ across
the Rippling ~ Peaceful Waters that have washed upon the shore, and It
Is Time For Your Ship To Come In Now. Your ship has come in, and we urge
you to ‘Anchor The Sails And The Masses And Come Ashore… Come Ashore as
The Golden Castle of One emerges with The Council of 12.’

The Crystalline Children can be seen to slide down The Golden Slide as
The Golden Pathway ~ The Golden Gateway is paved and descends to anchor
upon Mother Gaia; and know that this is an ‘Open High-way and By-way’
now for all who are ready to venture upon it. We urge you to have much
fun upon the journey ~ Enjoy The Journey, for One can take an approach
as to how they are gonna slide down the slide or slide along the slide,
you know. One can always ‘Have Fun With It And Go With The Flow.’ It Is
Time To Re-turn to your Crystalline State, And Time For The Awakening
and Real-ization Of That Which You Are, Have Been, And Will Be… Of That
Of The One. And Let All That Is Be Real-ized And Awakened Across The
Earth This Day.

I’d like to talk to you today about ‘Being Crystalline and Becoming
Crystalline.’ While we are here, we might as well just broach the
subject. Many of your DNA’s are changing and You Are Becoming
Crystalline, and some of the things that we would like to talk to you
about or that you might notice happening are:

* You might notice an increased sensitivity to vibrations. For instance,
you might pick up an object and be able to feel the vibration on it and
feel the density, or feel the tingling. You might have a sensitivity to
energy that you touch on doorknobs for instance; you might be able to
feel the energy that has accumulated on the doorknob. Certainly, a
sensitivity to vibrations of those around you and increased intuition,
of feelings. But, mostly we urge you to Protect Yourself With The Light
And Ground Yourself In The Light, because going out in crowds might be
challenging and draining.

* Nature is always a restorer, and music, any music that resonates with your soul and soothes, calms and uplifts you and;

* Your sense of smell might be heightened, but not just regular smells,
but you might be able to ‘Smell The Soul,’ and so you might find that
you will be walking in a crowd and you’ll be able to smell the actual
smell of souls. And… we’ll leave you to experiment with that (giggle).

* Some of the other things we’d like to stress is, just like with a
crystal, crystals absorb energy like a sponge, but they also emit and
reflect energy as well. So, if you thought as yourself as a Vessel ~ A
Crystalline Vessel, know that You ARE absorbing energy; and the energies
you absorb might be positive and sometimes they might be negative. So,
we stress that you cleanse yourself often, and ways that you cleanse a
crystal, we would ask you to cleanse yourself in similar ways; like
washing with sea salt, with refreshing warm water, sitting in the sun,
like you would place a crystal in the sun. It is important to cleanse
and to renew with your sunlight and with your Rays of God, and with the
healing of water as well, and with sleep; sleep is important, and

* Certainly, higher vibrational foods are required, anything that is
higher vibrational, like Proteins and Whole Grains and Fresh Filtered
Water and Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, especially Green Leafy
Vegetables. Try and cut down on your caffeine and your alcohol
and smoking, and any artificial stimulants. So, the key is to Treat
Yourself As You Would A Fine Race Horse, Stay In Balance And Treat Your
Body And Your Temple With Respect. Balance of Body, Mind and Soul is the

* Increased creativity and yearning to be creative, and an awareness and
appreciation of vibrant colour, and a more direct connection to Your
Highest Self.

* A ‘purer’ more childlike essence and heart that is teeming with Unconditional Love.
* The New Children now… when you are teaching them, we ask that you
Teach With Simplicity; Teach Them With Simplicity And With Integrity And
Come From Your Heart And With Respect. Alot of The New Children can
tell the difference, and Respect Always Warrants Respect. So, we ask
that you treat them with respect. Smaller groups for teaching are always
advised, and when you teach, Teach In A Fun, Creative Way.
Anything that is too dry or too dull or too complicated will not hold
their attention; and the smaller group, like what The Montessori
Teaching System condones, is always advised for teaching them. Esoteric
Subjects Are Advised, Things That Are Thought-provoking, Progressive,
Things That Are Interesting, and Smaller Groups. Please make sure that
there is ample circulation of air in the rooms and that the temperature
is not too extreme, like too hot or cold. Please also ensure that the
children have time for rest between teaching, because their minds and
systems can become overstimulated, and allow them lots of space; they
need lots of space around them and comfortable surroundings.

* Lots of Exercise in nature is advised for all that are Crystalline,
walking, moving, dancing, singing, gardening, anything that is creative.
Do the things that are therapeutic, anything that moves and stirs your
creativity, whether it be cross stitching or writing, playing music or
cooking, etc., any of these things that will calm, and keep yourselves

Just Go With The Flow Day By Day, and know that ‘The Flow, Especially In
These Energies, Is Subject To Change.’ I mean things are subject to
change, so just ‘Ride the ’ and Surrender Your Control
and know that your life is in the hands of your Higher Self and of your
Guardian Angels ~ your Master guides. Surrender To The Flow and Expect
Abundance. Know that Abundance Is Yours and Anything You Wish is Yours,
and it will manifest a lot faster in these energies. So, Be Mindful Of
Your thoughts And Your Feelings.

And, our question today is, “What Are You Expecting Today?” What Are You
Expecting? What do You deserve and what will you manifest? What is your
vision for the New Earth? What new do you envision?
Think about all the areas… all the areas and what you envision for your
New Earth, and what role will the children play. What role will the new
generations play in all of the areas of Science and Politics and
Religion or Spirituality and Medicine and Education?

We leave you with these thoughts today, and we just want to bid you
‘Smooth Transitions,’ and know that Everything That Is Inside You Will
Become Your Reality. Be gentle with yourselves and each other, and Raise
The Bar High, Raise The Expectations High, for the Universe delivers
unto you that which you expect. Many blessings and Magical
Manifestations and May you gracefully swirl into a Divine Future. We
love you with all our hearts. Please help to anchor this energy, all you
that are able and willing, and we bless you to overflowing this day. As
above, so below and so it is. Namaste.

We ARE, The Crystalline Children

I AM, Archangel Michael

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