When you find yourselves in moments of indecision, know that you
are in a perfect Now Moment, a moment in which a spiritual test and
lesson is being presented to you. In each Now Moment, you have the
choice to make the most of this Now Moment and choose the path of
highest light and make the choice to learn the lesson and pass the test.
Each day lessons and tests are presented, large and small, and it is
in the passing of these tests and lessons that you make spiritual
progress on your path.

Progress is slow and steady when you do
this. You may see it as being a turtle slowing moving along on the
path, while the hare runs around, bounding from side to side, without
focus and direction. It is the turtle which ultimately wins the race,
through dedication and perseverance. This, Dear Ones, is where the
analogy ends, as you are not in a race to win, you are on a sacred
journey. Your will take you all the way to the God
Source, and then you will begin a new and glorious undertaking. Let us
focus in your Now Moment, so that you may begin to recognize that your
occurs every moment in the Now Moment. You must be
vigilant and monitor your thoughts and actions, treating all others with
kindness without exception. You must remain to the best of your
ability in your .

You are here, Dear Ones, to
create . Creating begins with creating
heaven within your Selves. You must be right with your Self. You must
be right with your relationship to your , and you must balance
your four bodies, so that you move into harmony and experience ease and
grace, in your day to day life. When you have accomplished this, your
world will change dramatically as each one of you radiates the Love of
the Sacred Heart, joy, peace, and harmony. You cannot have peace upon
your earth until each of you holds the vibration of peace with your
Self. You cannot have joy and harmony upon your , until
each of you holds these vibrations within your Self and radiate these
vibrations out to Mother Earth and all life forms. As more and more of
you hold the thought forms for peace and harmony and radiate
unconditional Love to the earth and all life forms, your world will
transform in the “blink of an eye”.

This, Dear Ones, begins in the
Now Moment, in every thought form you hold and send forth. Every
thought form affects all life and Mother Earth. In every Now Moment you
have the ability to radiate thought forms which lift up all life or you
have the ability to radiate thoughts forms which lower the vibration of
collective consciousness. You are more powerful than you know, Dear
Ones. You must be mindful, and increase your dedication and your
diligence, your vigilance.

Each moment is a Moment of God, and
those who understand and incorporate the knowing of this are able to
more clearly see the overall expansion of consciousness, as each moment
is a moment of eternity. Each moment is The All, it is the eternal
past, present, and future, it is the All That Is, it is God. Every step
you take physically, every thought you think, every action you perform,
are all activities in service to the Divine. When you are at your
daily job, when you are cooking dinner, when you help a child with
homework, every moment is a Divine Moment, in service to God. When you
approach life this way, you are living in your Sacred Heart Center every
moment and every moment is a Holy Moment. It is a Moment of God. You
do not stray from your God consciousness, no matter what you are doing.

are those of you who believe that you are in connection with God only
when you are meditating. You are in connection with the God Source,
your inner Divine Self, in every Now Moment. Strengthen this
connection, Dear Ones. No matter what activity you are performing, see
it as a Moment of God. See every encounter with another being as an
encounter with the God Source. You must understand that every soul on
the planet is an incarnation of God, even as most are not aware of it.
Each soul is on their path and all will ascend. You cannot know what
path each soul has chosen, but you can interact with each being in Love
and compassion, yet you must hold your personal power and maintain your
boundaries. You must use your spiritual discernment at all times. See
all life forms as incarnations of God, and honor them. In this way you
will become harmless and will greatly lift up the vibrations of all
around you, your community and the earth.

You are in a great
cosmic moment of opportunity. You have each chosen to incarnate at this
time so that you could assist in the ascension process and bring forth
the piece of the puzzle that is unique to you. As you clear and
harmonize your four bodies more and more, you will find that your inner
wisdom and knowledge will become more and more easily available to you.
You will find that you are radiating your piece of the puzzle forth to
the planet as you become strong and secure in the knowing of your Divine
service, your piece of the puzzle. Your Divine service will make your
heart sing. It is unique to you, Dear Ones.

We of the higher
realms are here to guide and assist you, as you each bring your Divine
mission to the earth and create heaven on earth, as you have been
waiting to do for so long. You must ask for our assistance, as we
cannot help you unless you ask.

I am , and I bring you this truth.

You may copy freely and share. Please copy the message in its
entirety, giving credit to Archangel Michael through Rev. Michelle
, and provide a link to: www.transformingradiance.com