You’re supposed to it All……   without attachment.

So not wanting any of it,

not needing any of it,

not having any of it,

Yet at the same time creating All of It!

But if you do not need, want or have any of it, what is the point of creating it?

So others can want, need or have it? Fat chance, because You is all there is. 

Where does the fun of creation come from, if you aren’t allowed to enjoy it?

Or if you still haven figured out how to create what you shouldn’t want, need or have anyway?

And who decides that, if there is just Me? Am I just fighting myself here?

If it is just Me holding Me back, why am I such a sadist and a masochist at the same time? For the Fun of It?

Seems like I painted myself into a corner here……

No pessimism implied: I’m quite neutral in fact, just bored at having done all that needs to be done, being left with nothing to do but senseless 3D activities that we seem to have to do to avoid our 3D from breaking down into chaos. Hell, if we create All of It, can’t we do a more decent job energywise so there is no need for vacuuming, weed whacking, doing dishes, fixing bugs? Because to me it does not feel like I’m helping anybody with those activities but myself, and I don’t mind one bit untill the chaos is upon me, and requires a concerted effort to fix it again. Does that imply low self worth, or just not being attached to a spic and span home, or a well-kept garden? To me it feels like the more you have to do to maintain it in 3D, the less natural it is. Any natural system has built-in abilities to maintain itself, which in my opinion is a way of creating we yet need to ….

Love your Natural Creational Abilities,