Can you believe we are half way through the year already? 
There is a lot going on with Mother Earth and with our own paths as we
move forward.  Everything is speeding up. 

Mother Earth is fully
involved in the birthing process now.  If we look at the seismic graphs
of where she is moving the most, it is in the Pacific basin, called
The Ring of Fire.  We can expect that to continue for quite a while,
with new land eventually showing up in the Pacific Ocean.  South
America’s west coast and North America’s California need to be prepared
through the end of this year for major movement as well.  While these
shifts are seemingly random at times they all are purposeful in
bringing in the new world. 

For our own paths, we are also seeing
many changes as we strive for Ascension.  Spirit says that people
increasingly doubt their spiritual messages, including moving, letting
go of relationships, leaving jobs, etc.  The old is always more
comfortable than the new.  The situation that is at hand though doesn’t
allow for much time to correct our course.  So what ends up happening
is that these things get taken from us to force us where our Souls want
us to be. 

Look around and see if there are changes in your
relationships.  Are there people in your life who seem to have decided
to stop progressing?  This is causing gaps in some relationships that
is making it impossible to reach through to these people at this time. 
Some people are wondering how to make these relationships work
anymore.  It is best to let them go for now understanding that all is in
Divine order and each Soul knows exactly what it is doing for its own
Ascension process.  Trying to hold on to what doesn’t resonate in our
lives is futile and only brings distress and disharmony.

I asked
Spirit why it was so hard for us to let go at this time when we have so
much more control over our experiences.  They said it ties into our
Soul lessons of loving ourselves completely.  We have so many reasons
why we can’t do things because we think our decisions affect other
people or they won’t approve, etc.  We are still willing to sacrifice
ourselves and our own development for others.  It’s time to make
ourselves a priority.  This is not selfish.  It is healthy and it is
necessary to ascend.  By loving ourselves and listening to our hearts
calling, we will show others how to do this for themselves.  What a
valuable lesson for a parent to teach a child!  How different would our
lives have been had we learned this lesson of loving ourselves as
children?  As we ascend we recognize more and more that there is no
separateness between us and by loving ourselves we love everyone, for
we truly are One. 

The Angels have a message for some of you who
are on the fence about following the messages your Soul has placed in
your heart.

Using the example of a home and being told it is
time to move:  Let’s say the home you are in now is worth $150,000. 
You are told to move yet you love the home and have just finished
fixing it to where it feels like yours.  What you don’t know is that
Spirit has waiting for you a $250,000 home that will feel more like
home than what you have now. 

Using the example of
being told it is time to leave work:  Let’s say you have a job where
you are making $80,000 per year.  Spirit all of a sudden says it is
time to leave.  You don’t know what you are going to do next for a
job.  Spirit already has that in place for you and you will make more
money than before.

Spirit is saying this to some of us in
some area of our lives.  For some of us, doing these things means we are
being tucked away in a safe place during the Earth changes.  For some
people, it is to have us in place so that we can immediately serve in a
greater way after the Earth changes are over and we have fully
ascended.  And for some, it is part of your natural Soul progression to
just have more in your life. 

Look into your heart and see if
you have been guided to make changes but have been resistant to making
them.  If we are just tired of our jobs or our homes and we are
logically thinking this message is for us, we will be disappointed with
any changes that we make.  It is very important that we are sure these
changes are heart guided; that our Soul is telling us these things. 
Following the guidance of our hearts will always ensure we are on the
easiest path of our lives.  It is important for us to understand that
this incredible time we are living through is unprecedented for Souls. 
We are figuring out how to do this with each step we make.  We are
actually going through this the way our Soul wants us to.

else that I have noticed in recent Soul Sessions is that people are
feeling invisible.  This invisibility includes speaking and not being
heard and not being able to find or have friends.  To some people of
lower vibration, we truly are becoming invisible to them.  It is not
for us to judge them or ourselves.  If you are one that is feeling
bothered by this, then a suggestion is to back your energy down to a
lower level by not saying any prayers for Ascension or 5th Dimensional
energy.  The 4th Dimensional chakra prayer is perfect for being seen by
all levels of people.  If you want to lower your energy for a specific
person or reason do this.  Take a deep breath and simply say, “I thank
You that I lower my energy to be fully visible.”  The person who
previously thought you weren’t there may be startled when all of a
sudden you appear in front of them.  (I get emails on this all the
time!)  When you are finished you can reverse it by taking a deep
breath and stating, “I thank You that I raise my energy to its highest
level.”  Keep in mind lowering your energy is than raising it. 
If you have been saying one of the chakra prayers daily for a while
then going back and forth in the dimensions will work like a charm.  If
not, you might have to say one of the shorter chakra prayers, take
three long, slow, deep breaths and then ask to raise your energy.  See
what works best for you.  If you are unsure if your energy went back up
to its highest level, see what happens around you. If things are not
flowing for you easily, then it probably didn’t.

Here are some
prayers that helped me when I went through this part of the Ascension
process.  They sound simple but they are very powerful when spoken with
intention.  If you don’t want to lower your energy, these affirmations
will help you relax through this invisible stage of your Ascension.

“I AM visible.”

“I AM seen.”

“I AM seen and heard.”

“I AM known.”

For friends or lack thereof, you can pray for
people to walk into your life that vibrate at your level or above.  If
your Soul feels like having friends at this time would not sway your
purpose of Ascension, then you will most likely have people show up. 
The messages I have been receiving in Soul Sessions is that it is not
necessary to have friends at this time as this part of the Ascension is
so critical.  The Souls do assure that friends will come later on in
the journey.  It is a lot easier to go through this if we are not
speaking words like, lonely or alone.  Being spiritually powerful and
making the statement outside of a sacred space of, “I AM lonely” will
only make us feel the loneliness stronger.  I would suggest saying the
prayers for friends and then let it go.

The interesting thing I
have noticed is how much the Soul seems to be navigating this Ascension
process for us IF we are spiritually conscious.  This time we are
living in isn’t about our conscious lives; it’s about all of our
lifetimes, our entire Soul process.  That is how incredibly important
this Ascension is and our Souls don’t want anything to interfere with
all that is possible for us.  Every now and then, I feel it is good to
have a heart to heart with my Soul so we can be on the same page of
where I am going and how I am getting there.  That is another thing
that has helped me.  If you would like to have a heart to heart with
your Soul, I would suggest using the process in my book, Your Divine
Life; Angelic Guidance for the Ascension for spiritually talking to a
Soul or using the “Forgiveness with the Angels” video available on my
website.  When using this video, instead of calling forth another Soul,
call forth your own.

Change doesn’t come easy for most of us.  I
would encourage you to not resist change as there is too much change
coming.  My suggestion would be to not think of it as change.  Think of
it as a road you are driving down that sometimes you have to change
lanes to avoid bumps or other people and sometimes there are storms. 
But as long as you stay in your car and keep driving, you will
eventually get to your destination.  Breathe through the doubts and
insecurities of not knowing some things.  All will eventually be
revealed.  And we will understand most of the “why’s” of some happenings
when we are on the other side of this energy.

I want you to
know that I am here for you!  We are walking this path together.  Here
are the ways I can support you through these times: 

~If you
want help with formulating your prayers, email them to me and I will
confirm or correct the energy to be the highest for your manifestation.

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~If you would like me to agree with
you for your prayers, email me and ask me.  (You don’t need to share
what your prayers are, just ask and I will put my energy forth to
assist you immediately upon reading your email.  If there is a delay in
my reading them, the Angels I work with will take care of it
immediately and then I will follow through when I read your email.) 

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All of these ways I can support you are
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I am trying to let you know is that you are not alone!  We are all in
this together and we will have the new world / lives Spirit has
promised us.

Many Blessings of Encouragement and Peace,


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