Channeler: Maureen

Wow! What a time to be alive on Planet Earth. It’s daunting and
exciting all at the same time isn’t it? On some days it feels like a
liberating free fall into the infinite world of all possibilities and on
other days it seems like a chaotic free for all. Some days we are
emotional basket cases and on other days we are euphoric beings of Love
and Light. I promise you that you’re not crazy and you’re not alone.

Though life may be challenging you at your every turn, you and I are
entering into the most magnificent time of our lives. I’m not talking
about the world external, I am talking about the world internal—your
real world which will soon reflect the state of your outer world. Before
I write another word I want to tell you the most important thing of

You are loved beyond measure for being exactly who you are and where you
are in this precise moment of your life!

The following message comes directly from the illumined beings of
Love and Light that are working diligently on our behalf to assist us in
our ascension from Human Nature To Divine Nature and so that we may
arrive with grace into the fifth dimension. Please take this message
deeply into your hearts, as I have mine.
-copyright Maureen Moss

Namaste Beloveds. We honor you as Creator Gods in the midst of
experiencing the Great Fallen Illusion and the return of the Light. You
are looked upon and loved dearly as some of the most respected and
courageous of all of God’s Creations throughout all of time. We remind
you that by choice you descended to Planet Earth, the mainland of
negation to live and serve as heroes in a transition stage. Your
redemption is close at hand, though we tell you even we are ill-equipped
to honor you sufficiently for what you have all agreed to.

We know the courage it took for you to descend willingly into the
tides of separation, further compounded by grids of fear, force-fields
of ego control and enemy patterning. We know the pain you have endured
of diverted dreams and we know what each and every one of you has been
subjected to by the unrelenting ego in the lower realms of

We know the depth of love you hold for the Divine to agree to be
bound for centuries by the effects of a fear-based mass consciousness
and an inrush of unhappiness caused by an intensification of the
outplaying of the lower human nature.

Yes Beloveds you are highly revered! You willingly stood in line
waiting to descend and be covered by the veils of forgetfulness. You
agreed to all of this to prove that in spite of living in reverse
conditions of God Consciousness, you were capable of bringing a Planet
and a species to Light and emerge triumphant with your love and your
light blazing like the Great Central Sun—and with your Christ Minds in
full control.

You, the modern day disciples of the Holiest of Holies are almost
complete. You are surrounded by vast Legions of Light from Universes and
Omniverses beyond even your deepest rememberings. We ask that you do
not stop in spite of the intensification of the mutations of your
physical bodies and in spite of your minds and egos attempt to amplify
their illusory validity.

It is necessary that we bring a few critical points of Light to you
as you come closer to your victory.

The first is that we have watched many of you switch your
fascinations from the goings on and promises of the third dimension, to
the goings on and promises of the fifth dimension. Though what is ahead
for you is of great importance the actions required for you to take NOW
is of greater importance in preparing to live less encumbered in the new
world. Every shift in consciousness comes with it’s own set of
challenges. Don’t exchange one trap for another. Stay fascinated only to
the Divine Creator Gods that you are. Nourish and sustain connection to
your Divine natures only and your Lightbodies.

We also notice that the human nature is still grasping for solutions
and we understand the problem. In the moment you have feet, minds and
responsibilities in more than one dimension as the merging continues to
take place. Many of you are confused on how to live your life in a new
order outside of time with a new focus on what is truly important to
your Spirit, not your personality mind and ego.

Human negative emotions, primarily anger and despair, rise up in
grasping…. whether for hope, solutions or for illumination. Cease
grasping and you will cease suffering.

By now you must know that solutions come from a far above what
the human mind can comprehend. Cease grasping. A wise soul is not
thrown off balance because it cannot render solutions. A wise fifth
dimensional soul of Divine Nature loves whatever is or appears to be
from a state of assuredness that all is in Divine right order and must
play itself out as this game of separation and mind and ego control
comes to a close. Whatever is troubling you let it run out of your mind.
Soon there will be nothing left but a quiet mind and a guided path.
Rest assured.

We also ask that you stop running hither and yon for Truth. Truth
seeks out every evolving being in all Universes past, present, future
and simultaneous. It is the great I AM who holds the Lamp of truth to
guide you ever forward through your eternal Ascension through the
infinite ages.

Beloveds, you never have to seek Truth through another… for it will
always be wherever you are and in every experience you have if you will
turn a deaf ear to the mind and ego. Whatever your experience solitary
or otherwise, quiet yourself, open yourself to receptive observation,
breathe and expand the Divine Spark of Light that lives within your
heart and ask this simple question "was that the Truth that just visited
me?" You will always be met with an answer and balance will be

And lastly we address fear, the great master-mind of the human
undoing. Fear. The misappropriation of thought to experience both past
and present, and the ill-conceived notion of what will be. Stop now is
the hark from the of heaven, the legions of Light that battle on
your behalf for your illumination. We cannot continue to pierce your
illusions of fear as the transition of human consciousness into the
fifth dimension draws near. This battle rests upon you. Fear is a
misapprehension of thought to experience and life and its purpose. Fear
has become a ritual in the mortal mind of human, in regard to his/her
future and harsh criticism of the past. Surrender it all immediately. It
must cease or you will slip through the cracks between the world of
illusion and the Kingdom of Heaven. Engage your Christ mind and stay
only in the moments of the Now.

Cease pitting yourself against yourself. There is nothing wrong with
you that a participatory shift in nature will not cure. You are
stripping away your own dignity and the dignity of the great I AM which
lives and breathes and has its expression of Life through you. You and
the great I AM are one. I AM that I AM. No separation.

Understand this in the deepest recesses of your heart. You are a
sacred tone flowing through the Universe. You are a dispensation of
God’s sacred ray. You are the Divine Plan frequency that is manifesting
it’s dominion on Earth. Rest in these truths and let all identities
leave your mind, all is well.

Enter the fifth dimension with grace…we are waiting for you with deep