Channeler: Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

For the first time in quite a long time, I was awakened at 444 and
told to write this month’s article, (along with something else very
exciting that I will share with you next month.) I had been ruminating
about ‘the subject’ of this article for quite awhile now, and apparently
the angels decided it was time to put it in writing.

For the past several months I’ve been hearing global teachers and
best selling authors reporting that as we move from the third dimension
to the fourth, fifth and , "40% of the will
not make it, because they will fall into fear as we move through the
last year and a half of this cycle…" "that only 5% of humanity will
make the shift,…" and "that desperate times call for desperate

This is my response.

Who in the heck gave anyone a crystal ball to look into over 6
billion people’s personal future, and make that kind of call? Who gave
anyone permission to administer shock treatments to
humanity? Isn’t there more than enough of that coming from the media?
Has anyone considered the fact that these statements are causing more
and more people to go into fear, the very thing that millions are
struggling to stay out of? How are such predictions helping to unify and
uplift humanity?

As for citing the times ahead as "desperate times calling for
desperate measures," how about this perception: We’re in a phase of
unprecedented transition that requires conscious, attentive measures?

Is it fair for anyone to use their lens of perception to decide the
fate of countless beings who have used their lives on behalf of the
many, often putting their own lives on the line to clear negative
force-fields, worn-out, imbalanced, and discordant Planetary and mass
conscious energy, so each could make the ascension with a bit more ease
and grace, than if they had not?

What about those that have put intention and attention on clearing
ancestral patterning and personal lower thought forms, or gone up
against the demons of their own making, cleared personal karmas from
countless lifetimes, and are at long last finding internal peace and a
new found appreciation for life? Certainly more are needed to follow
suit, but how about giving them support, not a sentence?

What about those that have gone toe to toe with the darkest of the
dark for the Light of God to reign supreme on this beloved planet of
Earth? Have they been accounted for?

What about the ones you don’t know about that have held key codes and
seeds from the Christ-Magdalene consciousness for lifetimes, to be laid
into this planets grid and humaniy’s consciousness at just the right
time to complete this fallen cycle of consciousness?

What about those that came to this planet to be mirrors (and not
often pleasant ones) for one person or hundreds, maybe thousands to heal
lifetimes of wounds? Or maybe, by what we call their ignorant actions,
they presented a glaring spotlight to the masses, causing them to wake
up to what’s important in life, and what’s not? Have they been accounted
for, or just judged?

What about those who have set themselves up in roles that would have
children die, to lose jobs and homes, or take on physical maladies so
they could not only clear their karma, but others were also able to
clear a portion of theirs, as a result of the experience?

What about the countless humans that leave their own lives to
selflessly serve where disaster strikes in any number of countries in
this world? What about those that adopt children and animals that need
homes and love, and as a result of their service in the world external,
have had their own hearts broken open, softened, become deeply
compassionate, and come to realize there is no separation, only love. Do
you think their consciousness hasn’t risen?

What about the countless humans who serve in silence, whether they
are serving to the homeless, building houses for humanity, washing
the out of the eyes of pelicans, or teaching an elder or a child to
read, or a wounded eagle to fly again? What if they began their service
as an act of their own pain, though as a result, their own hearts were
cracked open, and they learned, through a side door (if you will), how
to heal and serve themselves as well? Are they counted in or out,
according to your survey?

What about the ’s of businesses that have made humanity their
focus by using their products as a way to raise millions of dollars to
support those that need support, like Nu Skin, whose "Nourish The
Children" Program has fed more than 187 million meals to starving
children worldwide, with the most nutritious product possible. Did you
know their mission is to end world hunger?

Or Ben and Jerry’s top guns who for decades have not only made
ice-cream, but made sure to feed the homeless, hire them as employees,
house them, get them health care and more. Do you think they will be
left behind?

What about those that are just plain good humans that don’t appear to
know a thing about multidimensional living, but certainly know how to
be a stellar example of goodness on the ground? Do you think they’re not
good enough to walk up the ladder?

I could go on, but the point has been made.

I will say this to many who have written me with concerns about the "predictions." You ask, is it possible for them to be true?

Yes, anything is possible; particularly with time literally running
out and far too many still deeply entrenched in fear, denial and
illusion, and letting global and personal circumstances take over their
minds, instigate inappropriate thoughts to experience, and cloud
perceptions, and choices. That is not a scenario for an upgrade.

Still, I’m choosing to continue expanding faith, not doubt, and
support, not judgment; that each day more and more people will reach
their saturation points of suffering and will consciously do something
to let the poisons and pains run out of their systems.

Humanity was put on this earth this time to defy the odds of going
down in history as a failed civilization. That is the reason for almost
daily energetic downloads and frequency upgrades, along with grace, that
those with eyes can see. There is endless Galactic, Angelic and
Soulular assistance and intervention prodding millions of humans right
now in dreamtime and other time to turn their lives right side up, and
their hearts inside out, in the deep hope that their silent whispers
will be heard.

As a result of all of the interdimensional intervention, and on the
ground world-wide gatherings for Unity consciousness, I have noticed a
craving and a real interest, like never before, in many choosing to
discover ways to live the life they have been put on this earth to live.

Let me insert a little shortened, though poignant story here. Many
years ago I was asked to work with one of the leading schools in the
country for homeless children. I taught self worth and self esteem
classes to 4th, 5th and 6th grade girls. Predictions, based on their
life circumstances, were that 80% would fail their classes, a great
number would get pregnant and several would commit suicide. Not on my
watch, was my mantra.

For two years I became a , mentor and a friend to these girls.
As the months progressed I (and all of the staff) watched these girls
genuinely become interested in learning. They traded hours of playtime
for study time, and enjoyed doing so. I taught them how to teach with
me, raising their confidence and honoring them as they proudly created
lesson plans, and took turns co-teaching their peers in my classroom. A
newfound respect for themselves and each other was born. I watched as
they got excited about life for the first time, even though most were
living in condemned shelters and back seats of cars. Adding to that,
most had one parent in prison and the other was either dead, an
alcoholic or a drug addict.

Not one of these girls failed any of their classes. For the first
year, I was called in, sometimes in the middle of the night, to break up
suicide pacts. I would spend hours on the floor in the principals
office with them talking and listening and instilling value in each. Not
one child took their life. In two years, one girl got pregnant. I
stayed in touch with many of the girls and teachers as they entered into
high school. Many more teachers got on board with my methods for the
girls’ success. They continued to defy the odds.

All of these years later, amongst my most treasured possessions are
the letters from the girls, thanking me for teaching them the meaning of
life – thanking me for being there to listen and not condemn, thanking
me for not judging them, and thanking me for simply loving them and
believing in them through some of the hardest times of their lives.

Is the rest of humanity any different? If there is enough love and
support and encouragement, rather than defeating predictions, doesn’t
that inspire more and more of humanity to take life and their ascension
more seriously? I’m just asking.

To all who read this, please remember this: the predictions and odds
are no different than the predictions and odds at a racetrack. How many
times have the odds makers been wrong? How many of what people call
‘dark horses’ have won the races? Countless.

I ask each and every one of you reading this to make a vow to go
against the odds. Learn how to walk the final part of this road with
vision, dedication, courage, compassion, faith and love. Seek, find and
use every tool necessary to make your life an act of devotion to your
Soul, to the authentic, fearless life you were put on earth to live, to
your ascension and to the Light of God that you carry within you.
Use these unique times now and ahead to take conscious action on behalf
of yourself, not desperate ones, and watch the magic unfurl in your

I hold that this is humanity’s butterfly moment. I hold that when God
looks up, or looks down She will see more butterflies flying above the
fray than those on the ground thought possible. I can see the Great
Smile, now.

If you feel so inclined, please pass this on. Copyright
2010. I ask that you include my name and websites as this is part of a
greater body of work.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss