you are that one…
you are that one who has sprung forth
from the One Divine Mind

you are that one who has remembered
the truth of who you are
and Knows beyond any
that the earth and all upon her
rest in the palm of your hand…
you are as the little child
who knows that its "father"
asks of it only one thing…
would you be happy???
where is your found???
it is found in the extension
of the "father"…..the divine mind
that is already within you…
it is "known" only there…
it is found….only there
there within that space
of  ~  mind ~
that knows itself to be only love
and chooses for itself
to experience only that
be "extending it" or teaching it
to all…
for as it does so
it is the first to "receive" it…
so then…what other question would
you ask of me this day…
what possible could there be
than to ask of Me
"how would you have me extend
my treasure this day’???
where can i love…
who can i love…
what can i bring my awareness
my "" to
 where thru me
love itself can lift another???
for as i do so…… reveals its depths…
ever more deeply and ever more deeply
right where i find myself to be…
right here…right now…
with that
go and play…
love and create…
be at peace and know you are loved..
for you are an extension of that which
love is…
that divine spark of "god" right here
with a very tiny portion of your Self
"tuning" into the frequency of a planet
only …only
so that you can extend the good…
the holy and the beautiful
right where you find yourself to be…
for you can only be
"in loves perfect moment"
I AM  the voice of love….
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would guide you to do so….