Comments on my first entry today made me realize that I was still making a … over and over again! I spend my days trying to help any and all around, because it makes me feel good. Yes, I’m selfish, but that ain’t the ! The if you wish is having gathered all this experience, and then holding it back because I’m not sure it’ll do any good if I spill the beans. I want to know it All, but have to realize that no one can gather all of it, because there are just too many scraps of knowledge to be gathered by anyone in a single lifetime. Not sharing my simply because I don’t want to bother my friends with them (who am I really?) is just the wrong way to go about it!

So, what does Dre’s World look like? Well, it’s weird! Because it has to contain both the reality I observe, and explain it at the same time, thus enabling me to see how it could possibly become the World of my Dreams. Actually, it doesn’t quite become it, because it feels like it’s always been here. It’s always just out of reach, no matter how hard I try. When I start to believe it may become true, the world seems brighter, just a heartbeat away. But when it is, I hold my breath in , and my heart stops, if only for a moment. Then all of a sudden that moment feels like , like it will never come to pass.

Stop it Dre’! Time is an , so what’s an eternity anyway? You’ve had countless ones already, and loved the whole singular moment of it. In fact, have you already forgotten the high of rattling out that second novel like you were on fire? It is a great view, of both the world you live in and the one you’d love to see materialize, both personally and globally! It only needs to fall into place, in order to work its magic. Hey, you wrote it, just rest easy until the time comes for those words of magic to be read….

And I guess that is the whole point. I’d share it in episodes here, but I’m not sure the publisher would be entirely thrilled with it. So I guess we all will have to wait. It should be out in september, so that isn’t much of an eternity…..

Love your Patience,